How to Wear a Winter Vest in 6 Unique Ways

How to Wear a Winter Vest in 6 Unique Ways

When you think winter vest you probably have a pretty clear vision of what the style will look like on you. After all, winter vests have been a cold-weather favorite for quite some time now. Before Old Man Winter waltzes back into your life, take a quick inventory of your winter vest selection. Is it starting to look like a whole lot of the same-ole same-ole? Whoa! Were you in a fashion rut without even realizing it? (Ruts are sneaky like that.) Give these six winter vest options a try this season as you re-introduce yourself to a winter style you already know and love.

The Upside of the Down Vest:

Have you seen the gorgeous new print patterns that are available on down vests? Print patterns have never been more on-trend. Polka dot, plaid, tweed, paisley, plus a few of their closest friends have all come out to play this winter! Team any one of them up with a long-sleeved tee, turtleneck, or even a top from Lands' End's selection of long underwear and you're sure to look stylish and snug as a bug all season.

Fashionable Faux Fur:

Sometimes the outfit calls for a winter vest that is different from the rest. When you want to look a bit chic, faux fur can offer you all of the compliments with none of the cruelty. Winter vests that are trimmed out with faux fur accents couple well with a variety of clothing options and have a way of elevating any look. There's no one way how to wear a fur vest in the winter, but we could make a strong case for how fabulous it would look with a snug-fitting sweater dress and a pair of over the knee leather boots.

You Can Take the Girl Out of the Country…:

Whether you were raised on a farm, or just find yourself wishing from time to time that you had been, a barn vest will make it impossible for anyone to truly know the difference. Barn vests that are quilted and insulate add a bit of good-ole-boy charm to your jeans, long-sleeved tees, flannel shirts, and boots. Now when they ask you if you were raised in a barn, it'll be because of your vest, not the fact that you can't seem to remember to shut the door behind you.

Pocket Pack:

When you feel the chill start to settle in, what's the number one thing you should throw in your vehicle? A down vest! If you forget your coat … need an extra layer to stand up against the cold … stain the front of your regular shirt while multitasking your day away … you'll be happy you have that winter vest tucked away in your car. It could end up totally saving the day.

Luxe and Love'n It:

What's better than a puffer vest? How about a velvet puffer vest? Find a winter vest that offers the luxe look you crave. Ultra-soft velour vests allow you to effortlessly incorporate a more sophisticated looking piece to your selection of down winter wear.

A Top that has Your Back:

There will be days when you'll have to show winter you're not playing around because even though it is getting a bit inhospitable out there, you still want to get out into winter and play. Those days call for a winter vest that is wind and water-resistant, if you expect winter to take you seriously that is. Winter weather resistance vests offer you everything you need if you plan on squaring up against Old Man Winter. They are designed to be windproof and water-resistant to the core and many have other amazing winter-ready features built right into them as well. When you are in the market for a winter vest that will battle the worst winter can throw your way, remember to find one that offers a bit more length to allow more of your backside to be protected from winter's harshest elements.


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