The 6 Best Comfy and Chic Workplace Outfits for Women

The 6 Best Comfy and Chic Workplace Outfits for Women

Struggling with how to put together a stylish, polished outfit that looks great for work? Follow these tips to get a pretty, pulled-together look that will help you begin and end your day strong.

Begin With the Basics

If you are just building a work-ready wardrobe, it’s important to invest in good basics that will help make it easier to put together outfits on a day-to-day basis. A few items you’ll want to purchase include:

  • Basic solid colored tank tops. These are a good layer to wear under lighter colored button-down shirts, lightweight blouses, or lightweight women's sweaters
  • Button-up shirts. Available in fabrics like cotton, broadcloth and twill, button-ups look crisp, polished, and professional. 
  • Lightweight sweaters and/or sweater sets. Smart-looking sweaters and sweater sets work well for cooler months. 
  • Tunic blouses. Tunics can be worn in many workplaces, especially if paired with tailored pants. They can also be dressed up with belts and accessories. 
  • Cardigans and blazers. These can be worn over a variety of tops from dressy tees to button-up blouses.         
  • Twill or khaki trousers. These are a good staple for business casual wear and pair well with most tops. 
  • Wool comfort trousers. Wool always looks stylish and professional. Look for modern wool slacks with linings and easy-care designs.        
  • Straight leg trousers or slacks. Straight leg trousers or slacks are ideal for work as well. Choose a few styles in neutral colors like black, tan, grey, or navy for versatile outfits. 
  • Skirts in work-appropriate lengths. Knee-length, calf-length and ankle-length skirts work well as business attire.         
  • Tailored skinny pants or leggings (if your workplace allows). If your workplace allows them, skinny pants and leggings can look pretty and professional with long tunic tops, blouses, or sweaters.         
  • Tailored denim (if your workplace allows). If your office allows denim as part of the regular dress code or for casual Fridays, a nice pair of dark denim jeans is another staple. Now that you have your basics underway, it’s time to see some of the top work-ready outfits that you can pull together in seconds.

Midi Skirt, Button-Up, and Sweater

A great look that combines refined elegance with a relaxed and polished appeal is a midi skirt (midway between the knee and ankle), a lightweight sweater, and a button-up blouse. To get the look, start with a polished print for your skirt (such as small check print in black and white). Choose a button-up top in a light color from the skirt print (for our example, we’ll use white) and layer it under a light pullover sweater in a darker color (such as black). For best results, make sure the top is fitted enough that it won’t look bulky when tucked in under the sweater. Pair with flat ankle-length boots in a neutral color and small earrings.

Pencil Skirt and Button-up Blouse

You can’t go wrong with a classic pencil skirt and button-up blouse combo for work. Stick to neutral colors for the skirt, but vary the fabrics. You can choose heavier fabrics, such as corduroy for example, for the cooler months. Pair it with a button-up shirt in a lighter color and wear with heels, pumps, or pointed-toe flats. Add a scarf at the neck for a pretty accent, or a women's cardigan sweater or blazer in a complementary color if you need another layer.

Straight-Leg Chinos and Patterned Blouse

Straight-leg chinos are another ideal work staple for women. Choose from versatile shades like grey, tan, navy, or deep green. Some pink and red shades, such as blush, terra cotta, or clay, can also function as neutrals. Pair with a button-up or draping blouse in a pretty pattern. To create a coordinated look, choose a blouse that uses the color of the pants as part of the pattern in the blouse. Wear it tucked in with ballerina flats, loafers, or flat ankle boots.

Sport Knit Trousers with Cardigan

Sport-knit trousers offer both comfort and style, so they make a great choice to see your workday through with ease. Choose a pair with a subtle print or pattern, and wear it with a light cardigan sweater. A dressy scoop neck tee, turtleneck, or fitted blouse makes a good layering piece under the cardigan — just make sure all the colors complement one another. If the hem length of the top is not too long, you can wear it untucked. Flats or short block heels work well with this relaxed yet polished business-casual style.

Wide-Legged Pants and Feminine Blouse

Wide-legged pants embody a fresh yet classic appeal, and they look fabulous paired with a feminine blouse. Choose from yoke-back blouses, pleated styles, drapey blouses, or styles with accents like keyhole necklines or bracelet-tie cuffs for a soft look that balances out the slacks.

Pull-on Skinny Pants and Tunic

Many workplaces are allowing for more casual styles according to their business casual or relaxed casual dress codes, and pull-on skinny pants and tunic tops are a great combination for working women because they provide both style and comfort. Choose from women’s corduroy pants, knit fabric, velvet, cotton/polyester blends, and more. Both solids and prints are available and can be appropriate for work. Just be sure to pair a solid-color tunic with print pants and solid pants with a print top rather than pairing two prints, which will look too busy. Look for high-length tunic blouses in draping fabrics like crepe, flannel, cotton, or even more luxe fabrics like velvet. Tunic-length sweaters also work well, such as tunic cable knits, v-neck tunic tops, cashmere tunics, or turtleneck sweaters in a tunic length.

Gorgeous, Comfy, and Work-Ready

Use your creativity (within your company’s dress code, of course!) and come up with stylish, comfortable outfits to wear to work. Don’t forget you can dress up your outfits and add a personal touch of style with accessories like scarves, jewelry, belts, hosiery, and more. Get ready to go to work in style!


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