5 Ways to Style Petite Sweaters

5 Ways to Style Petite Sweaters

You are sweet and petite, and you like sweaters. That’s great! Because there are many ways to style petite sweaters that will make you look beautiful and feel comfy. Let’s check some out.

Crew Neck Sweaters

The crew neck sweater is truly the workhorse of sweaters. You can wear it with anything from women’s jeans to dress pants to a skirt. And the beauty of having a properly sized petite sweater is that it will fit your frame instead of falling too low. Typically, for a crew neck sweater, you want it to fall just below your hip bones, so it creates a gentle, fitted drape across the front. And, of course, having sleeves that you don’t have to push up or roll up because they are too long is how it should be. As a sophisticated woman, you deserve sophisticated clothes, and that starts with clothing that fits right.

Wear a women’s white blouse underneath your crewneck and fold the cuffs of the blouse up over the sweater sleeves. This can be paired with either pants or a skirt. Neutral-colored flats or loafers can complete this look.

Crew necks also look graceful when thrown across your shoulders or tied around your waist.

Petite crew neck sweaters make perfect layering pieces under a jacket or winter coat, giving you stylish options regardless of the weather.

Turtleneck Sweaters

To turtleneck or not to turtleneck? Many petite women have asked that question. Petite women look great in turtlenecks that fit. This means a “turtle” that is not too tall for your neck; the body of the sweater and sleeves should also be long enough to fall gracefully and not look oversized. Your chin should not just clear the top of the turtleneck, and you should be able to see at least an inch or more of skin between your jawline and the top of the turtleneck.

For thinner knits, experiment with folding the neck repeatedly to create different heights and see what is most flattering to you. For an easy-going and sophisticated look, try a turtleneck with women’s yoga pants. This will almost give you an Audrey Hepburn vibe of beauty and simplicity. Experiment with patterned scarves with turtlenecks, too. The right loosely tied scarf can dress up a turtleneck and add instant interest. If tying scarves is a bit of a mystery for you (like it is for many of us), check out the internet for scarf tying ideas. You’ll be amazed at what you can find.

Cardigans By Themselves

One of the most classic looks you can create is to wear a petite cardigan sweater buttoned up and without another top underneath. You’ll want the cardigan to not only fit in terms of length but make sure that it skims your body as well for a comfortable and put-together look. Pair this with jeans, yoga pants, or a pencil skirt for an instant outfit. You can dress it up with heels or dressy flats. Classic earrings are a nice touch, too. For comfort and security, try out your outfit in front of a full-length mirror before going out. You’ll want the cardigan to button securely and not gap when you bend over or stretch your arms.

Cardigans Layered

Is there anything more flexible than layering a cardigan? You can put your petite cardigan on top of a tank top, silk shell, or blouse. Depending on how you style a petite cardigan, it can take you anywhere, from running errands to a casual coffee date to an important business meeting. For a dressier look, stick with either a neutral cardigan or wear neutrals only through the rest of your outfit, and then have fun with a pop color cardigan. Once again, the fit is key. Cardigans are typically longer than other types of petite sweaters. Make sure that your petite cardigan fits your petite frame.

Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere sweaters are truly in a class by themselves. Nothing says softness and style like a cashmere sweater. For a great petite look with cashmere, go for a pale pastel or bright pop color for the sweater with black yoga pants or black dress pants. A pair of black booties will provide a finished look while elongating your legs.

However, you choose to style your petite sweaters, enjoy how you make them look, not how they make you look. No two women are exactly alike, and your unique style should come through in your wardrobe choices. By choosing sweaters that are made for a petite frame and playing with colors and styles, you will look and feel great.


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