5 Ways to Decorate Your House for Thanksgiving

5 Ways to Decorate Your House for Thanksgiving

Decorating your house for Thanksgiving can be easy and fun. Let’s look at some ways you can make your home cozier and more inviting to ensure an enjoyable day for everyone.

The Front Door and Entryway

Set the tone with the first thing that your guests will see—your front door and entryway. An autumn wreath on the door looks lovely and helps everyone feel welcome. Whether you have a formal foyer or a casual entrance, make sure the entryway to your home is warm, inviting, and practical. Start with a thorough cleaning, including details like baseboards and doorsills. If you have any windows or mirrors in view as you walk into your home, make sure that they sparkle. A fall floral or pumpkin arrangement is lovely if you have a side table where you usually keep keys and other small items.

Make it easy for your guests to hang up winter coats and jackets by either having hooks handy or making sure that you have space in your coat closet so you can take their coats as they arrive. If you prefer to have your guests take their shoes off in the house, have a boot tray or specific area available on a clean mat. Set the tone by leaving an “example” pair of shoes there.

The Living Room

Think about the focal point(s) of the room as you decorate your living room for Thanksgiving. A floral or candle arrangement on the coffee table looks great and naturally draws the eye, as the sofa and coffee table are the focus of your room. If you opt for a candle arrangement, bear in mind the ages and abilities of everyone who will be there. You may need to place candles on the mantle, where they are out of reach or use electric candles, which still look lovely and are much safer.

Don’t forget throw pillows and throw blankets. You want your guests to feel cozy and comfortable. That person who is always colder than everyone else will welcome a fluffy throw. You could also use it on the floor to create a kids’ toy area.

The Table

Decorating the table for Thanksgiving is one of the best parts of hosting Thanksgiving at your house. A lovely tablecloth, runner, or floral arrangement in the center may be just the thing. If you opt for a centerpiece, make sure that you can quickly move it to a sideboard or another room in case you need the space for the turkey and other fixings. It’s incredible how much table space a good Thanksgiving dinner can take, especially if your guests bring some of their favorite dishes to add to the spread.

To keep everything looking good (and to lower your stress level), set the table early. At least a day in advance, make sure that you have all the dishes, silverware, drinkware, and napkins that you will need. If you're serving a buffet Thanksgiving dinner, the same rule applies. Ensure that you'll have the supplies everyone needs and plenty of table or counter space for the food. There should be enough room for people to easily grab a plate, fill it with their favorites, and help anyone who needs assistance.

The Kitchen

How you decorate your kitchen for Thanksgiving depends on a few factors. Is your home built on an open floor plan where the kitchen will be visible to all? Will you be primarily be using the kitchen to prepare food, or will it also be where you'll serve and eat dinner? It’s always fun to have harvest-colored accessories available, like dishcloths or oven mitts, but chances are the food itself may be among your best decorations. Think about how you can simply but artfully display all the goodies before they are consumed. Do you have any favorite serving dishes? Do you enjoy getting out that special china every year? If you're going super casual, consider using paper or plastic plates and cups that coordinate for a fun and easy look with little to no clean-up afterward.

The Guest Room

You may or may not have a guest room, but chances are you will have guests for at least part of the day on Thanksgiving. If you do have overnight guests, create a lovely room for them and reduce holiday stress yourself by getting ready a week or so in advance. Make sure the bed has clean sheets. If there are any storage items that you usually keep in there, make sure they are put away and that your guests have nice bath towels handy.

Even if you don’t have overnight guests, keep the guest areas and amount of guest traffic in mind as you clean and decorate your home. How many people are likely to use your bathroom during the day? Make sure that you have ample hand towels, soap, and a spotless powder room to start. For a dressy look, put out monogrammed hand towel sets. If you have a larger crowd, make sure every bathroom in your home is guest-worthy.

With a bit of preparation, your home will be beautiful and inviting for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday!

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