10 Beach Essentials for 2023

10-Beach Essential for 2023

No doubt you, just like everyone else, have been dreaming of spending a day lounging at the beach all year long. Get ready to make this summer one to remember by hanging out by the lake or ocean, soaking up the sun! Here are our top ten picks for what to bring on your next 2023 beach excursion.

1. A Positive State of Mind

If you are planning a day at the beach be sure that you are in the right state of mind. If not, give it a pass and make it another day. Can’t stop thinking about work? Give yourself an hour before leaving to tie up any urgent loose ends, then log out of your work apps or just leave all the devices in the car. You need to let yourself truly enjoy your time at the beach.

2. A Easy and Quick Plan of Attack

This is just as it sounds, easy. Make a list (mental or physical, whatever works best for you is just fine) of essential beach items as well as anything else you may want to bring but be careful not to overpack! Although by the same token you certainly don’t want to be unloading on the beach with not enough towels or everyone’s swimsuits.

3. Sunscreen and Sun Protective Clothing

It is widely accepted that sunscreen or sun protective swimwear is a wise idea. Not only does it reduce your risk of sun damage but can look good too! Who doesn’t want to keep their skin healthy while also killing it in a stylish beach outfit? A nice umbrella is good for breaks, and don’t forget to bring flip flops for the hot sand!

4. A Beach Blanket and a Bunch of Beach Towels

Most beaches have sand, and you absolutely want to include is something to sit on and something to dry off with. Choose a beach blanket you can all gather together to enjoy each other’s company while not in the water (see number five!) and monogrammed beach towels make packing easy for anyone, just check the names off the mental or written list as you match them to the towels.

5. A Really Big Tote Bag

One of the most useful must-have beach items is a really big tote bag. If you can fit the beach blanket, beach towels, and activities all in one bag then lugging your stuff from the car to the beach just got much easier. You can also choose individual tote bags if that’s more your style. Having each person be responsible for their own packing can get you all out the door faster. More time to enjoy the sand, sun, and water.

6. Things to Do When You’re Not in the Water

The beach is not just about splashing around in the surf. Having dry land activities for breaks from the waves enables you to enjoy all of the benefits of a day at the beach. Everyone has a different idea of fun and relaxation, so think about things you and your fellow beachgoers enjoy. A short novel, cards, games, sand toys, kaleidoscopes, an eye mask for a nice nap, a journal, or just your favorite playlist and a small speaker all make fantastic beach companions.

7. Hydration

Most likely, you are setting off to the beach because it is hot. Make sure to take care and drink enough fluids so that you are in tip-top shape all day long. Tap water, flavored water, sparkling water or juices, and iced coffee all make good refreshing drinks. Try to keep sugar to a minimum and make good choices about how you transport your beverages. Public beaches often have restrictions on things like glass bottles or alcohol, be sure to check ahead of time.

8. Snacks or a Picnic Lunch

It doesn’t matter if you are planning on a two-hour quick, middle of the week visit or a long day on the weekend, you will get hungry. In order to indulge in the snacks and food you bring along, keep in mind other essential beach items include things like a small cooler or insulated backpack, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, and a place to gather your trash. Snacks that do not require a lot of prep or utensils to eat are best. Think, nuts, pre-cut fruits and vegetables, muffins, cheese sticks, sandwiches, multi-grain crackers, and meat slices. Try and stay away from foods that spoil easily (think mayonnaise), contain a lot of sugar or salt (often found in very large amounts in pre-prepared foods), and treats that could easily melt. Instead of packing ice cream treats to bring along, pick up frozen snacks on the drive home; what a sweet end to the day!

9. The Right Swimsuit

Oh, the pain of trying to find the best swimsuit for your body and your style. First and foremost, you need a suit that fits well looks good. Begin by taking all of your measurements, don’t be afraid to enlist help to get the most accurate results. Since more and more shopping is done online, your best chance of getting a suit that fits right the first time is to do your research. Once you know your measurements you can begin to search for the styles you love among the best swimsuits for 2023. It doesn’t matter your size, tall, short, plus size, extended bra sizing, today’s options are limitless. Every body is unique and deserves to have the perfect most important beach essential, which is a great fitting swimsuit that reflects your personality and style, whether it be modest swimwear or a DD bikini.

10. A Plan for Day’s End

No use making more work for yourself. Try and bring dry clothes for everyone and a waterproof bag to put the wet stuff into. Be sure to rinse everything that got wet or sunscreen on it as soon as you can, preferably before you pack them to go home or right away when you get back. Brush off as much sand as you can, no reason to have to vacuum out the car if you can avoid it. Once you get home, aim to get everything unpacked and put away first thing. It will be ready and waiting for your next beach day!


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