3 Times I Was Glad I Wore My Cashmere Sweater

3 Times I Was Glad I Wore My Cashmere Sweater

There are times when you need something special to boost your confidence and make you feel gorgeous. A cashmere sweater does the trick nicely while keeping you comfortable, making it a natural choice for life’s important moments. Keep one in your closet and you’ll always have something to wear when you need to look as good as you feel.

The Big Meeting

When you’re leading a high stakes meeting at work, you need to look sharp. At the same time, you’ll want to feel relaxed; the wrong top or painful shoes can distract you from what’s important. Avoid a wardrobe mishap and grab one of our best cashmere sweaters – soft, comfy and breathable, they’re perfect when the pressure is on. Pair your sweater with a pair of dress pants or a sleek pencil skirt and you will radiate confidence.

Our First Christmas as a Couple

Bulky, boring winter clothes are the opposite of what you need when standing under the mistletoe with your sweetheart. Instead, try a cashmere sweater for your first romantic Christmas together. He’ll love the way it feels when cuddling by the fire, and it’s also a smart option for dinner with his parents.

That Special Trip

A women’s cashmere cardigan from Lands’ End is a must-have when traveling. It can be quickly hand-washed in the sink of a hotel room and won’t take up extra space in your suitcase. A cardigan can also be dressed up or down for any occasion and will keep you warm when exploring new destinations.

If you’re hesitant about investing in cashmere, remember that it lasts a long time with proper care. Also, a beautiful sweater can be paired with so many different things, including jeans, skirts, and leggings. A classic piece, like a sophisticated cashmere turtleneck or tee, never goes out of style, either.

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