10 Plus Size Sweaters for a Date Night

10 Plus size sweaters for a date night

Whether it's a first date or your fiftieth, looking good is always on your mind. But it can be a challenge to find something cute to wear on a winter date, when you're trying to stay warm and look wonderful at the same time. Thankfully, you can stay comfortable and look great on a chilly outing with the right plus size sweater. A great sweater can take you from your favorite restaurant to a pleasant walk around town. Here are six plus size sweaters that are calling for a date night!

1: A touch of sultriness: the v-neck sweater

When you want a bit of flirt in your sweater but realize that showing a lot of skin is out of the question in January, a V-neck sweater offers a hint of sultriness without sacrificing warmth. This cut is flattering on all body types and accentuates your figure while keeping you warm. It also has a neat, classic design that looks great alone or over a collared shirt, making it a versatile piece to wear for both work and leisure.

2: Stay warm and cute in a turtleneck

There's something so classic and appealing about a plus size turtleneck sweater that turns a regular pair of plus size jeans into a sophisticated ensemble. Throw a patterned scarf and blazer over a turtleneck for that old-world elegance every wardrobe needs. It's especially great for chilly date nights–think late-season football games, a mountain hike, or an outdoor concert. Instead of worrying about how to stay warm through it all, just wear a turtleneck that keeps you toasty so all you need to concentrate on is having a great time.

3: Channel the timeless appeal of the drifter™ sweater

When the occasion calls for sensible sweaters that have both comfort and practicality in mind, the classic Drifter™ sweater answers. It is a style that doesn't chase trends, but you can pull one out of your closet year after year and feel confident wearing it knowing that it fits and looks great every time.

4: Turn up the Heat in a short-sleeved sweater

Who says every winter sweater has to have long sleeves? When your romantic excursions take you from one venue to another, it's bound to be an adventure and feature some surprises. Who knows if a fancy dinner will turn into dancing? Wearing a short-sleeved sweater gives you some freedom in where you go next. When things heat up on the dance floor, a short-sleeved top will keep you moving. Try a short-sleeved performance sweater that is made of a blend of acrylic and nylon that resists pilling. Enjoy the flattering jewel neck and smooth sleeves over and over again. Now you have a timeless date sweater for so many occasions.

5: Expand your horizons with cardigans

Can these sweaters do any wrong? Plus size cardigans are there for you for all unexpected temperature changes. It can be a warm day, but the restaurant decides to crank up the air conditioner. But you won't worry as long as you have a cardigan you can slip on at a moment's notice. These sweaters can easily add a second layer of warmth to a thinner plus size women's shirt so you can navigate transitional seasons with confidence.

Have fun with different materials and styles like the Drifter™ shawl cardigan, which combines the look of the classic Drifter™ sweater with an open-button cardigan option. Crew cardigan sweaters are also perfect buttoned up over a tank top or worn loose over your favorite summer t-shirt. Open cardigan sweaters don't have buttons and blend easily with your outfit, helping you out on those days when the mornings and nights are cold but the days are warm.

6: Get flirty in a tunic sweater

What goes perfectly with that ultra-flattering pair of fleece leggings and those lace-up boots that you have been dying to show off? A plus size tunic sweater! This sweater makes it easy to show off all your charms while staying covered from head to toe. Tunics fall right at the hips, so they can act like a sweater dress or a casual long shirt. Dress them up easily with a cute printed scarf, hat, belt, or draped vest.

7: Try a classic cashmere

Do you own a cashmere sweater? If not, you need to get one…or six, right away. Cashmere is a classic staple sweater that looks amazing and is versatile. You can get it in long and short sleeves–so it can be worn through multiple seasons. It also looks equally amazing with a pair of dress pants, a pair of casual jeans, or even a skirt. Cashmere is also so soft and you’ll love how cozy you feel! It is sleek and since it can be dressed up or down, it’s perfect for date night!

8: Add some texture with a ribbed sweater

If you haven’t tried a textured sweater yet, consider trying a ribbed sweater. The ribbing can elongate your body so long as the ribbing runs vertically which looks great! You can get ribbed sweaters that just have ribbed detailing or, they can be ribbed all over. This style looks great with jeans, leggings, and even dress pants.

9: Keep it fun with a tie waist sweater

Have you seen a tie waist sweater before? They are so flattering. They create a crisscross in the front of your sweater and tie down by your hip. This criss cross looks amazing, and it contrasts other sweaters that might not have a lot of detailing in the front. This sweater can also be dressed up or down. So, it’s a great sweater to throw on for date night, when you’re not sure what to wear.

10: Don’t forget a flattering boat neck sweater

Boat neck sweaters originated in France a very long time ago. The boat neck style was adopted by other nation’s navies, but the style became a hit within the fashion world later on. Boat necks are super flattering because they are high necked, but they show off more of your shoulders than other sweaters. Classic boat neck sweaters typically come in stripes, but you can buy this style in a variety of colors and designs. This is a great style to try if you’re looking for something to change up your sweater collection. It’s more of a casual style sweater, but depending on the design can be dressed up too.

Whether for a date night out or a cozy night in, these plus size sweaters are sure to warm you up all season.


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