5 Ways to Pair Your Culottes With The Tops in Your Wardrobe

5 Ways to Pair Your Culottes With The Tops in Your Wardrobe

When you’re not quite sure if you want to wear a mid length skirt or pants, then why not do both? Culottes are the quintessential clothing item for those days when you want to wear something loose, flowy, super, comfy, and stylish all that the same time. So how can you incorporate culottes into your wardrobe and pair them with equally stylish, flattering tops? Let's go over a few easy ways to combine a variety of cute tops with your favorite pair of culottes.

Make Your Culottes a Part of Your Casual Business Chic Outfit

Culottes, as a part of your office attire, is a statement in itself. It says that you care about looking professional and put together and you also care just as much about feeling comfortable. Stick to monochromatic neutral colors and pair a black or dark navy blue pair of culottes with a loose gray women’s T-shirt that is half-way tucked into your culottes. For added professional style, throw on a long white blazer. The combination of these three classic colors makes for an understated, yet dramatic and daring look. Finish the outfit off with a large black tote and a black pair of open-toed mules. Accessories with minimal jewelry like small gold hoop earrings or a thin wristwatch.

Wear Your Culottes in The Summer

There’s a bevy of summertime outfits that can be created with a cute pair of culottes. Invest in a khaki-colored pair of culottes and add a soft white camisole top to the outfit (satin works best). For a daytime look, finish the outfit with a pair of ballet flats, sandals, or mules. If you plan to wear the culotte and satin cami combo in the evening for a ritzy night on the town or a delicious dinner out on the terrace of your favorite Italian restaurant, finish the outfit with a pair of nude strappy heels. Should the evening get a little chilly, pack a beige, button-up cardigan, or a soft cashmere sweater that you can easily throw over your cami top.

Wear Your Culottes in The Fall or Winter

Though most culottes are made with a lightweight, loose fabric, there are still ways to wear them during the fall or winter and keep warm. Pair your dark-colored culottes with a light gray or white turtleneck or some other cozy sweater. Culottes are versatile and unlike most clothing items, you can wear them with a top that is equally as loose and flowy, like a chunky, oversized sweater. If you would prefer to achieve a more button-up look, pair your culottes with a fitted sweater with a hem that ends where it meets the culottes or with something lightweight that can be tucked into the culottes. Finish your winter outfit with a pair of chunky heeled alligator boots in a bold color like cherry red. This winter look can also be done in all black: black culottes, black turtleneck, and black chunky heels to create the ultimate power outfit.

Pair Fashion Statement Culottes With a Stunning Blouse

Culottes aren’t just for feeling comfy; they are steadily making a comeback in the fashion world and can be used to make quite the statement. If you are dressing for an evening out whether that’s a company event you have to attend or a dinner with friends, try something daring like a faux leather pair of culottes with a long-sleeved red women's blouse. This is a particularly great outfit idea for someone who wants to look trendy and fashionable, yet stand out from the crowd by wearing something bold and different. If faux leather isn’t your style, shop around for various prints like plaid or floral. These types of prints can be worn for both daytime activity and evening events.

Tops and Culottes For Around The House

Why do we love culottes so much? Because you can wear them just about anywhere! Whether you are packing clothes for a touristy vacation, planning to wear culottes to the office, or simply want to wear comfy culottes around the house, culottes work in essentially any environment in every season. If you have no plans to go out for the evening or you are enjoying your day off, you can pair culottes with any luxuriously soft tank, tee, or long-sleeved shirt in your closet. And if you have unexpected visitors drop by for coffee and a chat, you’ll already be dressed in something presentable and fashionable without even having to try!

Have some cute, but neglected culottes in your closet? Whip them out and start having some fun pairing them with various tops you own! Don’t own a pair of culottes but want to after reading this article? Shop around for your very first pair and enjoy the many ways you can combine them with stylish tops.


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