5 Things You Need to Plan an Outdoor DIY Wedding

5 Things You Need to Plan an Outdoor DIY Wedding

If your dream wedding decorations involve gorgeous bouquets under the early summer sun, flowing tablecloths on tables under a large tent, and vows exchanged with a fantastic view of nature behind you, then you need an outdoor wedding. The great news is that you can make this dream come when you plan a DIY wedding at your venue of choice. Whether it’s on a friend’s property or a venue that has all the bells and whistles, you can contribute as much you want on your own to give your outdoor wedding that sparkling DIY personality. So how do you get started? Here are 5 things you need to plan an outdoor wedding with DIY elements.

1.Embrace a Fall Wedding with Warmth

Many couples dream of a fall wedding, and why not? There's much to love about this crisp and transitional season. You can decorate according to the deep oranges, reds, and browns associated with autumn and use seasonal wedding decorations like gourds, leaves, and cornucopias. Many of these decorations can be found at your preferred craft store and online. Because the weather can be unpredictable, you should prepare yourselves and your guests for some brisk winds. This is why personalizing a few throw blankets can provide that cozy, warm effect that makes your fall wedding spectacular. You can also find wintry fleeces at a craft store to use as DIY cover-ups for guests who want an extra touch of warmth to their evening.

2. Make Beach Weddings Legendary

Beach weddings are one of the most popular types of outdoor nuptials for their easy-going feel. This theme expands your wedding decoration choices to include everything in your nautical fantasies. For an irresistibly cute effect, get a set of personalized beach towels to throw over your outdoor furniture. You never know when these will come into practical use on your big day as well —especially if you and your new spouse decide to take a romantic splash in the waters! And, the best part is that you can take these towels home and use them for years to come. Other items to use in decorating are conch shells, mermaid colors, driftwood, and low-light candles to emanate an under the sea feeling.

3. Cute Lounge Areas

Guests have a lot of downtime while you take pictures and meet and greet, so make your reception the most comfortable by renting outdoor furniture. Give it your own DIY touch with floral throw pillows that you can also take into your new home after the wedding — or give away to guests! Personalize them with your embroidered names for an extra special touch. 

Lounge areas are key hangouts for tired guests and wedding party members who need a place to kick back and relax. Give this space’s design the best when you bring your creativity into the mix. Do you enjoy nautical themes? Then seashells, nets, and barrels can make easy DIY accents in designing a lounge area. Boho chic lace and silk materials make gorgeous accents in centerpieces, doorways, and seating areas. Dive into your imagination and enjoy making this part of your wedding a fun place to be.

4. Personalized Doormats

Outdoor venues can track in mud, especially if you choose to have the ceremony outside and the reception under a tent or in a large indoor space. Place a few doormats with your names on them and enjoy a cleaner reception and a long-lasting memento of your big day. Whether you want to put an image or a few words on these mats, they should carry a message that you can treasure for years to come. After all, nothing says “welcome to your new life” like personalized doormats that mint your new life together!

5. Dress Up the Wedding Party

While the landscape and decor are important for a wedding, the way the wedding party looks is also crucial. You can make sure everyone looks sharp without spending hundreds of dollars per outfit either. For example, all the ladies in the bridal party can wear simple but elegant fit and flare dresses that will keep them stylish and cool in warm weather. The groomsmen can then wear coordinating colors based on what the bridal party is wearing.

Add more glam to your wedding party by ordering flowers, organizing accessories, and by investing in makeup and hair professionals. Many beautiful accessories like flower crowns and necklaces can be crafted for fractions of the cost of buying these products online. If you know someone who can be in charge of getting the wedding party ready on the big day, then that can also take a load off your shoulders.

With these elements in play, you can plan a fantastic outdoor wedding regardless of the season. Have fun and let your creativity flow with your wedding decorations!


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