5 Casual Clothes to Wear at Home

5 Casual Clothes to Wear at Home

Sometimes you just want to sit on your couch and surf through all your binge-watching options. This is one of the reasons why casual basics exist. When you collect a fair amount of comfy T-shirts, sweats, and other casual home clothes, you can relax with total ease. But just because you’re feeling casual doesn’t mean that you’re assigned to an unfashionable fate. Casual clothes today are better than ever. These basics are the essential building blocks to your best outfits. Wear them alone on video streaming day then spice them up with your hottest accessories when it’s time to impress. Here are 5 casual clothes ideas you can use for your everyday fashion.

1. Leggings and Tunic Top

When you think about all the favorite comfort clothes, leggings inevitably join the top items on this list. Whether you prefer cotton or corduroy leggings, you can match every material and style with some seriously cute tops. One of the most flattering tops for leggings is tunics. These have just enough length to fall below the waist or mid-thigh. They provide extra coverage around the hips, which many people prefer while wearing leggings. 

A good look to try is combining patterned leggings with solid tunic tops or vice versa. If you use patterns on patterns, your outfit can look too "busy." For every tunic and legging combo, there’s an ideal fit that will enhance your silhouette. Tunic tops can be relaxed or fitted. Because leggings are tight, most individuals prefer a loose tunic, but there are many advantages to wearing a more fitted tunic. These tops look so cute with a belt because of the added definition and waistline focal point. Put on an extra cardigan for another layer of style.

2. Jeans & Scoop Neck Tee

Hey there, looking good! Few outfits are more universally awesome than some figure-hugging curvy fit jeans and a plain scoop neck tee. These jeans have your waist cinched just right and the shirt is smooth and vibrant in color. This casual outfit is perfect for spending time at home, but you can also be ready to go out in seconds. If it’s cold, throw on a long cardigan or blazer. If you need to dress it up a notch, put on a necklace and style your hair. When you want to take this look more into the casual zone, replace your jeans with jeggings or leggings. You’ll be ready for anything when you have all the right separates on hand.

3. Stylish Fun with Capri Pants 

If you don’t have a cute pair of Capri pants in your closet yet, you’re missing out. Try on these different fits and materials to find the shape you prefer. Whether you go with an elastic waist pull-on stretch Capri or jean Capris, you will experience the same benefits that shorter pants provide. First of all, Capris give you the workplace coverage you need but allow you to show off all your cute sandals and heels. They also keep you cool without having to wear shorts. You’ll be surprised what an extra bit of breeze can do on your calves for a cooling effect!

4. Skorts — Your New Favorite Bottom  

We love skorts, and here’s why. You don’t have to choose between wearing a short or a skirt. Skorts combine the confidence-boosting coverage of shorts with the beauty of a skirt and put it into one, heavenly piece. Want to look cute with your floral top but still run off at a moment’s notice to toss a football around? A skort makes it possible. Don’t think twice about if you’re covered while cleaning the house or running after kids — your skort gives you that extra assurance. 

5. Sweatshirts & Hoodies Save the Day

It’s late at night. The temperatures have fallen for some reason, maybe it’s a random cold front. But whatever the reason, you need something cozy and warm — right now. You don’t have to look far for an extra touch of warmth when you have a few women’s cotton sweatshirts in your drawer. Keep a few of these on hand even in the summer for when you have to turn down the air conditioner too. You can always control how warm you want to feel with the power of perfectly plush sweatshirts. 

Now that you know more about some of the best casual clothes to wear at home, which ones do you need more of? 


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