5 Gifts Your Dog Wants This Christmas

5 Gifts Your Dog Wants This Christmas

Usually the Christmas season is one spent with family and friends, but the way this year is going, it's getting more and more likely that the only ones we are going to share our holidays with are our furry friends and roommates. This might sound less than ideal, but for your pet, it's a dream come true! With little else to draw your attention, 'tis the season for pampering your pet. What better way to thank them for all the support they've given us throughout this difficult year? Here are five Christmas gift ideas your dogs will love, in addition to the oodles of affection they'll get this holiday season.

1. Gift them a Challenge

As relaxing as it is to lounge around the house all day, it's fun (and healthy) for your dog to put their brain to work every once in a while. When looking for toys for your pup this year, look for options that involve problem solving for a treat reward, like a ball your dog has to roll around to get food to fall out of (but be warned, these can get noisy if your dog likes slamming them into walls at high speed like mine does). Other versions of this include toys with little compartments your dog has to figure out how to open to get the treats out or containers with rotating parts that your pup will have to get around. If your budget is on the smaller side this year, you can create a similar experience by hiding bits of kibble or food around the house like a treat treasure hunt! Or, if your dog has "sit" and "stay" mastered, you can hide and let your pet find you!

2. Up the Comfort Game

There is no time like winter when it comes to getting cozy, and that means your pets too! Let your pups in on the experience by getting them a brand new bed for Christmas that they'll want to lounge in all year long. Lands' End dog beds work a little like duvets; the comfort comes in the plush insert and the style comes in the dog bed covers you can swap out at will to fit your (or your dog's) aesthetic. In addition to having both round and rectangular options in all sorts of sizes, you also have the opportunity to personalize your pet's bed with their name, a sweet message, or whatever else you can think of! When the bed gets dirty, as we know it will because no dog stays clean forever, the bed cover slides off for easy washing. This isn't just a gift for your pup, it makes your life easier too!

3. Keep Them Warm and Stylish

Winter can be tough for four-legged friends that have less fur than their buddies at the dog park. Make sure they stay safe and warm by gifting them some snowy weather clothes this year. If you and your pup like to go for walks in colder temperatures, outfit them in a cozy dog coat that keeps heat in without limiting their movement. Exercise is super important for your dog during the winter, but remember that if it's too cold for you, it's probably too cold for them too. In addition to keeping your dog safe, these coats and vests come in a variety of bright colors and patterns that help them stand out against the snow and, obviously, look great! Another great option for winter walkers is getting your pup booties to protect their paws from ice and salt. Chunks of snow and salt can get stuck in between the pads on your pup's feet and cause pain and nerve damage after a while. If you can't get your dog to get used to the booties, you can also put paw balm on your pet's feet to protect them from the drying salt.

4. Help them Travel in Comfort

Sometimes seeing family during the Christmas season means hours upon hours in the car for both you and your furry friend. Make the trip a little easier for the both of you by protecting the back of your car with a pet travel blanket personalized with your dog's name. They'll love the extra comfort as they snooze the ride away, and you'll appreciate not needing to deep clean your seats to get the paw prints out when you get home. If your pup is on the smaller side, keep them close with a canvas pet carrier that you can take with you just about anywhere.

5. Toys, Toys, Toys!

Who doesn't love having new things to play with! Experiment with different types of toys to keep your pet entertained; if they tend to favor squeaky bones or balls, get them a squishy plush instead. If they like to tug on clothes or blankets (or things they aren't supposed to have in their mouth in the first place) try a braided tug rope or sturdy stuffed animal. Pets who love toys that make noise might enjoy stuffed animals that make crinkle noises or can be stuffed with old plastic bottles for a new and exciting sound. Big plush toys are great for pups like mine that enjoy a good snuggle, and they look cute if your dog likes to leave their toys all over the house. No matter what you get them, though, they'll be sure to love it because they get to play with you!


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