4 Ways to Make Your Home Summer-Ready Inexpensively

4 Ways to Make Your Home Summer-Ready Inexpensively

When the weather shifts from cold to warm, there’s a natural need to do some “spring cleaning” and revamp your interior decor. Out goes the virtual log fireplace and velvet throws and in comes bright, lightweight summer decorations. While you can certainly spend a lot of money redecorating your home for the summer, there are plenty of ways to do this on a budget too.

By making strategic purchases and substitutions, many people have made dramatic changes to their home while honoring a strict budget. There are also some zero to low-cost solutions that can transform the way your home looks and functions. So how do you get your home summer-ready without spending too much? Here are 4 ways.

1. Upgrade Your Bathroom

The easiest way to make your bathroom summer-ready is to exchange inexpensive decorative elements like soap dispensers, towels, bath mats, and fixtures. Your local hardware store has plenty of kits costing under $30 that can completely change your toilet roll holders and towel racks. Some decorative kits that include curtain hooks, bath mats, and shower curtains are also relatively inexpensive. If need be, you can purchase these items separately as your budget allows.

For example, bathroom rugs are inexpensive when you buy them individually and can greatly enhance the color scheme in your bathroom. You can also do some inexpensive DIY projects like clean the grout between your tiles, install new tiles, and paint walls. Look out for sales in your home improvement store to find deeply discounted items, such as paint. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may not require a lot of paint to cover the areas you need to make a big change.

2. Get Organized and Throw Out Clutter

Summer has its own requirements regarding accessories, such as outdoor toys and extra side projects. Storage solutions like seagrass baskets can help you keep items sorted both inside and in your outdoor living area. Getting organized is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform your home and make it look bigger in the process.

Decluttering eliminates unnecessary items, while organizing your useful possessions improves the functionality of your living space. When you tailor your home to all your core needs and interests, you can enjoy your time there more than ever. Giving every item a place also reduces stress because you can retrieve things more quickly and not have to fish through a sea of clutter to get what you need. Start small, with one drawer or room at a time, and over a few weeks, you can make great progress.

3. Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Summer is a great time to gather outside, especially if you’re in a season where you're homebound for a while. When you need to stay at home for an extended period, it’s necessary to have a place to safely enjoy fresh air. Do what you need to make this place functional. If your porch has too many bugs, buy some mosquito netting to keep them away. Single purchase items like a porch swing or rocking chair can also help your outdoor space feel cozier. As your budget allows, do what it takes for you to eliminate barriers to spending more time outside. Getting your daily dose of sunshine and vitamin D is good for your physical and mental health, so make outdoor living a priority this summer.

Make sure that you get all the attire you need to enjoy the outdoors as well. If you have a swimming pool, get a new swimsuit or two to expand your summer clothing collection. Invest in shirts, shorts, and slip-on shoes to keep you cool and comfortable.

4. Substitute Key Interior Decorating Elements

You don’t need to toss out all your furniture and hire an interior decorator to give your home a summer makeover. Make small and strategic changes to your wall art, throw blankets, placemats, curtains, and area rugs to shift the color schemes to a summery tone. You can also change your comforters and duvet covers to integrate cheerful and bright colors that capture the spirit of warmer seasons.

Just like you decorate your home for the holidays, summer interior accents have their character and charm. Incorporate nautical themes, florals, and beach scenery into your decor to express the mood of the season.

By following these tips, you can refresh your home to look like a summery paradise. Have fun decorating your home and making the most out of the season!

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