5 Essential Items to Pack for a Tropical Vacation

5 Essential Items to Pack for a Tropical Vacation

When you swing weightlessly in a hammock listening to the sounds of the sea, you can truly relax. A tropical vacation is just what you need to refresh your mind and reinvigorate your perspective on life. Spend your days sunbathing and your days enjoying fine dining, while also taking in the hottest local attractions for lasting memories. When you pack all the right travel items, you can enjoy your trip even more. Being prepared allows you to focus on the adventure itself. Here are the 5 essential items to pack for a tropical vacation.


Tropical vacations naturally involve plenty of sunshine, sand, and water. Whether you prefer to take a dip in the clear blue waves of the Caribbean or lounge by your hotel's pool, swimsuits are a necessity. There are so many styles to choose from that grant you varying levels of coverage.

For men, swim shirts, rash guards, and trunks of varying lengths offer a customizable assortment of swim piece combinations. Women's swimsuits come in countless styles like one-pieces and swim separates, and also include coverups, rash guards, swim skirts, and swim dresses. Since your swimsuit will be out in the sun and sand, good quality is a must. Choose a swimsuit made out of sturdy materials that keep their shape, color, and form for many wears and washes.

Swim Coverups

A tropical vacation means that there's always something exciting to do — at your leisure. When you take beach coverups with you, it's easy to transition from aquatic lounging to the restaurant in town. Many coverups look just like street clothing so you can blend in with the local shopping crowd, tourist groups, and other vacation hot spots that call for shirts and shoes.

By putting this in your beach bag, you can say "yes" to whatever idea you have for your next activity. Do you want to check out that trail? When you bring some quick-drying board shorts and a swim shirt, why not? Is your partner interested in trying out that seafood restaurant across the way? Then your kaftan coverup dress is elegant enough to be taken anywhere!

Beach Bags

Your leisure activities are easy to take with you when you have low-maintenance, easy-to-use beach bags. Canvas totes and beach bags are some of the simplest items that offer multiple uses. While you can use them as an eco-friendly bag at the grocery store, it's also a great bag for your carryon essentials during your flight. When you arrive at your tropical destination, your tote bag can become your go-to bag for your sandy destinations. Unlike other bags that may become damaged from exposure to too much water, heat, or sand, canvas totes were made to withstand the elements. They are also so simple in their design that they just need to be emptied, shaken out, and left to dry to be ready for the next use.

The Essential T-Shirt

Taking it easy from the daily grind means you can wear whatever you want, wherever you want. While you have to stick to a strict business casual dress code at work, this is your time to be as casual as you desire. There will certainly be days when you want to keep things simple. The essential t-shirt that you have to dress up with a blazer or use as an undershirt can become the main top, especially now that you're in a warmer climate.

The comfortable, soft fabric of a basic cotton t-shirt captures the essence of tropical relaxation. Choose between different necklines to create different looks, such as high, v-neck, scoop, and more. Long t-shirts look great over jeggings as a tunic, and so do long camisoles. Experiment with different types of footwear, like sandals, to make a laid-back beach look that you can feel 100% comfortable wearing.


Another great thing about getting away from it all is that you don't need to stick to formal footwear either. Sandals are the epitome of beach culture, and you can embrace them with all your heart during your vacation. Flip flops, t-straps, espadrilles, and more are all awaiting your discovery. To make sure you have the best trip, pick shoes that are well-made and designed for long-term wear. You'll be on your feet and exploring, so it's a good idea to invest in some sandals that are going to embrace your adventure! These shoes also look simple and chic with a t-shirt dress, which can also be a great coverup for swimwear.

What items do you plan on packing in your suitcase this spring? The beach is calling you!


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