6 Adorable Pairs of Jeans Your Kids Will Love

6 Adorable Pairs of Jeans Your Kids Will Love

Kids' fashion is trendier than ever. Trying to balance being cool with making sure they're dressed appropriately can be challenging, depending on your little one's age. After a while, they tend to develop their own style and know exactly what they like and don’t like… They grow up so quickly, don't they? There are so many trends and styles that are constantly coming out that you find yourself wondering how to keep up with it all. This top five list of jeans for kids are going to have them thanking you so you can be a cool and responsible parent all at once.

1. Classic fit

The simplest way to keep your child looking stylish all year long is to buy a pair of kids' jeans in a classic fit. Of course, the classic silhouette comes in classic denim hues, but there's more! There are a few really amazing qualities about kids' jeans, the most important being options. Find the right pair for your child from a selection that combines style, sensibility, and comfort. Pull-on jeans that feature an elastic drawstring closure in place of the button and zipper will ensure your child can play all day. For colder temps, consider a pair lined with cozy flannel for added warmth. Style tip: fold up the cuff just once to reveal the flannel for a super trendy update.

2. Jeggings

Adults are fully aware of the benefits of jeggings. The look of jeans with the comfort of leggings is magical. It's time to share the love of this famed clothing piece with your little ones. Besides keeping them looking like serious fashion aficionados, kid's jeggings are a great jean choice for kids because it's an easy slip-on option. If they're on the younger side and need help putting on a standard zip-up and button jeans, then consider this the answer to allow them to dress themselves on busy mornings while you pack up lunches and get everyone off to school. You can also shop from a variety of indigo blue shades, camo prints, polka dots, and beyond for the individualist.

3. Slim fit

If you're not up to date on the latest fashion trends for kids, slim-fit jeans are at the top of the must-have list. Whether you're in the market for boys' or girls' pants, you can browse options for both. Choose between Big Kid, Little Kid, or Toddler size options. Make sure to consider the Iron Knees feature on select pairs only. This special interior fabric isn't visible from an outsider's perspective, but you'll notice an extra patch for added protection inside for the knees to help with all those holes your kiddos get playing around outside all day. You can also show this cool feature to them to get them just as excited by pitching it to them as the rough and tumble pair they can feel safe romping in. Make it playful, and before you know it, they'll be begging to wear this pair all the time.

4. Skinny jeans

Another popular style, no matter your age, is skinny jeans. All with a classic five-pocket design, we offer your basic dark wash, black and indigo colors. If your kids are looking for something a little more vibrant and playful, you can opt for some more statement-making skinnies. Go for a variety of pastel hues depending on the time of year, or add some glam to their outfit with a high-shine luster finish. The look is always important, but so is the material. We believe that stretch is important and makes all the difference in a pair of denim jeans for kids, so we went ahead and added spandex to skinny jeans to give them the maximum possible comfort while they're having an adventure in the backyard with their friends or doing cartwheels in the schoolyard. Kids are active, and their jeans should be able to keep up with them.

5. Boot cut

This is a popular style specifically in the fall and winter when the boot season begins. Boot cut silhouettes are also a great pairing for sneakers when it's not exactly boot weather. These jeans for girls have a dark blue rinse or a medium wash, and either color goes well with their favorite T-shirt or sweater. They're also going to love the soft cotton blend material featuring that perfect hint of stretch for added comfort. The best feature of this pair of jeans is arguably the adjustable waistband. It feels like kiddos grow by the second, so having this extra button is ideal. It's important to give your kids the perfect pair of jeans that'll do everything you need them to!

6. Wide leg

Wide leg jeans are back in style but that tends to happen with fashion. If you remember owning a pair yourself when you were in school then you’ll remember how comfortable they were. One of the best features of wide-leg denim is that you can wear them slightly cropped to make them more fashionable. Whether your kid wears them with sneakers, platforms, boots, or flats, they can put their own little twist on this classic design by pairing them with some of their favorite pieces. Dress it casually with a t-shirt and a plaid long-sleeved shirt layered over with a pair of high tops or a comfy knitted sweater and some boots. 

Your little fashionista will also love the endless washes, tears, and other characteristics that this type of denim has available. Some wide-leg jeans have the option to be rolled up so that you can see another design sewn underneath such as a buffalo plaid or a different monochromatic color that pops. Others have a small frayed detail at the bottom, while others have bolder features such as two tones. Whether they prefer baggy, fitted, or cropped, this pair of denim comes in every style to match their taste. 

As denim continues to be a huge trend, you can bet that you’ll be able to pass these down to younger siblings and they’ll still be in style.


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