5 Ways to Style a Cardigan for Any Occasion

5 Ways to Style a Cardigan for Any Occasion

Cardigans are easily one of the superstars of our closets. They are fashionable, versatile, and can be styled for almost any occasion. These lovely little button-down sweaters are ultra-functional and can be worn all year-round. Keep one tucked away in your tote bag to slip on over anything when faced with chilly breezes or an aggressive air conditioning system.

Add color and excitement to any outfit by throwing on a cardigan. Dress them up or down with ease. Throw on this coveted staple and you'll be cute and comfortable no matter what. Read below for five different ways to style your favorite cardigans for any occasion.

With Skinny Jeans or Leggings

Skinny jeans and cardigans are a match made in heaven. Wearing skinny jeans with your cardigans will instantly take a long cardigan from frumpy to fabulous. The flowing shape of a long waterfall cardigan will visually balance the fitted silhouette of skinny jeans. Choose a bright cardigan over a simple t-shirt, skinny jeans, and suede booties for a casual chic look. Nothing is so timeless as jeans and a t-shirt, so spice it up with a stylish cardigan. Wear a long black cardigan over a loosely tucked silk blouse with high-waisted skinny jeans and tall leather boots for a more sophisticated look and an office-appropriate ensemble. Or pair a slouchy cardigan over a t-shirt and your favorite jeans to welcome milder weather.

Leggings offer the same appeal but with the added function and comfort of leggings. Go for an athleisure look by dressing down your cardigan and mixing styles for a fresh and playful vibe. Indulge in ultimate comfort by wearing your cardigan over a cowl-neck pullover, your favorite leggings, and some trendy sneakers. A well-cut cardigan will add an elegant flair to even a casual look, allowing you to look great while staying comfortable.

Over Summery Tops

Take your favorite summer fabrics into fall by simply throwing on a cozy cardigan. You will look and feel great with almost zero effort. No one is happy to put away their lightweight cotton and linens come October, but these lighter fabrics can now live on into fall with the help of cardigans. Choose a women's cashmere cardigan for a lighter weight sweater that will still keep you warm even when that autumn chill comes around. Explore contrasting patterns and textures by wearing playful fabrics like lace, silks, and floral prints under your knit cardigan for an eye-catching and creative flair. This look will offer the perfect balance of comfortable and chic.

Layer With a Sweater

Besides steaming hot cocoa and twinkling fires, our favorite part of winter is the excitement of layering. Nothing screams cozy like layering fuzzy sweaters upon more fuzzy sweaters. Throw a long cardigan over a chunky knit cowl neck sweater. Coupled with jeans and leather boots, you are sure to stay warm, stylish, and epically layered. A fitted turtleneck under a long streamlined cardigan is an elegant and versatile outfit choice. Wear to work with slacks or just to snuggle by a fire in flannels. If you prefer a smaller fit or cropped cardigan, be sure your under layer is well fitted so as not to accidentally add bulkiness to your outfit.

Over a Dress

Bring a summer dress into the fall season with a cardigan. Give your floral print maxi dress an autumnal spin by matching it with a sleek pair of knee-high suede boots and a light-colored long cardigan. Try over a patterned shirt dress for a bright and stylish feel. If you want even more warmth, wear a cardigan over a sweater dress. Pair with opaque tights and stylish snow boots for fashionable wintry attire.

Pair It With a Belt

Accessories can make any clothing combo more exciting! Transform your outfit by adding a belt to your knitwear. Especially when layering, belting a cardigan can accentuate your lovely curves and cinch your waist to flatter your shape. Turn a long waterfall cardigan into a quasi dress by wrapping yourself in it and belting it at the waist, which will quickly dress up any cardigan. Wear a tighter-fitting button-up cardigan tucked into a stylish midi skirt with a thick waist belt for a sophisticated and stylish flair. Explore styling your cardigan with a belt for a personal and creative streak.

With these five ideas in mind, you can pair your cardigan in a variety of ways to match any occasion!


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