Buying Guide: How to Choose a Plus-Size Winter Coat

On the Plus Side: A Buying Guide for Finding Your First Plus-Size Winter Coat

Zipping yourself into a coat may not seem like a game-changer on the daily mood scale, but trust us on this one: fit is everything. Plus-size coats today consist of on-point designs that flatter every curve, as well as seemingly limitless trendy details that will leave you looking more put together than regular-sized coats ever did. Just follow these simple tips to help you purchase a plus-size winter coat or vest that will fit your body perfectly.

Sport Confidence and Comfort

As with any outfit - confidence and comfort is key. Always shoot for styles and fits that are uniquely "you." Try on a variety of colors, styles, fabrics, and sizes to find your perfect fit that will have you enjoying this winter more than any other before!

Find a Regular Coat or Vest That You Love and Try It On

Is it bunching up in all the wrong places? Now try it on in a plus-size. Notice the extra room across the shoulders and hips. Same style, better fit. Although logic leads us to believe that XL and 1X are practically interchangeable sizing labels, in reality, plus-size coats and plus-size vests are made with better overall proportions. And that can make a major difference in your level of comfort in winter apparel.

Keep a Running List of What is Working for You and What Isn’t

For example, when you are dressed in cold weather layering tops, do regular coats seem to squeeze your upper arms a bit too tightly? Are your arms allowed only limited range of motion? Does the material feel tight across your shoulders, back, or chest? No one wants a fit like that. Plus-size winter coats and vests are designed with deeper armholes, more room across the shoulders and more proportioned waists to fit you just right no matter what top you are wearing or what movements you’ll be doing.

Speak Up and be Heard

Retailers of plus-size apparel want your input. They are designing plus-size apparel specifically to fit your body, not the other way around. If a design change would allow a plus-size winter coat or vest to work better for you, chances are you represent a significant portion of women wishing for the same change.

Know Your Measurements

Bust, waist, hip, vertical line, horizontal body shape: consider those the ABCs of defining your figure. Most of us have some experience measuring the fullest portion of our bust, natural waist, and hip with a measuring tape or yarn. Vertical line and horizontal body shape may be new terms for you though. Are your legs short or long when compared to your upper body? Are you short-waisted or long-waisted? Know the answers to those questions and you’ve established the vertical line of your silhouette. When asked for your horizontal body shape, you are basically being asked to describe your figure: hourglass, inverted triangle, or rectangle. These measurements will be important as you choose a plus size coat or vest, because plus doesn’t always mean “curvy”. Plus is tall, short, athletic, and a million body types in between. No matter how you refer to your plus-size body, know your measurements and you’ll get the fit that flatters it. Equipped with this winter coat buying guide, knowing how to choose a warm coat for winter will be a breeze this year!


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