6 Women's Pajamas That Will Keep You Comfy All Night

6 Women's Pajamas That Will Keep You Comfy all Night

When you’re looking for the perfect soft, and cozy women's pajamas, today’s women have lots of options. No matter what your body shape or size, there are stylish sets and mix-and-match pieces to help you sleep like a dream all night long.

Soft Cotton Nightgowns to Love

Designed with the perfect blend of comfort and relaxed style, a soft cotton nightgown is one of the most relaxing options in sleepwear. It’s easy to throw on, feels amazing, and keeps your arms a bit covered for those chilly nights. You can opt for long-sleeved styles if you prefer more coverage or short-sleeved styles if you tend to get a bit warmer at night. Mid-calf and knee-length hemlines are also available so you can choose the style that best fits your needs and personality.

An added bonus of cotton nightgowns? They come in a wide variety of styles, from solid colors to flirty patterns like polka dots and fun prints. Consider looking for soft, breathable fabrics like Supima cotton to make the most of your nightwear.

Knit Pajama Sets for Comfy, Versatile Style

Knit pajama sets are one of the most popular sleepwear options for women, and for good reason. These sets actually can do double duty and function as the perfect pajamas as well as women’s loungewear in the evenings or on those days when you aren’t going anywhere and need that touch of comfy clothing to get you through. Soft knits are flexible and conform to your body, so you never need to worry about them pulling, tugging, or being uncomfortable. Elastic waistbands help ensure you have the perfect flattering pant fit.

Having a few knit tops with enough space to move but a fit that feels just right means you have the perfect top to partner with your knit pants for the best night ever. You can find knit pajama sets in a variety of styles and options, from pretty print pants to solid-colored long and short-sleeved tops. Look for extra details, such as contrasting adjustable drawstrings or a neckline trim, for even more style choices.

Cozy It Up With Women’s Flannel PJs

Oh, incredible flannel, what would the world do without you? Flannel just might be the world’s perfect fabric. Soft, durable, cozy, warm, and comfortable —and to top it all off, it looks great and stands up well to washing too. Flannel pajamas for women are a dream come true. They have the right amount of warmth and look casually sophisticated for sleepwear. Since flannel doesn’t offer much in the way of stretch, however, look at the sizing carefully to ensure you get the right fit that sits close to your body without being too tight.

Most styles are made with a good balance of fit and comfort, so you don’t have to worry about the PJs being restrictive. Find everything from plus size to petite pajamas and tall pajamas in cozy flannel.

Cropped Pajama Pants (and Your Choice of Top)

Cropped pajama pants are the right option for so many reasons. They make a good transitional choice when moving between seasons as they aren’t too cold or too hot. The cropped style is an adorable twist on standard pajama pants, and the pants are versatile enough to wear with almost any top. Whether you prefer a tee, a women’s tank top, or a long-sleeved top, they all work well with cropped PJ pants. These year-round sleepwear options are available in ample styles and sizes, so you can’t go wrong, whether you’re in love with a dotted floral or a heathered look.

Button-Up Women’s Sleep Shirts

As cute and cozy as it comes, women’s button-up sleep shirts in fabrics like flannel and cotton are another fabulous option. The button-up style has a little more structure than cotton nightgowns, but they still offer plenty of room to move and be comfortable. The buttons and collar add extra style elements that help your sleepwear stand out. Prints and patterns spice it up a notch, or you can go classic with solid colors. The choice is yours! These often come in knee-length styles, which are flattering and versatile enough for any woman’s body type.

Cute Women’s Pajama Short Sets

Whether you need a spring or summer sleepwear option or love to have a lighter option in the cooler months so you can snuggle up under the covers, you can’t go wrong with classic women’s PJ short sets. Knit, terry, or other shorts are undoubtedly some of the most comfortable choices in sleepwear, and short-sleeved sleep tees and tanks are stylish pieces to wear on top to coordinate with your shorts.

Get Perfect PJs, But Don’t Forget the Extras

While a great set of women’s PJs is a must-have, don’t forget the extras as well. Once you find the best sleepwear to keep you warm and cozy all through the night, it’s time to start shopping for those other essentials. Browse options like long cotton robes, Sherpa cardigan robes, pullover sleep hoodies, cushy slippers, and much more to make every day (and night) that much more comfortable.


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