5 Cute Ways to Style Scarves with Tops

5 Cute Ways to Style Scarves with Tops

As you’re preparing your wardrobe for the chillier months and the festivities of autumn, think about the basics like tops, pants, and outwear, but don’t hold back on the accessories, especially scarves. Whether you’re spending your evening at a neighborhood bonfire and playing some flag football before the Thanksgiving gorge, a scarf is functional and fashionable. In short, it slays. It will never let you down—it certainly hasn’t for us.

Scarves are the absolute ultimate accessory. They can dress you up, dress you down, add warmth or flair, and be the talking point of your whole ensemble. And the best part? You can never have too many. They are so interchangeable that any outfit can be tailored just the way you want it with the simple addition—or exchange—of a gorgeous scarf. Read on for four cute ways to style a scarf with tops.

The Classic Wrap-Around

First things first when it comes to styling scarves: our women’s scarves come in a ton of colors, patterns, and weights. Check out chenille, fleece, or cotton all in shades, and a variety of knits means you can never have too many. Go for the CashTouch winter scarf in rubellite and pair it with one of our women's tunics to complement the hemline.

The scarf is the wow factor of the outfit. Try wrapping it around your neck twice—the classic scarf double loop—and then tucking the ends up for the comfy look where your neck is protected from the elements. This is a great look with a pair of black boots and denim jacket—goes great from day to night.

The Long and Lean

Complement one of our long, open cardigan sweaters with a winter scarf hanging gently from your neck. The lines of the sweater match the length of the scarf, so you have a lot to play with. If you go for a neutral cardigan like our heather gray, pick a scarf in mesa rose plaid or Baltic teal mountain ombre.

Or maybe instead, you want a shock of color with the cardy like rust red or aqua breeze, and the perfect scarf might be a neutral like the light fog hunters star. Or better yet, if you’re a maximalist, go big with two bright colors like a multi-ombre check scarf in oranges and blues. This classic single drape look sways a bit when you walk making for an extra chic touch when you meet up with the girls or go out on Friday night.

The Over-The-Shoulder

What makes you feel more like Hollywood than throwing a scarf over your shoulder as you make your grand exit? A beautiful CashTouch pleated scarf will do the trick here. Wear it with one of our classic women’s wool jackets for a very polished look.

When you’ve reached your next destination, leave the jacket at the coat check and keep that over-the-shoulder look with a patterned turtleneck. You can let the scarf drape a little in the front since the turtleneck does some of the work for you. Pair a patterned scarf with a solid turtleneck or vice versa. This look adds some dimension to the outfit while keeping things simple. It also highlights the scarf’s fringe and pattern, especially if it’s an ombre design.

The Square Neckerchief

This next look is excellent for when you’ve got cold shoulders or a sleeveless top. Maybe you’re heading out for a hayride or pumpkin picking with the family. You’ll want to be cozy enough but also picture ready. Fold a big blanket scarf in half and then drape it around your shoulder to tie it in front. Your top will peak through, but the scarf is the main event anyway.

Tuck the sleeveless top into some high rise jeans in black or distressed denim and throw on a boho-chic leather bag over your shoulder or across the body. Grab your bomber jacket on your way out the door. Did someone say flawless?

Dress It Up!

Scarves aren’t just got tops and bottoms. Go for one of our maxi dresses for women for a chic look. A sleeveless, tiered maxi dress in Waikiki or red lotus floral adds some summertime punch together with a fashion scarf in a gorgeous neutral like off white or gray. A more muted pattern like the deep sea navy windowpane would look fab with a brightly colored textured scarf in cloudy blue or gray heather.

A sleeveless dress means you can wrap the scarf around like a shawl, or better yet, check out our belted shawl wraps. They add another layer of warmth and pizzaz to a dress that’ll make you kick your heels up.

What can't a scarf do? And styling your scarf is so easy because any top goes great with a scarf. Draped or looped or left hanging long, a scarf is the cutest way to make your outfit complete.


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