Best Gifts for the Men in Your Life 2023

2023 Gifting Guide for the Men in Your Life

Ask anyone what she plans on getting the man in her life this holiday season, and they’ll likely look at you with exasperation and say, “I have no idea.” Sure, some men are easier to shop for than others, but the common consensus is that shopping for men is a challenge. Men often just buy what they want for themselves when they want it! Plus, most “go-to” gifts like candles, bath soaps, or jewelry are geared toward women. If this is a familiar struggle, read on for our recommendations on the perfect gifts for the men in your life.

A Massage

This is one gift that you can’t go wrong with for either gender. Gifting a massage implies that you care about their well-being and also want to treat them to something special. You can always buy a gift certificate for the massage and wrap it up in a box or bag so they have something to open up as well. Better yet, gift a cozy flannel robe and stick the gift certificate in a pocket as an added bonus.

A Flannel Shirt

A shirt might just be a shirt, but men’s flannel shirts are timeless and can be worn for practically any occasion. We’re not talking about the typical plaid flannel shirt either; we’re talking about solid-colored ones that take the word “flannel” to a higher level. Whatever type of flannel, just make sure it is soft and comfortable to wear and that it is in a color that you think will look great on him.


You’d be surprised at the number of men who see pajamas as a luxury item, especially since many wear the same ratty t-shirt and boxers to bed without giving it any thought. But when the weather gets nippy and they have to crawl into a cold bed, a warm set of men's flannel pajamas can be a luxurious gift they never knew they needed. Plus, it gives them something more appropriate to lounge in around the house.


Winter weather is just as harsh on a man’s hands as it is a woman’s. Whether it is a warm pair of waterproof gloves for shoveling snow or simply an ultra-comfortable pair of cashmere-lined leather gloves to wear for a night out, a nice pair of men’s gloves is a gift that keeps on giving winter after winter.

Travel Accessories

If the man in your life tends to travel for work, he may not have a proper toiletry kit. Something he can grab and throw into his suitcase instead of having to pack it on his own is a nice convenience that he’ll appreciate after the very first use. Backpacks also make frequent traveling easier and can also be monogrammed for a more personal touch. You can even throw in a reusable water bottle or flask, depending on the types of trips he's taking.


Yes, you read it correctly. If the man in your life gifted you socks, you may be less than enthused. But it’s a guy thing; they tend to be more practical. Plus, funky sock designs are in style these days, so they can never have too many. Consider a pair of men’s socks that speaks to their personality or simply some comfortable socks that will match any outfit. You might want to pair the socks with something else though to make it a little more “gift-worthy.” A pair of boots or shoes is a gift in itself, but it shows that you went above and beyond if you also throw in a few pairs of socks.


The saying is true: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If he’s used to footing the bill whenever you go out, consider treating him to a night out at his favorite restaurant. Better yet, get him a gift card so he can go out with the guys for something as simple as wings. Or, get him a bunch of his favorite snacks or candy and put them into a nice wicker or canvas basket.

Finding gifts for men in your life doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Take a few moments to think about the things he could use but doesn’t really “need.” That will give you a good start. From there, take some extra time to make it personal, and you’ll be good to go this holiday season.


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