6 Fun Summer Activities

6 Fun Summer Activities

Don’t you just love summer? The weather is warm and there's so much to do. Sometimes too much. It's essential to carve out time for yourself or with the family. Let’s look at six fun summer activities you or the whole family can enjoy.


Hiking is a great summer activity because it's “one-stop shopping." You can enjoy nature, socialize and exercise all at the same time. Hiking is also one of those activities that meets you where you are. Perhaps you prefer more of a stroll than a hike. Maybe you're into extreme hiking in exotic locales. Whatever fits your style and your fitness level, hiking is great fun.

If there are walking or hiking areas near you that you have yet to explore, summer is a great time to get out those hiking boots, women’s shorts, your favorite T-shirt, and enjoy a new adventure.


Canoeing is a fun summer activity because you can get out on the water and take it as easy or as active as you like. If you're new to canoeing, just make sure that you have a more experienced boatman as part of your crew. Always wear life jackets for safety. A swimsuit, shorts, and water shoes are great choices to wear when canoeing. You may not end up in the water, but canoes can tip, and you’ll want to be comfy if you add a little unplanned swimming to your day!


If you like to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers, summer is your season. In addition to providing you and yours with great produce and bouquets, gardening is relaxing. It’s amazing how stepping away from the appointments and electronics and getting your hands into some soil will refresh you. Just spending 30 minutes weeding and seeing the results sometimes can be enough to brighten your day. In our modern world, we don’t often see tangible results from our efforts. Gardening fixes that.

A good gardening hat and gloves, your favorite women’s cotton tank top, and some shorts and shoes that can take a little dirt will keep you comfy while you hoe and harvest.

Rock painting

When was the last time that you painted rocks? This can be a fun activity for the whole family and is a great outdoor summer activity. You can collect rocks while walking or hiking, take rocks from your own garden, or even buy rocks to paint. Painted rocks can make fun gifts and garden decorations, too.

Get creative! Everything from flowers and ladybugs to animals to abstract designs can be fun. An old T-shirt, shorts, and kids’ sneakers will have the little ones decked out for rock painting. Just make sure that everyone washes up outside and that any clothes or shoes they are wearing can handle a little paint. You’ll want to focus on the fun creations, not whether someone gets paint on a garment that would have been better left indoors.


We may think of knitting as more of a winter activity, but this creative craft is a great year-round endeavor. In addition to creating beautiful hats, gloves, and sweaters, the simple repetitive act of knitting and pearling is physically and emotionally calming. Knitting can be a great activity to teach the little ones on a rainy day, too.

Why not take your knitting to-go this summer? If you're traveling, it can be a great way to relax during the hurry-up and wait of air travel. Just be sure to leave your knitting needles stowed in the car, as this activity can be dangerous on the road. It’s great for any appointment that is likely to include time in a waiting room. Knitting is also fun for camping trips. Stash some yarn and your needles in your backpack, and you’ll be ready to chase away boredom at a moment’s notice.


Volunteering is a great activity. Most volunteer activities involve directly working with others and making a difference in your community. This combination is a great feel-good activity for summer. If you don’t have regular volunteer activities on your calendar, check out community centers, houses of worship, or libraries in your area for ideas. Someone needs your help, and there are often activities that the whole family can do. Everything from packing meals to serving meals to donating your professional skills to a non-profit can be valuable ways to give back. Volunteering can also be a fun way to get a family or friend group together for an activity. You could volunteer together and then go out for coffee afterward.

Always check the requirements for specific volunteer roles. Usually, a men’s T-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes will be about right, but some roles have requirements like wearing protective clothing or needing to be able to lift a certain weight. No worries. With a bit of looking you’ll find a great way to volunteer.

Get out there and enjoy those fun summer activities! Winter will be here before we know it—and it will be nice to look back on memories made on warmer days.


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