15 Fall Basics for Women Over 40

15 fall basics women over 40 never forget to buy

We know you have a lot on your agenda these days. Between work obligations, family must-dos and that elusive "me time" you cannot seem to get enough of, it is painfully clear that every free moment you find is a precious one. In that case why waste valuable minutes of your morning standing in front of a full closet agonizing over what to wear every day? Stock your wardrobe with fall weather essentials guaranteed to make you look good so you can stop worrying about what to wear and start wondering how you are going to spend those extra minutes on yourself. Keep strolling for our suggestions on 15 fall basics every woman over 40 should never forget to buy.

1.T-shirt refresh

Chances are when you hear the word 't-shirt' you think comfortable, casual weekend wear. Of course our quality Lands' End tees are great for lounging on a Sunday in your favorite pair of jeans but why stop there? We believe a quality t-shirt is one you can wear any day of the week. Don't believe us? Let's break it down.

2.Supima cotton tees:

Made from some of the best cotton grown in America, our tees bring more to the table than just comfort. Made from extra long fibers that feel smoother, our Supima cotton tees take dye better and last longer than lesser cottons. In other words, our t-shirts are available to you in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns – which is great when you want to pair them with dress pants and heels for the office.

3.Layering lightweight tees:

Our lightweight cotton modal t-shirts are an item of wonder. As in you will wonder how you ever lived without them. Our lightweight tees are designed specifically to keep their shape even after that first wash. Made from a cotton modal blend these breathable, comfy tees are made from just enough cotton for shape but with a bit of stretch making them the ideal base of your layered look. Looking for the right shirt to wear under that cashmere sweater hanging in your closet? Look no further. You have found your answer.

4.Great fitting jeans

We know we do not have to tell you that having a great pair of jeans can make all the difference but why stop at just one? After all there is no denying that some outfits just work better with a slim leg as opposed to a flare or a light wash versus dark. If you want our advice (why else would you be reading) we suggest you get one great pair of each fantastic cut, style and wash – or as many as your drawer will hold.

5.Straight leg jeans:

Available in mid-rise to high-rise and petite to plus size, this is a classic straight-leg jean style with just enough stretch so that they keep their shape. All day.

6.Slim leg jeans:

You will not have to worry about that annoying back gap you are used to when you sit down. Our slim leg jeans are contoured in the back to prevent that, not to mention the way they fit your curves – not too tight or too loose. Plus these jeans offer great shape recovery so you will not have to stick them in the dryer after every wear just to get them back to how you want them to fit.

7.Skinny jeans:

Made from a special stretch denim that molds to your curves our skinny jeans will simply seem Made For You. Better yet, our Pull-On version of the skinny jean makes it virtually impossible not to be comfortable all day long. Wear this flattering look with heels, sneakers or just go barefoot. Why not be comfortable, right?

8.Cashmere crewneck sweater:

Being a woman of her 40s has its advantages – like knowing how many glasses of wine is 'too many' and wearing $5 flip flops from the drug store is just a no-go (unless you have an excellent chiropractor on speed dial). Another thing you have learned, of course, is that no wardrobe is complete without a cashmere crewneck sweater hanging in your closet. Made from 100% luxurious, 2-ply cashmere, our sweaters only get softer over time. And they are great for layering over crisp collared shirts or under jackets while maintaining a flattering, stylish fit.

9.Cashmere cardigan:

We would be remiss to leave our soft and resilient cashmere cardigan off the list of fall wardrobe essentials. Falling at mid-hip length this classic wardrobe must-have is designed with a flattering silhouette in mind so you never have to sacrifice style for comfort. Ever.

10.Casual tunic:

What is not to love about a quality casual tunic? A flattering below-waist tunic length, elbow sleeves that give the perfect amount of coverage and unique details at the neckline and hem that gather compliments wherever you go. Cannot beat that. Plus it is the perfect go-to wear with leggings, skinny jeans or just about anything.

11.Tunic sweater:

If you are looking for the tunic length and comfort that you love in something a little heavier this fall, consider a knit tunic sweater or sweatshirt (though we call it 'active wear' because sweating is not required).


We know you are a fan of layering so of course you have at least one turtleneck at the ready every fall. Smooth and lightweight, our cotton/modal turtlenecks fit right into your layering plans this season. Available in a variety of prints, patterns and colors the outfit possibilities are endless. Of course the beauty of turtlenecks is that they look good worn on their own, giving you the freedom to wear now and layer later.

13.Softest knit pajamas:

After working as hard as you do all day long we know coming home to a pair of comfy pajamas is its own reward. Treat yourself to a pair of soft knit pajamas and end every day on a high note. Available in cotton spun gowns or lightweight jersey knit Henley sleep tops and bottoms, the pajamas of your dreams are waiting for you at landsend.com

14.Weather ready jacket:

You know as well as anybody that fall weather can be unpredictable, which is exactly why you need a quality and stylish weather ready jacket watching your back. At landsend.com we offer several lightweight jackets more than capable of protecting you from the elements you will face this fall. Our women's raincoat with its water-repellent, water-resistant shell is a classic trench with updated styling – perfect for maintaining that sleek professional look you strive to uphold. Of course rain is not the only weather you have to contend with in the fall. Our wind resistant jackets like our super cool Women's Aviator Insulated Jacket is designed with a shell that is both windproof and water resistant. The best of both worlds.

15.Cozy fleece pull-over:

We all know that fall is fleeting, which is exactly why you should spend as much time outside as possible. Keep warm on brisk days in a cozy fleece pull-over ideal for enjoying that gorgeous foliage with friends and family on your oh-so-precious time off. And one of the best features of our cozy fleece pull-overs? They love to layer. Feel good wearing them over tees and turtlenecks or under jackets and down vests without any uncomfortable bulk. With so many ways to wear it, you will be reaching for your cozy fleece pull-over every day.

Do not waste another thought on what to wear this season. Get your closet stocked with fall wardrobe basics today.


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