5 Ways to Wear Long Skirts in Cool Weather

5 Ways to Wear Long Skirts in Cool Weather

Don’t you just love long skirts? Especially in cool weather. They give you the beauty of a longer, more elegant silhouette that will add style to any occasion while being extra-warm too! Let’s look at some of our favorite ways to wear long skirts in cool weather.

Tuck a Shirt into Your Skirt for a Classic Look

A blouse and long women’s skirt are a classic look that can take you anywhere from the office to an evening out. For a more professional (or dressy) look, stick with neutrals like a winter white blouse with a long neutral skirt with either heels or knee-length boots. Long black skirts always make a statement, whether it’s a long black wool skirt that creates a sense of gravitas or a long black velvet skirt perfect for a holiday party. Play with different blouses and skirts to see what works for you and your lifestyle.

Monochrome From Head to Toe

For an easy and head-turning look, go monochrome from head to toe, perhaps even in the exact shade. An all-black, navy, or maroon look is as easy as one skirt, one women’s sweater, and one pair of shoes or boots. Black is dramatic, but make sure to look at what colors work best with your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Perhaps navy from head to toe or even winter white from head to toe will become a new statement outfit for you.

For the same vibe with less drama, stick with the same color family—grays with blacks, two shades of blue, etc. This strategy will make getting dressed ridiculously easy while keeping you looking put together and sophisticated at the same time.

Boots, Boots, Boots!

Long skirts and boots are a natural combination. Longer skirts look “heavier” even if they are made of medium-weight fabric, as do boots. Thus, boots create a congruous silhouette with them. Not only do they look great together, but they give you instant insulation from cold weather. Try knee-high boots and a long cream-colored sweater with a long dark skirt in black, green, or plaid for an easy look. This can also be a great holiday look with either a bright sweater and dark skirt or a cream sweater and bright skirt combination with black boots.

Although knee-high boots with slightly below-the-knee skirts are often the first option that we think of with long skirts, don’t overlook your favorite booties. Midi skirts can look adorable with the right pair of booties and a sweater. Don’t you love combining your favorite wardrobe pieces in different ways? It’s like going shopping in your own closet.

Oversized Sweater with a Long Skirt and Flats

For the ultimate in cool weather comfort and style, choose a chunky, oversized sweater over a below the knee skirt and flats. This versatile look can take you from work or school to a day or evening out. Don’t scrimp on the “oversized” look for this one. You want to be able to wrap your sweater around you, not just have it look like it’s half a size too big. This is also one of those cool weather outfits that look warm. Depending upon the fabric content, you can go as lightweight or as heavyweight as you prefer on the sweater and skirt while continuing to look super cozy for cool weather.

Don’t forget women’s cardigans when pairing oversized sweaters with long skirts. An easy look is to take one of your favorite oversized cardigans (hip length or shorter) and wear it buttoned up with a long skirt. Not only will it look pretty, but you will be as comfortable as though you were wearing your favorite flannel pajamas.

Long Split Skirt with Heels

For a dressier look, consider a long split skirt with heels or a long skirt with a long kick pleat. Split skirts typically have the “split” in the front center or on the side. Kick pleats are typically in the back and are centered. In a long skirt, for a dramatic look (or simply to move easily), splits and kick pleats are “deeper” because they start with a lower hem and end at about the same spot they would on a shorter skirt. Pair this with a simple women’s white blouse for a classic look.

This can be a perfect evening look for colder weather, too. A black split skirt with heels paired with a dressy white blouse or a jewel-toned blouse would work well for a holiday party or special evening out. For a semi-formal look, go for a silk or satin blouse and a velvet or satin skirt. You’ll look great, and all three pieces can be worn with other outfits, too.

Enjoy wearing long skirts as the weather gets cooler. They are the perfect wardrobe choice!


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