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5 Corduroy Wardrobe Essentials You Need

Corduroy has never fallen out of favor. It's trending again because it's cozy, classic, and nostalgic all at once. This durable material has been a favorite for decades and now, to top it all off, this timeless fabric is once again in vogue.

So, how to wear this versatile and fabulous fabric? We have compiled a list of the top five corduroy essentials you need for your wardrobe to allow you to make the most of corduroy’s epic comeback.

1. Corduroy Leggings

What a better place to start than with the basics? Corduroy leggings are the wonderful combination of the coziness of corduroy and the comfort of leggings. One of the biggest drawbacks of leggings in the wintertime is that they never keep our legs quite snug enough, but corduroy leggings are the antidote to those chilly thighs. The thick cotton fabric of corduroy leggings gives you extra insulation without compromising on the stretchy freedom and sleekness that we all love about leggings. Wear these leggings underneath your favorite oversized sweater and with a pair of cute booties for an effortless outfit that looks even more interesting now, thanks to your corduroy leggings.

2. Corduroy Pants

Corduroy pants are the obvious next essential for your wardrobe. Available in a range of styles for men and women, from wide flared legs to skinny jeans, corduroy most certainly comes in your favorite pant style, too. Channel your inner Katharine Hepburn and her classic Hollywood style by wearing a pair of high-waisted, wide-legged corduroy pants for a down-to-earth elegance that will get you through the winter and beyond. Corduroy pants can be worn in a skinny cut with your favorite winter boots. Try straight-legged corduroys or choose a bootcut leg for a classic streamlined look. When choosing a color, explore the range of earth tones to add a more creative flair to your everyday look.

3. Corduroy Skirts

Corduroy skirts remind us of being young girls with braids and playing with our friends. Corduroy skirts are just as cute and fun as they were when we were kids, and we couldn’t be happier as they are one of our favorite parts of our modern-day corduroy wardrobe. Corduroy skirts are cozy and stylish without being overly girlish. Whether wearing a shorter corduroy skirt with adorable wooly tights or opting for a mid-length skirt with opaque tights and leather zip booties, corduroy skirts are essential for any woman’s wardrobe. Wear your corduroy skirt with that snug cashmere turtleneck for a soft and fuzzy feel and a smart, sleek look.

4. Corduroy Shirt

For everyday style, you can’t go wrong with a corduroy shirt. Corduroy shirts are the perfect androgynous addition to anyone’s closet and personal style. Down to earth and timeless, corduroy shirts are easy to button up over any fitted undershirt and a pair of jeans for a cool, casual outfit. Choose men or women’s cut corduroy shirts for a more tailored look that adds charm and comfort to any style. Men’s corduroy shirts are a particular favorite. Super soft, durable, classic, and sophisticated, a men’s corduroy shirt is a must-have for any gentleman’s closet. Corduroy shirts can be worn by both men and women either casually or dressed up for a classic, cool-weather look.

5. Corduroy Jacket

We know corduroy jackets as the quintessential choice of academics. As well suited as these coats are for professors and other university types, a corduroy jacket tailored the right way can be a game-changer for anyone’s outfit. Corduroy jackets have a rich and sophisticated texture that can elevate anyone’s look. For men, choose a corduroy sports coat that fits snugly and looks good with slacks or jeans. For ladies, corduroy jackets that cinch at the waist remind us of an outdoorsy glamour that is timeless and yet sometimes hard to emulate. Now it’s easy with a corduroy jacket you can wear for almost any cooler-weather occasion and add a velvety texture to your ensemble.

Make the most of this fabulous fabric and be sure to stock your wardrobe with all the corduroy essentials for a classic and cozy flair to your personal style.


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