5 Must-Have Outfits for Your Next Trip to New York City

5 Must-Have Outfits for Your Next Trip to New York City

You want to look good wherever you go when you travel, of course, but some cities can be intimidating when it comes to the fashion scene. When you think of New York fashion, it’s probably hard to pin it down to one look. What it all comes down to is knowing whether your style is more like TV icons Carrie Bradshaw or Phoebe Buffay.

Or maybe you know the real secret to dressing like a New Yorker is to dress like you belong. Confidence is the most comfortable and most attractive thing you can wear, after all. So if you want to blend in on your next trip to the Big Apple and feel comfortable during those long days of sightseeing and window shopping, we have five key essentials to include in your outfits so you feel comfortable, look stylish, and feel like a true New Yorker.

Black Works Best

Unlike the sunnier cities on the opposite coastline, black really is the quintessential color of fashion in New York City. It goes with literally everything, making black clothing an ideal choice when you want to pack light. Plus, black is versatile and does a great job of lasting through the day with you, especially in a fast-paced city like New York. If you’re doing some casual sightseeing during the day, wearing black will blend in really well. If you plan on going out for a fancy meal, a black women’s dress that doesn’t wrinkle is a great choice. You can even get away with wearing the same dress a couple of times by pairing it with two different statement necklaces to make it look like a completely different outfit each time.

Add a Splash of Color

While black is a great color to travel in, wearing all black can be a little bland. After all, you do want to show a bit of individuality. Stick with a pair of women’s black jeans for your daytime adventures but wear a top in another color you look best in. Or you can wear a scarf or piece of jewelry with a pop of color to transform an all-black outfit.

Wear the Right Shoes

Unless you want to spend most of your vacation days waiting around for taxis or subways, you’ll be doing a lot of walking in New York City. That’s why you need to find comfortable shoes that are also stylish for the big city. If they look scuffed up and old, leave them behind. If they’re right out of the box, make sure you wear them a few times to break them in before packing them in your luggage with you. Pair your shoes with a neutral-colored women’s coat There can be quite a breeze whipping between the skyscrapers, making it feel like it’s colder than it really is. And if you’re taking a boat to the Statue of Liberty, remember that it will be cooler on the water as well.

Dress in Layers

New York has so many different temperature changes that you’ll want to dress in layers so you’re prepared. After all, the subway may be super cold while the city streets may be warm and toasty and vice versa. If it’s wintertime, you’ll most likely be relying on a winter coat no matter where you go. But during the summertime and the transitional seasons, you’ll want a layer that you can easily remove and either pack away or tie around your waist. Think of wearing a flannel shirt or cardigan sweater over a T-shirt for example.

Embrace a Backpack

Backpacks have their moments in women’s fashion, but if there’s one city where backpacks are perfectly acceptable, it’s New York. New Yorkers spend lots of time out and about and need something that can carry everything they might need for the day, and a backpack fits the bill. This is good news for you as a tourist. Just sling one over your shoulders to tote around your souvenirs, water bottles, and any extra layers you might need throughout the day, all while looking like a typical New Yorker.

When packing for your next trip to New York City, remember that attitude is everything. As long as you’re comfortable, you’ll look like you belong in the Big Apple.


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