6 Fall Clothing Must-Haves for Your Wardrobe

5 Fall Clothing Must-Haves for Your Wardrobe

Fall is coming, which means it’s time to stash away the shorts and tank tops and break out the layers. The nights are getting longer by the day, and with them come plummeting temperatures, leaf piles, and the risk of snow lurking overhead. Especially in Wisconsin, weather can be crazy unpredictable, so it’s important to be ready for everything before the season strikes in full force. Here are five fall fashion must-haves every man should make sure he has in his closet.

1. A Comfy Flannel Shirt

Men’s flannel shirts are as much a part of fall as pumpkins and lattes (and pumpkin spice lattes). A versatile shirting option that easily subs in for your casual oxfords and springy twills, a flannel shirt is one you’ll keep reaching for all fall and winter. Lands’ End flannel shirts are made from the best ring-spun combed cotton we can get our hands on. They’re durable and just the right weight to keep you warm and toasty without overheating. We also brush our flannel to develop that classic flannel fuzziness – in the industry we call it a “nap” – and we make sure both sides get brushed so it’s soft and cozy on the outside and inside. Bring your favorite summer graphic tees and tank tops into the new season by layering a flannel over them when it starts to get a bit chilly to wear them by themselves. Who says you cannot wear t-shirts all year long?

2. Reliable Boots

It is never too early to get your winter boot game going. Boots can take a few wears to break in, so if you go ahead and get your pair early enough, they’ll be good to go for winter. Boots are also good to have around if you find yourself soaking your usual shoes by walking through soggy leaves on the regular. Also, boots just look cool. In addition to being comfortable in winter, a pair of boots can be accessorized with bright colored laces and paired with patterned socks for added color and style during this often-dreary season.

3. A Warm Fleece Jacket

Nothing beats a cozy fleece on a crisp fall morning. Don’t just throw on any old jacket, though. You’ll want a Lands’ End Sherpa Fleece Jacket. Sherpa fleece is smooth and knit on one side while being super soft and plush – like a real sheep’s fleece – on the other, keeping heat in and you warm. Even sheep are jealous of how cozy and nice our fleece jackets are, and we bet your friends will be pretty envious of your awesome new fleece, too.

4. Cold Weather Accessories

Jackets and flannels are great and all, but you have got to make sure you’re taking care of the extremities too. Get yourself a men’s scarf and a good winter hat (we really like hats with the fun puffball on the top) and adventure with the confidence that you will stay warm no matter where your fall travels take you. While you are building your fall shopping list, remember that we are fast approaching the time when regular socks just won’t cut it anymore, so go ahead and add quality wool boot socks to the cart. A good pair of winter gloves is also in order. Lands’ End winter gloves are equipped with plenty of insulating technology and even feature added pockets for hand warmers – and we do recommend hand warmers in winter. Lots and lots of hand warmers.

5. Flannel-Lined Everything

You already know that we love flannel, but you may not know that we pair flannel with lots of our other products to make them even warmer and cozier. Flannel lined pants are a great way to combat fall and winter temperatures. On the outside, they look just like your normal chinos or men’s jeans, but on the inside, they are lined with soft and warm flannel. That extra layer of warmth makes morning walks a little better and helps keep cold commutes at bay. And that extra bit of comfort on cold days, we know, can make all the difference.

6. Long Underwear

Yes, you heard us right–long underwear. Hear us out! Long underwear and thermals are typically a staple in the winter. However, they can be great to have in the fall, as well. This is especially true in cold places like Wisconsin. So snag a set, or two, of long underwear to wear on all of your fall adventures! They will keep you extra warm, and they look great! The best part? You can use them for all of your winter and snow activities in the winter, as well!

No matter what you decide to wear in the fall, make sure it is warm and comfortable. You might even be able to get some use of the pieces like thermals and boots, in the cold of winter too! So, make sure you love them because you might be using them for multiple seasons and years to come.


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