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4 Essential Pieces to Help Your

Wardrobe Transition from Winter to Spring

As the weather transitions from winter to spring, it can be hard to know just what to wear on a day-to-day basis. Everything from fluctuating temperatures to sudden rain showers can surprise you. Be prepared for anything with these four key pieces that make it a breeze to go from winter to spring.

The Fabulous Fleece Jacket

When the sun finally peeks out after those winter days, it feels wonderful but doesn’t always last. You don’t want to put on your heavy parka or full-length stadium coat, but you need an outfit that can handle spring’s ups and downs. The solution? A zip-up fleece jacket. These lightweight yet cozy pieces are designed with the ultimate in comfort and functionality in mind. You can easily put them on and wear them zipped or unzipped depending on the temperatures, but they aren’t so bulky that you can’t tie them around your waist or drape them over your bag if you get too warm. They have a great-looking casual style that pairs well with most spring outfits, and they come in a myriad of colors as well.

The Wonderful White Blouse

A well-fitting women’s white blouse is a spring staple you can’t do without. The classic white color is a refreshing nod to spring, and it goes with literally everything. You can wear it over a t-shirt or turtleneck on chillier spring days, or under a lightweight cardigan or sweater when the weather won’t decide whether it’s going to stay chilly or warm up. Toss it on over a tank top and roll up the sleeves with a pair of cropped pants on a sunny spring day, or tuck it into skinny jeans and wear it with a cute spring shirt jacket for an evening out. Wear it with your favorite skirts and tights, or get creative and wear it over a casual dress and tie it at the waist. The options with this classic essential are limitless for spring!

Lovely Leggings

When it comes to bottoms that help you transition from winter to spring, leggings are another essential to have in your closet. The comfortable, classic pieces also work double duty when it comes to seasonal transitions. They can be worn alone with tunic tops, long-t-shirts, and lightweight sweaters. They can also be layered up under skirts, dresses, or even shorts if you’re feeling creative with your casual wear. They look fabulous paired with boots when the cool temps are stubborn, but transition easily to pair with flats for when it warms up. Stand-by colors like black, gray, and navy are always in style, but you can also transition to spring with brighter colors or prints. Try a fresh turquoise, a dusky rose, a heathered neutral, or a floral print to make a splash.

The Dynamite Denim Midi Skirt

Everyone loves denim, so what better way to bring in spring than with a fabulous denim midi skirt? Because the material is heftier, it can stand up to those chillier spring days. However, it can also easily be lightened up for the warmer ones. Pair it with layered tops and sweaters or cardigans, turtlenecks, or blouse and jacket combos when you need the extra warmth. Tights or leggings can be worn underneath, and this skirt goes beautifully with footwear styles like knee-high or ankle boots. Style it with a simple short-sleeved t-shirt and canvas tennis shoes or flats for a sunnier spring day.

More Tips for Transitioning From Winter to Spring

Be ready for whatever the beginning of spring brings on with some simple style and wardrobe tips. You can make the most of your outfits by packing away the heaviest winter items and leaving out midweight and light pieces that you can mix, match, and layer until the weather decides it’s going to stay warm.

Think Light Layers

Spring is all about layering. Not only is this to keep you comfortable in varying temps, it’s also a great style. Light layers add flair to your look. Tank tops, t-shirts, lightweight cardigans and sweaters, tights, leggings, cropped pants, denim, and jackets can all be mixed and matched to help you make it to beach season in style and comfort.

Work in Spring Colors

Even if you’re not ready to completely pack in your turtlenecks and sweaters, you can create a spring vibe by working in lighter or brighter spring colors. Prints and patterns are also a great look for spring, and many modern ones combine dark and light or vibrant colors, allowing you to coordinate them with pieces in both winter and spring colors to help make the transition.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Neutrals

Neutral colors have a place in any season, so a good base wardrobe with neutral-colored pants and tops can also help you transition between seasons. Lighten up a pair of tan or gray corduroy pants with a drapey floral print blouse, or take that favorite turtleneck to town in spring by pairing it with white denim. Pair colored tights with neutral colored skirts for a spring vibe, or layer neutral t-shirts or white blouses under spring jackets.

Spring Essentials That Won’t Let You Down

The right wardrobe pieces will help you transition from winter to spring with style and ease. Look for well-made, classic pieces that hold up over time so you can keep looking your best season after season.


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