5 Winter Essentials for Toddlers

5 Winter Essentials for Toddlers

There’s nothing better than keeping your toddler all snug and warm in the winter! They need that, and it makes you feel good, too. Let’s look at some winter essentials to keep the little ones toasty warm and comfy for all their winter adventures.

A Warm Sweatshirt

There is nothing more practical than a crew neck kids’ sweatshirt for your toddler. They can wear it as a shirt, a jacket, or a layer under a coat, or you can even use one as a mini blanket or rolled up as a pillow in a pinch. Hoodies can be great for toddlers, too—just be sure that you choose one that doesn’t have a drawstring on the hood as that is a safety hazard.

A Warm Coat

Whether you live where it’s cold or just visit there on occasion, make sure that your little one has a cozy coat. A good kids’ winter coat should be built to handle everything that an active toddler can throw at it. From playing on the playground and getting muddy to exploring the wonders of snow to staying comfy while the two of you are out and about running errands, a toddler’s winter coat should be warm, cozy, and easy to clean. When you first buy outerwear for little ones, make sure they have a little room to grow. This will allow for layering as well as the fact that they don’t stay little for long.

Adults may only need to launder or dry-clean a coat a couple of times in a season, but if it’s your toddler's primary coat, you will likely find yourself washing it every week. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. A coat that you can run through the washer and dryer at home is a must for everyday wear. If your winter activities include snow, make sure to buy snow pants or a snow bib, and opt for water repellant or waterproof fabric.

Warm Boots

Keep those toes warm with a pair of waterproof boots! Depending upon where you live, you may want to get a pair of rain boots for puddle stomping in addition to a pair of kids’ winter boots. Just like with coats, buy them so they will fit now, but also be able to grow into them a bit, too. Snow boots have the great quality of being almost indestructible (yes, even for a toddler). Chances are they will have a great time climbing and sledding with them and then you can share them with a younger sibling or pass them on to a family friend or a charity that accepts gently used kids’ winter gear for next winter.

Warm Hats and Mittens

Don’t forget the winter accessories. Your little ones need a good hat and mittens or gloves. Mittens are warmer than gloves because the fingers are kept together inside the mitten. They can also be easier for toddlers to learn to put on by themselves, which is a fun accomplishment for them and will help them to build confidence for other tasks in the future.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup pair of mittens for toddlers tucked in a car, closet, or tote bag. Some parents and grandparents like to buy two identical pairs of mittens. That way if one gets lost, you can just pull out a mate for the remaining one (while having one more ready to go just in case). If you have ever looked in the lost and found of any school or community group, you will see the wisdom of this. They often have to toss single gloves and mittens out at the end of the season because they go unclaimed.

Caregivers with Warm Outerwear

Having your own warm outerwear may not strike you as an essential winter item for a toddler, but it is. Whether you are sliding down a hill on a sled, getting them in or out of their car seat while a cold wind is hitting you, or showing them holiday decorations as you run your daily errands, you will be calmer and happier, and they will be better cared for by a warm grown-up.

When you are planning their warm winter coat, boots, and hats, don’t forget your own women’s winter coat, waterproof boots, and a hat and gloves. You will not only be a good adult role model for any young people who see you bundled up, but if you are outside for fun activities like making snowmen or snow angels, you get to be the “fun” grown-up who joins in with the play. It’s way more fun than standing on the sidelines with cold toes debating how long before you call “time.” Aren’t those the memories you would rather make for both them and you?

No matter what winter adventures you have planned, make sure to keep those toddlers warm and cozy!


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