5 Christmas gift ideas for Dad

Good old Dad. No one in our lives knows us quite like our father. The guy we go to for manly advice (he’s the man, after all). Our household Mr. Fix-it. The certain “yes” we go to after being shot down by Mom’s “no.” Doesn’t Dad deserve a Christmas present, as stellar as he is? Rather, don’t we owe it to him not to repeat last year’s generic socks and novelty tie fiasco? Luckily for you – and for Dad – we’ve compiled our five favorite gifts that are certain to put a smile on his face, and to earn some serious brownie points with him.

New jeans

Aren’t any jeans worn by a dad “dad jeans,” by default? Semantics aside, you know the ones we’re talking about – baggy and faded, a couple unfortunate holes, maybe they even have that old carpenter loop that’s for, what, holding a hammer? Unless Dad’s a roofer or builds artisanal birdhouses on the weekends, he doesn’t need that hammer loop. And even if he is a roofer or hobbyist carpenter, he can get a utility belt. Get him a good pair of men’s jeans that actually fit. Go for something slim – but not skinny – in a dark wash. Dad will be looking a little trimmer, and his jeans won’t attract side eyes from folks when you go out for dinner.

A new flannel shirt

Dad relishes in feeling like he’s all tough and outdoorsy, even if he’s a CPA by day. Give your weekend warrior dad a cozy men’s flannel shirt to help him live out his dreams of being a mountain man. A classic plaid shirt in our soft and cozy flannel is a wardrobe staple in the fall and winter, and Dad will love having one in his closet.

A polo shirt

He may not be a scratch golfer or a tennis ace, but Dad probably likes to think he can hold his own on the course or the court. What completes the picture? Give dad a great men’s polo shirt. Lands’ End Comfort-First mesh polos are built to move with Dad as he works his way through the back nine, and they’re given a thorough pre-wash to feel broken in from the first time he puts it on.

A winter hat

It’s cold out, right? We’re talking about holiday gifts, so winter weather is definitely here to stay for at least a couple more months. A winter hat will give Dad the kind of protection from the cold that he needs – especially if he’s looking a little thinner up top. Hats make a great stocking stuffer, and they can make a nice accent to his outfit – the cherry on top, if you will.

Some down time

Dad works hard, and he probably puts up with a lot of nonsense. Sometimes, the best gift you can give him is a little break. This Christmas, let him unwrap his new jeans, and let him take an undisturbed nap while watching the game. It’ll be the best Christmas he’s had in years.

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