5 Ways to Have a Luxurious Winter

5 Ways to Have a Luxurious Winter

Having a luxurious winter is all about creating comfort and joy with intention. The most important part is to define luxury for yourself and indulge all of your senses. Here are some ideas to get you started on your wonderful, luxurious winter.


Indulging in lights and color can feel luxurious, especially in winter. The nights are long, and we just need that extra boost of our favorites around us. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Get a fire going in the fireplace because it’s cozy. Light candles to bring instant warmth and beauty to your home. There is just something luxurious about the warmth of a flame. Real candles are special but don’t overlook their flameless cousins either. They can be just as pretty and much safer, especially if you have little ones or pets in your home.

What are your favorite pop colors? What are your favorite jewel tones? Don’t be afraid to play with color in the winter, whether it’s in a throw blanket, a women’s cardigan, or a new pair of shoes. A pop of color is nice at any time of the year, but during the winter months, we need to soak in beautiful colors wherever we can find them. Intentionally bringing color into our homes and wardrobes is a form of self-care.


If you want to have a luxurious winter, plan for soft textures and fabrics. They will keep you feeling pampered and cozy all winter long. It’s hard to beat a new set of flannel sheets for luxury in the winter. Add comfy pajamas and a new flannel robe and slippers for the full cozy and luxurious experience.

And don’t forget that luxurious classic, the women’s cashmere sweater. There is nothing else like it when it comes to style that feels great, too. A beautiful cashmere sweater can last for decades when cared for properly, so get ready for lots of luxurious winters yet to come.


The importance of scent when indulging in luxury is easy to overlook. You don’t have to go buy a new perfume for this one (unless you want to go perfume shopping). Think about how you can create luxurious scents in your home by decorating with natural pine boughs (these are great all winter long). Or try some new essential oils. If you’re not sure what you like, go to a brick-and-mortar store where you can sample them. Lavender is a wonderfully relaxing scent. A few drops of lavender oil in your bath water or on a pillowcase can be a lovely form of self-care. It is possible to be allergic to essential oils, so try them one at a time and see what you like best and what will work for you. Also, a little goes a long way. A few drops are wonderful, a few more can be too much.


There is nothing like the right music to feel luxurious. Whether it is your favorite tunes streaming into your home or a live concert, indulge in some music this winter for extra luxury. Instrumental music is often more relaxing than music that includes vocals. Whatever your taste in music is, treat yourself to it.

Nature sounds can be luxurious too. If you get outside in nature during the winter, it can be amazing to listen to birds or a babbling brook or the crunch of snow. Bundling up and getting out into the outdoors may not be the first thing that you think of when it comes to winter luxuries, but it can be one of the most restorative.

And don’t forget silence. Sometimes one of the most luxurious things you can do is get up a little early or stay up a little late and enjoy complete silence while you sip your favorite coffee, tea, or cocoa. Just be careful about the caffeine if you are staying up late. Take a break from the conversation, streaming movies, and all the alerts from your electronics, and soak in some silence.


This one is easy to remember around the holidays, but with a bit of intention, you can enjoy it all winter long. If you are cooking at home, find the freshest ingredients and try out some new recipes. Make sure that your spices are fresh, too. They can lose flavor quickly in the cupboard. Buying fresh spices in small amounts can help you to have the right ones handy when you need them.

Dining out (or delicious take out!) doesn’t have to be for special occasions either. What are your favorite restaurants? What are some that you haven’t tried? When you think of takeout, do you go with your old favorites, or have you checked out what is available in your area? Many restaurants have branched out into takeout and or delivery in the last couple of years. Dining out can be a way to indulge in luxury and support a local business at the same time.

Having a luxurious winter can be as simple as deciding to do so and taking a few steps to indulge your senses along the way. Stay cozy and enjoy your luxurious winter!


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