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5 Ways to wear your plus size pajamas (that aren’t sleeping in them)

What could we possibly say about our plus size sleepwear that you haven’t already heard? You know that they’re made from quality materials like soft Supima cotton and double-brushed flannels. We’ve already mentioned that our plus size pajamas are designed with your measurements in mind. And that all of our pjs are made with stretch for extra comfort. Plus there’s the fact that our pj’s can (and do) stand up to frequent washes. Because honestly, when you find clothing this relaxing you’re going to wear them a lot. Like a lot a lot. So if you already know all of that, why are we still talking? Well, because we feel like it’s our duty to let you in on a little secret. Ready? Pajamas may be made for sleeping but you can do so much living in them too. If you’ve ever had reservations about wearing your precious pjs outside of the bedroom – or even outside of the house – then you are in desperate need of a wakeup call. Rest assured that our Lands’ End PJs are designed with ultimate comfort for the whole night – and day. Check out our 5 favorite ways you can wear pajamas that are so much more than just sleeping and open your world to a whole new level of happy.

1. Snow days are automatic pajama days

Hailing from Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about how to survive an unexpected snow day. If you’re lucky enough to be told to stay home at all costs during tumultuous weather, then you owe it to yourself to put in a hard day’s work at relaxing and having fun with the family. Let loose building pillow forts in the living room, catching up on a good book and savoring every minute of those hot-chocolate-sipping movie marathons on the couch. Why? Because you don’t have anything better to do – and it feels great. And when you do it all in the cozy comfort of a favorite knit pajama sleep set, you’ll be rested and ready to get back to the grind when that snow melts (or at least lightens up enough to drive).

2. Work from home, stay in pajamas

Regardless of how you feel about your actual profession, fighting traffic (and the clock) to get to an uninspiring office space every day can cause more than its fair share of stress on any employee. That’s why working from home on occasion can be such a blessing. Seriously. No traffic. No rushing. And – most importantly – no dress code dictating what to wear in order to do your best work. So on your next work from home day, keep things cozy and productive and make those oh-so-important conference calls in super soft plus size pajama pants and cozy slippers. Because who says you can’t close a deal in double-brushed flannel?

3. Being a parent (fur babies included) means extra time in pajamas

Let’s face it, taking care of every need and whimsy of smaller beings who depend on you for their survival isn’t exactly easy. If anyone deserves a little extra stretch and flexibility in their day-to-day it’s a parent. Whether your little loves are tiny, grown or covered in fur, a parent is always on call to clean up the messes and offer an ear and a cuddle on a hard day (or a good one). Make your job of super-mom a little easier by running those last minute errands or battling the morning meltdowns with an assist from soft Supima cotton and flexible, drawstring waist bands. Because when you’re working a labor of love you need all the help you can get.

4. Sick days are also pajama days

Being sick is no fun but spending a sick day at home in your jammies can be just what the doctor ordered for a speedy recovery. Whether your medicine of choice is homemade chicken noodle soup and some quality Netflix time on the couch or 12+ hours of uninterrupted sleep under a pile of down comforters, we guarantee you’ll feel better doing either in a pair of soft and stretchy plus size pajamas that can handle all of the annoying things that come with being sick. Teetering between hot flashes and cold chills thanks to a fever? Breathable cotton is your best friend. Tummy troubles have you feeling bloated and uncomfortable? Better break out the flannel covered elastic waistband pajama pants for ultimate comfort (and stretch when you need it most). Taking an actual sick day for, well, being sick, is an ultimate bummer. But, hey, at least you get to spend it being comfortable, right?

5. Christmas morning means new pajamas morning

It’s no secret that opening presents in your pajamas on Christmas morning is the preferred way to open yet another kitchen appliance you’ll probably never use. But think about how much cuter those family photos will look if everyone was wearing matching pajamas on that magical morning instead. It may sound a little bit hokey, but coordinating with the people you love on the day you’re most grateful to be together adds a little extra magic to an already special occasion. And, on the day when everyone is expected to stay in PJs as long as possible, don’t you want to make sure everyone is warm, cozy and comfortable? After all, those smiles will be bigger for the onslaught of pictures – and the chances of holiday-induced-family drama will be far less likely if everyone stays relaxed thanks to soft flannel hugs all day long.

Of course wearing a pair of cozy pajamas for a good night’s sleep is a must-do, but owning a pair that brings you ultimate joy when you’re living life is a must-have. No sense in trying to fight it. Ditch the ratty old T-shirt and sweats you’ve been settling for and embrace the truth of why you really need a comfy pair of jammies in your life. Because they’re not just for sleep, but for a blessed pajama day. When leaving the house amounts to nothing more than tipping the delivery driver.


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