5 Things for Your Beach Vacation

Top 5 Things You Need for Your Beach Vacation

No matter the time of year, it’s always a good time for a beach vacation. Seek out warmer climates, sandy beaches, and blue oceans for a day or a few weeks, whatever suits your schedule. While beach vacations sound like all fun in the sun, we know packing can be a bear. Not only are you packing for your time on the beach and in the water, but you also need clothing for before and afterward, accessories for the beach, towels, snacks, sunscreen, and entertainment.

And you might not be packing just for you; it might be a vacay for the whole family. Don’t worry. We have swimsuits, beach towels, bags, sandals, accessories, and more so you can pack up easily and focus on enjoying your trip.

Go-To Swimsuits

We pride ourselves on having a wide variety of swimsuits in many styles and sizes so you can find the fit that makes you feel confident in and out of the water. To start, there are classic one-piece swimsuits made with durable fabric and lots of patterns that range from chic patterns to colorful florals. If you like the fit and feel of a one-piece swimsuit but want a little more coverage, a swim dress is a great option. Swimdresses are designed with a small skirt at the bottom, so you can stay cool but feel more confident to lounge and swim without covering up with another layer. (Take a look at all our sizes of swimsuits and plus-size swim dresses.

Don’t be afraid to try out a tankini or bikini if you like the easy on-and-off of a two-piece swimsuit, and pair your suit up with a beach cover-up. Tankinis and bikinis also pair easily with skirts, shorts, loose blouses, and dresses. Getting the whole family ready for your beach vacation? Take a look at our comfortable, stylish family swimwear.

Stylish Beach Towels

Kick back and relax on the beach in a lounge chair or on an eye-catching beach towel. No matter your preferred style, we have the towel for you. From chic striped patterns to bright tie-dye and lots of other patterns and prints to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one you’ll be happy to lounge on. Pair up your beach towel with an oversized beach umbrella for extra protection from the sun’s rays and a picture-perfect style.

Comfy Outfits and Layers

Whether you’re going home on the same day or staying away for a while, a comfortable, loose outfit and warm layers will feel great before and after swimming or sitting on the beach.

Before you get to the beach, mix and match your swimsuit with shorts, loose blouses, dresses, and sandals. These can be easy to wear right over your swimsuit if you don’t want to change once you get there. In addition, a light, breezy layer might be even more comfortable to lounge in on the sand. Summer dresses, flowing skirts, cotton shorts, tank tops, button-up tops, or just a T-shirt can work really well worn over your swimsuit. Slip on a pair of sandals, and you’re ready to go!

Don’t underestimate bringing comfy, loose clothing to change into on your way home or when you get back to your hotel. After a lot of sun and time in the water, you will probably be pretty exhausted and ready to relax in comfort. Pack some comfortable, stretchy pants and a loose shirt you feel good in. Don’t forget a nice pair of pajamas so you can sleep soundly.

Staying out on the beach until late? Take along a cardigan or jacket if you start up a bonfire and sit on the beach for a few hours. Also, take along a pair of slip-on shoes just in case you decide to go for a walk downtown or need to make a run to the store.

Reliable Beach Bags

Choosing the right beach bag can ensure your vacation feels organized and carefree. Pack up everything you need in one of our canvas totes or beach bags that come in many different sizes and styles. Some close with a zipper, while others are just open at the top, and the number of pockets varies a lot, too. Choose the design you like the most and pack up your suit, towel, clothes, and more!

Finishing Touches

Fill your bag with the accessories and necessities you and your family need to have a great day. Add the finishing touches to your look with a scarf, sun hat, and sunglasses. In addition, pack snacks, sunscreen, a book, electronics, and any other small items you might need to stay comfortable, like lotion or chapstick (or sand toys for the little ones).

We have everything you need to make your beach vacation stress-free. Once you have your items picked out, pack up your swimsuit, beach towel, outfit, and accessories in your beach bag and enjoy your day by the water.

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