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15 of our favorite fall outfits for men

From what to wear on your first day of leaf-raking duty to the perfect post-Thanksgiving garb, here is a rundown of our 15 favorite fall outfits for men.

1. The last days of summer

Maybe you're not quite ready to let it go. Maybe it is a genuinely balmy day in October. Either way, you're prepared to make the most of summer's last gasp with a pair of chinos and a short sleeve polo. Of course, you'll have a men's cotton sweater on hand for when the temperature does drop.

2. The pumpkin carver

The pumpkin has been selected, the design has been approved, and your tools are at hand. A carved work of art—and an orange-colored mess—are sure to follow. For that reason, consider wearing clothing that can easily be tossed into the washer afterward, like a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. You can also pull on a cotton sweater when it's time to take your masterpiece to the front porch.

3. The Halloween escort

So you have the honor of taking the kiddos around the block in search of treats (and tricks). Leave the costumes to the little ones and wear something that allows you to put your best face on for your neighbors, like the classic combination of khaki pants and a men's button-down shirt.

4. The weekend getaway

You know you're getting away. You're just not sure where, exactly. So play it safe with outfits that can acclimate from one climate to another, like a pair of mens chinos and a short sleeve polo shirt. Bring along a navy men's sport coat, which will prove useful if you need to dress up or stay warm.

5. The back-to-schooler

Whether you find yourself dropping a kid off or holding down a desk across from a classroom full them, the return of the school year calls for a wardrobe refresh. Put your best foot forward by selecting classic clothing that can stay fresh through a morning drive or a long afternoon at the chalkboard, such as a pair of wrinkle-resistant pants or a non-iron shirt.

6. The leaf raker

Those leaves aren't going to rake themselves (you are). There's no need to fuss when it comes to your leaf-removing duties. So toss on clothing you won't mind getting a little leaf-strewn, such as a pair of mens jeans, the classic men's flannel shirt and a sweatshirt in case it gets a touch cold.

7. The leaf peeper

Great news: you're not raking leaves, you're peeping them. Accordingly, trade in the jeans for a pair of khaki pants. Embrace those fall foliage vibes by keeping to a flannel shirt, and as always bring along a cotton sweater in case of sunset chills.

8. The bleacher king

A football game is one occasion you don't need to feel dressed up for, so feel free to throw on an easy pair of sweatpants. But get into the athletic vibes by wearing an authentic rugby shirt on top (bonus points for selecting one that matches your team's colors).

9. The touch football king

If you're entering the gridiron yourself—albeit, for a post-Thanksgiving touch football game—you shouldn't have to worry about anything more than a pair of sweatpants and a Super-T™ shirt you won't mind getting a little grass-stained and muddy. It'll all come out in the wash...

10. The meet-the-parents Thanksgiving

So this is it: the Turkey Day you spend with your better half's family. Show up looking your best in a pair of wrinkle-proof pants and a no-iron pinpoint shirt, so you'll look fresh no matter how many planes, trains, and automobiles it required to get there.

11. The Thanksgiving coucher

If your Thanksgiving goals are a little more sweet potato-stuffing and pumpkin pie oriented, give yourself a break with a pair of men's stretch jeans. If you opt for a wrinkle-free shirt you can take the post-dessert couch nap with minimal wrinkling.

12. The post-Thanksgiving coucher

It's the day after Thanksgiving, when all that really matters is building the perfect turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwich. Your only clothing concern should be comfort: think a pair of cozy men's flannel pajamas, a t-shirt, and slippers.

13. The master layerer

Fall gives us all a chance to express our inner layerer, but if you're a true pro you'll need to prove it. Do so with a multi-layer outfit that starts with jeans or khaki pants, adds a button-front shirt, tops that with an authentic rugby, and finally finish it all off with a cotton sweater.

14. The fire builder

The only reason you're going outside today is to grab a little firewood. Accordingly, you won't need much more than a pair of slippers, sweatpants, a t-shirt and a cotton sweater (once started, the fire should do the rest).

15. The baby-it's-cold-outside

You're not going outside, period. That's fine. Embrace the cozy, lazy day in with a pair of flannel pajama pants, slippers, a t-shirt and a cotton sweater.

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