50 Things Every Woman Over 50 Needs to Know

50 Things Every Woman Over 50 Needs to Know

Reaching 50 years of age is a major milestone in our culture. It used to be rather negative, but the sea-change in our culture regarding aging has helped to make turning 50 less fraught and more celebratory than ever before. There are so many benefits to being a mature woman who has come into her own, knows herself better, and understands the world around her, that it’s hard to believe turning 50 was ever considered less than a delightful gift! The confidence that comes along with knowledge and experience is extremely attractive, too! Here, we have compiled a list of 50 things we believe every woman over 50 needs to know, and while we would bet you already do, it’s good to double-check your progress once in a while, if only to enjoy the ego boost!

1. How to say, “No.”

2. How and when to say, “I’m sorry.”

3. How to say, “I love you.”

4. That a cleaning service is worth it.

5. That this too shall pass.

6. That self-kindness is more important than self-improvement.

7. How to find a fabulous swimsuit and feel great in it.

8. How to walk in heels or style an outfit that doesn’t need them.

9. How to tie a scarf as well as any stylist.

10. When to see the doctor, for emergencies and preventative care.

11. When her next eye appointment is.

12. When her yearly cancer screenings are.

13. Who really matters in her life.

14. Who is really in charge here.

15. Who wants the best for her.

16. How to make friends.

17. How to keep friends.

18. How to recognize that a friendship has reached its conclusion.

19. That dessert is never a mistake.

20. That a little yoga every day makes a big difference.

21. That self-care is health care.

22. If the kids are alright.

23. If the juice is worth the squeeze.

24. If she needs a break from it all.

25. When enough is enough.

26. When to walk away.

27. When to be brave.

28. Which women's jeans make her derriere look the best.

29. Which coat makes her feel like a stylish Duchess.

30. Which lipstick makes her feel like she can take on the world.

31. How to hire a contractor.

32. How to talk to her mechanic.

33. How to not let men talk down to her.

34. That yes, snow boots are a necessity.

35. That really nice gloves are always worth it.

36. That there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

37. How to balance life and work, at least most of the time.

38. How to set boundaries.

39. How to stick to those boundaries even when it’s difficult.

40. Three impressive recipes.

41. Three people to call in an emergency.

42. Three ways to get herself out of a funk.

43. How to measure herself for a bra.

44. How to find shoes that don’t hurt.

45. How to pack for any trip.

46. How to vacation alone.

47. That every seven years things will change.

48. That great relationships take work.

49. That love is the answer.

50. That it is never too late.

We believe that accomplished women of 50 or more are out there every day, making the most of life, whether that means leaning into your career or your calling. You may be an executive, a mother, both, or neither. You might embrace True Prep or be a Grunge Goddess to your core. You may reside in a mansion or a log cabin. Wherever or however you live, love, make a living or make a family, this list represents hard-won knowledge and experience that makes every day easier to understand and navigate, and we hope that it illustrates how much mature, self-actuated women have in common no matter what outward appearances may have us believe. We want you to be proud of all that you have learned and accomplished: you earned it!


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