5 Essential Items to Have in Your House This Winter

5 Essential Items to Have in Your House This Winter

Before the cold weather arrives along with the bustling holiday season, make sure your home is filled with all the essential items to survive the snowy months. While the days grow shorter, the weather gets colder, and the promise of snowfall looms in the air, you can create a cozy atmosphere in your home away from the harsh elements. Below we have highlighted the essential items you need in order to do that.

Big, Fluffy Blankets

What is winter without a mountain of blankets piled on the bed, on the couch, or the floor when the kids want to build a blanket fort and snuggle up together for a movie night? It’s no secret that the winter season brings cold, snowy weather to most of the country, so you will definitely want to make sure your house is stocked up with plenty of blankets.

If you have family members in your household with birthdays throughout the winter season or you are looking for gift ideas for the holidays, why not buy everyone a personalized blanket? For example, young kids may love a hooded “critter” blanket (a soft plush blanket with a unicorn or dog hood), while older family members or your significant other may appreciate a personalized throw blanket. Shop around for different materials and add such choices as chenille lattice, plush fleece, and faux fur to your blanket collection.

Warm Socks

We are just going to say it: winter is the official sock season. There is nothing enjoyable about walking around on the cold, hardwood floors of your home barefoot on a blustery winter day. Stock up on loads of comfy, warm socks for everyone in the family. When you know you’ll be heading out of the house and into the snow, have several thick wool sock options on hand to provide extra protection from the cold, wet elements. When it’s the holiday season and you’re in a festive mood, whip out those fluffy, colorful boot socks. If you want to ensure maximum warmth for your feet this winter, invest in a pair of chenille cable knit house slipper socks. Part sock, part slipper means you get the best of both worlds!

New Bedding

If you live in the type of climate that gets several feet of snowfall and experiences brutally cold temperatures during the winter season, chances are the bedding you would use during the spring and summer is not the same as the bedding you would use in the winter. Swap out the lightweight comforter and sheets for something a bit more heavy-duty and ultra cozy. Invest in a nice, thick down comforter and consider purchasing a couple throw blankets to drape over the bed. During the warmer months, you may enjoy lightweight cotton sheets, but during the winter, there is nothing better than soft and super warm flannel sheets to have you feeling like you are wrapped up in a cocoon.


Sometimes, pajamas simply aren’t enough on a chilly winter morning, and who wants to be cold first thing in the morning anyway? If you don’t have any robes in your house before heading into the winter season, we highly suggest getting some. It’s a purchase you definitely won’t regret. First thing in the morning and late in the evening when you are winding down, something as simple as a luxuriously soft, velvety robe or flannel robe can really make your day. Stock up on robes for everyone in the house and look into robes designed for kids. They will especially get a kick out of it during the holiday season when they can wear a festive robe with holiday prints on it.

Decorative Pieces

While new home decor might not seem as essential as something like blankets, having festive decorations and other new pieces added to your home during the winter really has a way of brightening your surroundings. Winter is a notoriously cloudy and often dreary time of year, so there are certain measures you can take to warm the whole place up.

Splurge on a few new fragrant candles with seasonal scents, buy a throw pillow or two for your bed or sofa, and consider adding a couple lively, green plants to remind you that summer will once again return. For the holiday season, don’t forget to dress up your home with all the classic decorations like stockings, tree ornaments, and a wreath for your front door.

Above, we have highlighted just a few home essentials to help you not only get through your winter season, but really brighten up the atmosphere in your house and help you embrace everything the season has to offer. Remember, there’s no need to limit yourself to the suggestions we’ve come up with. Think about what items you may need to stock up on in your home from soft, plush slippers to festive holiday decor.

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