5 reasons why I love cozy winter sweaters

There are not a lot of clothing items that look equally good on and that are equally loved by so many different types of people. Young to old, men to women, large to small ... cozy winter sweaters are loved by all and I’ll tell you why.

In a word: Comfort. It doesn’t really matter if this is your first experience with a cashmere sweater, or if you’ve been basing your wardrobe around cozy winter sweaters since before you can even remember. Once you fall into the comfort that only a winter sweater can provide, you’ll never love another.

Style: Do a bit of people watching. That lady over there with the white Oxford shirt under her cable sweater … That woman walking this way in her cotton sweater and scarf ... Oh! The one rounding the corner in her cami, cashmere cardigan and pencil skirt … The all have one thing in common thanks to winter sweaters: style!

Unlimited Wear: With no regard to the change of the seasons, we love to wear winter sweaters. You’ll find them draped over beachgoers, fanning out at football games, snuggling snowman makers, and even flying fancy kites. Winter sweaters truly are friends you’ll let tag along no matter what season your calendar claims it is.

Warmth: cotton sweaters are my go-to for staying warm without getting too hot. Everyone is different though. Their ability to be everything to everyone is what makes sweaters so amazing. A cozy winter sweater can be blended wool for one person, 100% cashmere for another, or cotton for someone like me. Winter sweaters are so varied that no matter what you are looking for, chances are, you’ll be able to find it in the warm embrace of a cozy winter sweater.

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