5 Essential Items to Pack for a Ski Vacation

5 Essential Items to Pack for a Ski Vacation

Winter is in its height and you’re pumped for your next ski vacation. Now’s the best time to enjoy the peak snowfall at your favorite resort, and you can’t wait to pack your bags. You need all the items that will keep you warm, entertained, and comfortable for your entire journey and stay. What are the best things to bring with you? Here are the 5 essential items to pack for a ski vacation.

Long Down Coat

Temperatures are a lot cooler at higher altitudes. So while you may be okay with a standard winter coat at home where it averages 40 degrees, you won't enjoy the same balmy conditions at the peaks. Having a long down coat is essential for you to enjoy the winter scenery where you're staying.

To travel light, get a packable down coat that tucks right into its own pocket and turns into a bag. Nothing is more convenient when your travel plans call for two connecting flights and a lot of terminal chasing.

Winter Accessories

While you can get away with not wearing hats and gloves when you do a standard grocery store run, it’s not the same when you’re outside on the mountains for an extended period of time. You need cold-weather accessories like hats, gloves, scarves, and socks to keep you warm. These finishing touches will not only complete your winter ensemble, but they will take the sting out of the harsh winter. As a result, all your memories will be of the beautiful scenery and fun times instead of being cold.

Winter Boots

For your other ski resort plans like game nights or dancing, your loafers and heels will suffice. But whenever your plans involve some extended time outside, take a pair of trusty winter snow boots with you. Snow melts, which takes low-riding shoes like loafers and sneakers out of the equation.

Shoes made from absorbent materials are also not good for cold weather and snow. Instead, get a pair of waterproof boots. This kind of footwear is built for off-roading in wintry conditions. They have the traction to handle icy sidewalks, snowy hills, and frosty stairs. You’ll be delighted at the different available styles. Select the color, height, and features that fit the needs of your travel plans and you’ll have maximum freedom of exploration.


When you’re not on the slopes in your ski suit or lounging by the indoor pool, jeans are your go-to comfort item for a wintry retreat. This is your time to be casual, and jeans are the easiest pant to match with all your tops. If you plan on taking a stroll outside, wear your jeans with long underwear for additional protection from the chilly wind. Curvy fit jeans are the perfect companion for a cashmere sweater and cocoa as you overlook the snowy hills from your hotel room.

Jeans also come in many styles, which makes it easy to find ways to dress them up. For example, buy a pair of black skinny jeans and sport a cute blouse and heels for a night out with your friends. Men’s relaxed fit jeans also look splendid with a leather belt, loafers, and a tucked-in button-down shirt for a romantic date. For your ski vacation, jeans are here for all your plans— big or small.

Travel Bags

Ski slopes also have fantastic trails and places to explore. Take your adventures outdoors with a sturdy travel backpack. These bags can also be used at school and in the workplace, so they have great replay value. Take advantage of the convenient insulated material and hidden pockets to store all your travel essentials, such as technology, extra clothing, snacks, water, and more. When you know you are going to be away from your home base for a while, this bag becomes your home away from home.

Your trip will also involve downtime indoors. Protect your electronics during your flight and in your hotel with a tech bag that insulates it from cold and wetness. When you are ready to catch up on some of your favorite shows or check your email, you can be confident that your tablet or computer is safely stashed away.

What essential items are on your packing list? Enjoy your time on the slopes!


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