4 Ways to DIY Your Holiday Sweaters This Year

4 Ways to DIY Your Holiday Sweaters This Year

From gorgeous to goofy, DIY holiday sweaters are all the rage this year. Whether you prefer to go preppy, dazzling, or just need the perfect fun sweater to wear to that ugly sweater holiday party, read on for fun DIY ideas.

The Preppy DIY Holiday Sweater

For those of us who love the classic looks of red, green, and white, Christmas plaid, and simple accessories, the best way to DIY your holiday sweater is to plan your outfit carefully and then accessorize. Think a black pencil skirt with black boots or classic black heels topped off with a crewneck sweater or button-up cardigan in a bright holiday color. A red crewneck sweater with a women’s white blouse and a string of pearls is a great way to DIY your holiday sweater. Choose a lightweight turtleneck with a holiday pattern and a bright cardigan for a bit more fun, and then add a fun holiday pin and earrings.

The Beautiful DIY Holiday Sweater

Would you rather look glamorous this holiday season? Then DIY your holiday sweater by choosing beautiful fabrics and colors and then accessorize with jewelry that sparkles and a statement skirt and heels. One of the most fun parts of the holidays is they give us an excuse to wear special fabrics like velvet or something with sequins. For sweaters, why not opt for the always beautiful and luxurious choice of a women’s cashmere sweater in either a striking winter white or a jewel-toned red, green, or blue? Pair your gorgeous sweater with black dress pants (velvet or silk are nice choices) or a long black skirt for extra pizzazz. Black heels with some sparkle to them and your best sparkly jewelry will complete the look.

The Cute Ugly DIY Holiday Sweater

If you are going to an ugly holiday sweater party this year (or just love wearing fun holiday clothes!) your DIY options for cute ugly holiday sweaters abound. You will want your ugly sweater to not look too ugly, and you will also want it to identifiably be a holiday sweater. A good place to start is with a large red or green sweater. For a more casual look, consider a crewneck sweatshirt in red or green. White is always an option too, and it makes a great background if you want to use colorful decorations.

Now comes the fun part. Look for ready-made appliques like reindeer, Santa, or snowmen. You can find them in iron-on or sew-on styles that are easy DIY projects. A reindeer with a bright red nose or a snowman with a black top hat and some silver glitter for snow can be fun. You can also easily sew on bows or even actual holiday decorations if they are flat, and you take laundering needs into account. Perhaps you just want a one-time-wear ugly holiday sweater. If that’s the case, you could sew or glue on actual ornaments that would never make it through the washer, much less the dryer. Whatever you choose, make sure to stay “cute” as well as “ugly.” You will have more fun wearing it that way.

The "I’d Rather Be Crafting Ugly DIY Holiday Sweater"

Think of this one as a creative project that you can enjoy wearing for many holiday seasons to come. A fun option is to take a solid-colored women’s sweater or sweatshirt (white, red, green, or blue are good choices) and then design a saying and an image for it. Once you have your “Bah Humbug” or “Peace on Earth” type saying chosen, lightly trace it onto the fabric with chalk that will contrast with the fabric, but not stain it (an extremely light pencil outline is also an option). Get some fabric glue and “write” your message and “draw” your design. Then sprinkle glitter onto the fabric glue. It is best to work in small sections so you can get the glitter applied evenly while the glue is still wet. Be sure to let your sweater dry completely before moving it.

If you enjoy sewing or quilting, you can create your own appliques to sew onto your sweater or sweatshirt. These can be words or images and can be made from one fabric or many with or without additional decorations. And keep in mind for a fun and over-the-top look, you can always sew on bells, or even small decorations or twinkling holiday lights that have a small battery source. If you have little ones in your life, see if you can find some safe ways for them to help you and design their own DIY holiday sweaters. That is a fun holiday activity in itself. You can go as classic or as silly as you want.

Whether you plan to wear your holiday sweater to a quiet holiday dinner, an outing with the kids or grandkids, or a raucous party, put some thought into how you can DIY your holiday sweater to fit your personal style. The holidays should be fun!


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