5 Ways to Pair Flowy Shorts With Trendy Tops

5 Ways to Pair Flowy Shorts With Trendy Tops

Flowy shorts are the way to go once the warm weather approaches. So rarely is it so easy to find women's shorts that are all the things: flattering, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable. We strongly advise bulking up on your supply of flowy shorts, because once you buy a pair, you’ll likely never want to wear anything else all summer. The good news is that you can get away with doing this. All you have to do is invest in a few flowy shorts in various colors and patterns and pair them with trendy tops. Every day, you’ll be able to throw together a fashionable outfit with minimal effort. The only thing you’ll have to remember is how to pair your flowy shorts with the right tops. In this article, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you do that.

Don’t Clash With Patterns

As a general rule of thumb, if you are going to wear prints on the bottom, then you’ll almost always want to wear something solid colored on top and vice versa. So if you are wearing cute pink pastel flowy shorts, you can pair them with a floral print top. Alternatively, if you are sporting floral print shorts, wear a solid colored top. This prevents the outfit from becoming too busy, disjointed, and chaotic and the contrast between the prints and the solid color gives your outfit an even sharper, more stylish appearance. Continuing with the theme of solid colored flowy shorts, you can pair them with a striped top in various colors, polka dots, or animal prints. Fun, playful tops with different prints will have your outfit giving off the ultimate summer vibes.

A Ribbed Tank Will Always Be Trendy

Why is the ribbed tank so beloved? Because it will never go out of style and it goes well with so many things, including flowy shorts. If you are in a casual mood and comfort is a top priority, throw on a ribbed tank. Why? Because not only will you feel great, a fitted ribbed tank always looks good too, whether you’re wearing it with a midi skirt, boyfriend jeans, or flowy shorts. The ribbed tank and flowy shorts combo is a great look for whenever you plan to hang around the house on a lazy Saturday afternoon, take the kids to the park on your day off, or stroll the produce aisle of your favorite all-organic supermarket. It’s even stylish enough to wear when entertaining guests for a few evening cocktails on the patio. Stick with solid colored ribbed tanks like white, black, gray, green, or anything else that will nicely complement the style, color, and print of your flowy shorts. Solid colored ribbed tanks look great with both solid colored flowy shorts or patterned flowy shorts.

Keep Wearing Flowy Shorts Throughout The Autumn Season

If you are not quite ready to retire your shorts collection once autumn comes around or you are experiencing some unseasonably hot autumn days, you can pair your flowy shorts with lightweight long-sleeve shirts. If it’s that time of year when the days are still hot but it quickly cools off once the sun starts setting, pair your flowy shorts with a cami top or tank top along with a soft cashmere turtleneck or a button-up cardigan that you can throw on. It’s an extremely effective way to take something stylish yet casual and make it appear even more elegant.

Pair With A Jacket As Your Second Layer

An alternative to the sweater option is a sharp-looking jacket. A stylish, lightweight jacket is a great way to dress up a springtime or autumn outfit and can be worn on a cool summer evening when you find yourself needing a second layer. For your first layer, opt for a top that isn’t too loose or flowy. Since you are already wearing flowy shorts, you want to pick a fitted top so you don’t end up creating an outfit that looks too sloppy. After finding the right top, finish the look with a casual utility jacket or even a bomber jacket if you are feeling particularly edgy.

Wear Your Flowy Shirt With Your Favorite T-Shirt

If you are more of a tee than a tank kind of gal, go through your closet and play around with various women's T-shirts that will look fabulous with your flowy shorts. As we mentioned above, you’ll want to avoid loose or oversized T-shirts and opt for something more fitted. A crisp white tee never fails to make an outfit with flowy shorts look stylish. And if a solid colored tee just isn’t going to cut it, opt for something a little more fun and playful like a graphic tee. Finish the look with a pair of white sneakers and you’ll have the perfect outfit for running around town all day.


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