11 Thoughtful Holiday Gifting Ideas

11 Thoughtful Holiday Gifting Ideas

Within the past couple of years, more and more Americans have embraced something called hygge, the Danish practice of unplugging, getting cozy, and enjoying the simple things in life. While hygge means different things to everyone, the image that often comes to mind is sitting by a fire with a cozy blanket and reading a book with a cup of tea (or wine) nearby.

How does this hygge stuff relate to gifting for the holidays? The answer is that people are becoming more focused on what really matters in life, which spreads to the holidays. People want to give and receive something that invokes good feelings and wellness this year. With that in mind, check out our 2020 guide to gifting for the holidays.

1. Bring It Back to Basics

Trends come and go. A practical gift can speak volumes as opposed to a techie gadget that is sure to be outdated within a few months. Think about the finer things in life that make people feel good, like a cashmere sweater, some really good coffee beans, or a set of flannel sheets that can make even a night owl look forward to going to bed. Sometimes the simplest things are the things that are most adored.

2. Be Creative With Your Wrapping

One of the best parts about receiving a gift is the anticipation of holding it in your hands and wondering what's inside of it. Now that the holidays are here, some festive wrapping can give an otherwise boring gift a little something special. Show that you care by taking the time to wrap something instead of just throwing it into a gift bag with some tissue paper. Better yet, get creative and put the gift into a monogrammed tote, which is a gift by itself that they'll use over and over again.

3. Consider a Couple's Gift

If you have a couple for whom you normally buy gifts, consider gifting them something that they can both appreciate together. This could be a night out at their favorite restaurant, movie tickets, free babysitting—whatever type of experience helps them enjoy their time together. It might even be something as simple as inviting them over for dinner or a game night.

4. Spark a Kid's Creativity

Believe it or not, not every kid is glued to their tablet or smartphone these days. For those who tend to welcome the opportunity to unplug and do something creative, build-a-fort kits with monogrammed children's sleeping bags are surprisingly fun for kids to receive and will keep them busy for hours.

5. Make It Homemade

Whether it's a craft or some homemade cookies or fudge, don't assume that just because you didn't spend a lot of money on a gift that it isn't special to the person receiving it. When someone puts their time and effort into making something, it gives much more of a personal touch than simply buying something with no personal touch at all. You may even find that they look forward to receiving the same type of gift from you every year during the holidays.

6. Don't Forget About the Pets

Fur babies are family members too. If you're stuck on what to gift someone, gifting something to their pet is a clever way to show you care. Plus, pets aren't as picky. A personalized Christmas stocking filled with treats and toys is a thoughtful gift for both pet and owner.

7. Make It Healthy

Overindulgence tends to be a common theme for the holidays. But some people don't like the partying, overeating, and drinking that often accompany this time of year. Remember that simply because you might appreciate a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine doesn't mean that they will; they might prefer a yoga mat or a massage instead. In short, think of your recipient and what they'd want before you waste any money on something unwanted that they'll never use.

8. Make Memories

If you are trying to get a gift for someone who already has everything, consider getting them an experience. Or, you could get them a gift to go with an experience. So, for example, you could buy a new pair of boots or a backpack to go along with a summer hiking trip. Memorable adventures will stick with the recipient much longer.

9. Gift of Service

Know someone who is in need of a little extra help? Consider giving the gift of service. Throw on some warm gloves and shovel an elderly neighbor’s walkway. Help run errands for a new mother who needs an extra hand. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or donation center. One of the best gifts can simply be showing that you see a need and that you want to help.

10. Visit with the Elderly 

Older folks can often be forgotten, especially around the holidays. Perhaps they don’t have much family or many friends that are close by. So, the holidays can be a sad time. If you can spare some time, go and sing songs or play games with some of the seniors in your area. Listen to the things they have to say and learn about all of their greatest life adventures. Who knows, you might even make a new friend!

11. Handwritten Thank-you  Notes

Handwritten thank-you notes are a bit of a lost art. However, when someone goes to the trouble of getting you a gift, the best reciprocation is gratitude. A handwritten note, on some nice stationery, that has a heartfelt “thank you” can mean a lot more than a thank you gift that they may or may not use. 

The most important thing to remember when gifting during the holiday season is that it does not have to be complicated or expensive. Show that you put some thought into the gift you are giving and pay attention to the little details in the wrapping. Consider the things that people might not even know they need–maybe you’ve just observed the need. Those make some of the best gifts. And relax—you've got this!

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