5 Fall Scents You Need for Your Home

5 Fall Scents You Need for Your Home

Fall is a festive season that is full of new aromas, sensations, and opportunities for seasonal experiences. After a long summer of aquatic activities and barbecues, many people become used to the smells of sunscreen and tropical drinks. But as the weather grows colder and the days get shorter, the season gives way to more earthy and comfortable scents.

This is the season where you can fully enjoy sweater weather with your boots, jeans, and cashmere sweater for women, and take some cute photos with fall leaves. Live your best life and soak in all the new sights and scents that make fall one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year. 

1. Pumpkin Spice

Now we couldn’t leave this scent out of this list, now could we? Pumpkin spice is a seasonal favorite in fall baking and it has inundated every corner of culinary experience possible. Starting September 1st (and for some even a few weeks before), the yearn for change welcomes the delicious scent and taste of pumpkin spice latte.

You can find this scent in your favorite brand of potpourri, candles, and even air fresheners. When you order a fresh cup of PSL from your preferred coffee shop, that first whiff of the milky cinnamon-nutmeg-sugar scent is just as captivating as the moment when you take a fresh pumpkin pie out of the oven. So get into the spirit of the season by snuggling up with your throw blankets and some pumpkin spice chai tea!

2. Apple Everything

Come fall, “apple everything” hits the shelves, making seasonal scents like Apple Cinnamon and Apple Pie seasonal must-haves. To set an autumnal mood, trade out your tropical pineapple candle for apple pie on a cool evening. This will match the fall theme that you made with your new fall decor like earth-toned throw pillows and crocheted doilies. You don’t need to buy candles to get this awesome scent in your home, either. Bringing delicious baked apple goods into your home can also do the job.

Fall is the season to get the best apple picking—when you can visit farms and buy homemade apple pies and take home candied apples for delicious snacks. Simply having these treats in your home can leave a tantalizing smell in the air. Seasonal festivals are also full of apple decorations and celebration of this fruit that has so many uses. So grab a few pecks of fresh apples and start making homemade pie filling and country-fried apples for breakfast—you will make your home smell just like fall!

3. You'll Find Vanilla Everywhere

Vanilla is another favorite fall scent because its aroma is found in practically every fall delicacy. From the delicious pie you enjoy at Thanksgiving dinner to the cookies you bake with your family, vanilla extract is a staple baking ingredient that has become a seasonal favorite for autumn baking. When stores restock with holiday decorations, you’ll easily find vanilla candles, vanilla air fresheners, soaps, body spritzes, and more. 

However you choose to enjoy the scent, you can be sure to find it as soon as the weather gets cooler. Adding this scent to your home will get you in the mood just as well as putting on a new women's wool sweater and cozy pants. 

4. Sugary-Themed Aromas

Fall scents are often tailored after popular baking ingredients, so it's no surprise that sugar also makes the list as a top fall scent. Sugar can be found in many fall favorites like apple pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin spice latte, and more. This core ingredient has a delightfully sweet scent that can be found in popular candles like sugar cookie, caramel, and toffee candy. When you see an air freshener in one of these scents, be sure to get one for your bedroom that has just been redecorated with new down comforters for the cooler nights.

5. Earthy and Herbal Scents

While an overwhelming amount of fall scents are related to popular desserts, this season is also known for earthy aromas. Fall is the harvest season, and that isn’t forgotten as spa stores unveil new scents like leaves, sandalwood, sage, oak moss, and myrrh. These earthy elements are often inspired by herbs and popular essential oils, so you can easily find some DIY recipes to put in homemade potpourri. Not only are these scents easy to make, but they can last a long time too!

With these five fall scents, you can keep your home smelling festive throughout the autumn season.

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