5 Reasons Comfy Casual Should Be the New Business Casual

5 Reasons Comfy Casual Should Be the New Business Casual

Business casual clothing like polo shirts, slacks, and knee-length skirts have been workplace staples for decades. You can always rely on them to look sharp for your next meeting or after-work hangout. But work culture has been rapidly changing, bringing in a new age of flex schedules, teleworking, casual days, and summer Fridays.

This has changed the way hard-working people shop for their professional attire. Overall, trends are pointing toward bringing more comfortable clothing into the professional wardrobe. Whether you work from home or go to the office every day, you can find cozy essentials that fit right into your work outfit rotation. Here are five reasons comfy casual should be the new business casual.

1. Because Remote Working is Better in Sweats.

Typically, sweatshirts for women are considered part of the typical home outfit, but these pants can also be a staple for your remote working days. Do you have a conference call? No problem! Your audience will only see you from the waist up, which means you can still wear sweatpants with confidence all day — just throw on a button-down shirt and hop on the chat. This covert source of workday comfort makes sweatpants your best-kept secret.

When you pick your sweats strategically, you can look good while staying comfortable. Sweatpants in neutral colors like black or grey are an easy match with all your favorite casual work-from-home shirts. Fitted sweatpants or flare cuts also mesh well with countless outfit combos and look close to work slacks too. Check out the different styles and fits to discover which ones can blend well with your at-home work ensembles. When you’re done teleworking for the day, these sweats are good to go any errands or a quick workout too!

2. Because Leggings And Yoga Pants are Life.

At first glance, leggings and yoga pants are often set into the category of cozy home clothes. But you can deftly integrate seamless leggings and yoga pants into your work wardrobe with nobody knowing they are also your activewear staples. The trick is to choose neutral colors like black and grey that can match your dressy tunic tops with ease. Leggings, when worn with longer tops, enable you to bring comfort and style into the workplace. If you’re working from home, you can wear it with practically anything as you take care of business at home or work.

3. Because Comfy Sweaters Look Good.

Who says that feeling comfortable has to mean sacrificing style? Sweaters of all different colors, cuts, and lengths can make a breeze out of your work ensemble. While women’s cotton sweaters are faithful companions to your favorite pair of yoga pants or old jeans, they can also make a work-ready ensemble when you spruce them up with black jeans or slacks. Whether you choose a crew neck cable knit sweater or a zip-up pullover, you will feel comfortable and fashionable all day. Unite cozy and chic with a fitted v-neck sweater and fashion scarf, or relax in a loose tunic sweater and fleece leggings. In this way, you can look stylish and keep a professional mindset in total comfort.

4. Because Maxi Skirts Are Luxuriously Comfortable.

Long maxi skirts have a special power to not only look great but to give you freedom of movement. Sit any way you like on the couch with your laptop or pair it with a camisole and blazer for your in-office job. This versatile skirt looks formal but comes with the ace card of elastic-waist comfort that only women’s pajamas can match. Perfect to wear all year, you will do well to have a few colors and patterns of these skirts in your closet. Dress one up with a blouse and pearl necklace or dress it down with an essential t-shirt tucked in. The elegant silhouette of this piece creates countless stunning looks that can make you office-ready in minutes.

5. Because Stretch Jeans Are Meant for Long Shifts.

Skinny jeans have spandex integrated into the denim, making them some of the most comfortable pants you can wear to casual Friday. When you get a well-fitting pair of stretchy, skinny jeans you can feel the most comfortable at work or your home office. Pick your size and experiment with different fits, colors, and rises to find out what type of skinny jeans feels the coziest on you. Throw a camisole and blazer on top to make a comfortable, business-ready look or work from home in an essential sweatshirt. Either way, jeans with some stretch to them help you feel cozy from 9 to 5.

Is it time for you to bring in more comfort into your business wardrobe? Check out these comfy casual elements today.


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