10 of the Best Gift Ideas for You

10 of the Best Gift Ideas for You

It’s that time of the year again and holiday gift-giving is coming up fast. You may have already been brainstorming and mulling over ideas of gifts you’re excited to give to those you love, but perhaps you’ve found yourself stumped about what you’d like to receive this holiday season.

Don’t forget to treat yourself, too! Whether you’re looking to gift yourself something special this holiday season or others are asking you what you’d like to get, this list of our top picks of gift ideas for you this season.

1. Cashmere Sweater

One of the most special and sumptuous gifts to have this year (or any year, for that matter) is a cashmere sweater. Cashmere sweaters are perfect in their lightness, softness, and incredible warmth. Coming in just about every design, shape, and size you could possibly dream of, cashmere sweaters are definitely a dream come true. A women’s cashmere sweater is truly a timeless and forever stylish and practical gift to give and receive.

2. Flannel Pajamas

Flannel pajamas are a wonderful gift for the holiday season. Stylish, cozy, and unbelievably comfy, flannel pajamas are the kind of thing you’ll always look forward to wearing. Flannel pajamas are also a great way to match with your significant other or for the whole family to wear. Go the extra mile and have your flannel pajamas personalized with a monogram to have them feeling even more perfectly fit to you.

3. Fancy Overcoats

A new winter coat is a great gift to give or receive this holiday season. If you are more outdoor-activity inclined, then perhaps opt for a new ski jacket, parka, or down overcoat. If you are looking for something a little more snazzy, choose the timeless coat that’s been in vogue for over a century: Wool overcoats and peacoats are high quality, warm, naturally water resistant, and flatter your shape.

4. Leather-Bound Diaries

A beautifully leather-bound book is a simple yet thoughtful gift for just about anyone, including yourself. Whether you enjoy journaling, writing, drawing, or simply having a place to jot down notes, a leather-bound notebook with high-quality paper is a great choice for you. Alternatively, you can choose a leather-bound planner or diary for the New Year to keep track of your schedules and lists in style.

5. Spa Certificate

What a year it’s been. Many of us are seeking some well-deserved R&R. What better way to treat yourself than with a day at the spa? Many spas have implemented safe social distancing measures to ensure your time with them can be truly relaxing. Choose from a selection of treatments or go to just enjoy the steam room and sauna while unwinding. Self-care is super trendy, and for good reason! Rest and relaxation helps to reduce stress, which boosts immune function and in the long run makes us happier and healthier.

6. Weekend Getaway or Staycation

Ramp up the self-love with a weekend getaway or staycation. If you live in the city, plan a weekend getaway to the countryside to rest, relax, take in some fresh air, and enjoy the great outdoors. Rent a little cabin or house where you can go alone or with a loved one to have a little weekend escape. You can also gift yourself a luxurious staycation by turning your home into a staycation haven or by staying in a nice hotel or B&B nearby home to really get the feeling that you’re getting away. Recharge the batteries and soothe the senses with this great gift to yourself this holiday season.

7. Handmade Candles

Since we are on the subject of self-care, enhance any self-care routine or wind down space in your home with handmade candles. Artisan-made, all-natural candles are all the rage in the wellness world and have also crept into the mainstream in recent years. Handmade soy or beeswax candles are a perfect gift for you to bring some charm and warmth to a space or to just enjoy their lovely nature-inspired scents. Coming in just about every scent imaginable, handmade candles are a beautiful addition to any home or space.

8. Plush Bathrobe

Treat yourself this holiday season to a deliciously plush and cozy bathrobe. Even the most stressful of days can feel a little extra luxurious when you get to crawl into what feels like a hotel vacation bathrobe when the day is done. Women’s robes are comfortable, chic, and delightfully practical to have around the house. Curl up in this wearable cloud and a cup of coffee, or wear while getting the kids ready for school in the morning. Functional, comfortable, and dare we say stylish, a bathrobe is an excellent idea for a gift for yourself this year. Go the extra mile and monogram your bathrobe with your initials or get a pair of matching slippers to seal the deal.

9. Monogrammed Throw Blanket

A personalized monogrammed throw blanket is a lovely addition to any bedroom or living space. A personalized throw blanket is both aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully practical. Easy to cuddle up in while watching your favorite films or to simply drape over a bed or sofa for added decor, throw blankets are a fabulous added dimension to any home.

10. Winter-Inspired Dress

Everyone loves a good dress, especially as a gift. Fall and winter aren’t just sweater-weather season, they’re also tights and boots season. Gift yourself a chic and classy sweater dress you can wear until spring with tights and your favorite pair of boots. Alternatively, a shimmering silk dress or midi skirt that is perfect for fall and winter.

Get into the holiday mood by brainstorming what gifts to give to others, but also what gifts you’d love to receive.


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