10 Accessories to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

10 Accessories to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

When we think about our fall wardrobe, we think about long coats and cozy sweaters. Although a chic fall outfit is a must, nothing completes an outfit quite like accessories. This season, have fun accessorizing with these ten must-have accessories to add to your fall wardrobe.

1 - Must-Have Shoes

The must-have shoes for the fall season are ones that you’ll actually be able to wear through all those chilly autumn days. Put away the open-toed shoes; it’s closed-toe shoe season. It’s a great time to wear bootcut jeans and your cute ankle booties. Try wearing a mini skirt with stockings and over-the-knee boots. Rock a women’s sweater with jeans and flats if you prefer a more laid-back look.

2 - Cute Earrings

Don’t forget to dress up your ears. If you’re looking for cute earring ideas, you can’t go wrong with chandelier earrings or drop earrings. Try fun fall-themed earrings. You can get ones that look like cartoon pumpkins or are in the shape of leaves. Have fun with it, and be whimsical with your earrings. Any whimsical fall-themed earrings pair great with any casual jean jacket.

3 - Detailed Shoulder Bags

You can also go for detailed shoulder bags. Try an option with sequins. Go for fuzzy shoulder bags as a throwback to the aughts. Wear a woven shoulder bag or one with belts. To add a little more polish to your look, pair any shoulder bag with turtlenecks and skinny jeans.

4 - Chill Baseball Caps

Baseball caps aren’t just for baseball games. You can wear baseball caps during the fall season as an alternative to other classic fall hats. If you have a favorite sports team, wear a cap with your favorite team’s logo on it. You can also go for caps with brand logos on them or with fun fall designs. You can even go for different textures. Think of caps made of sherpa or corduroy. Try baseball caps in autumn colors such as mustard yellow or olive green. If you love the idea of laid-back caps, try a variety of women’s hats for more inspiration.

5 - Bold Beanies

For more of a classic fall hat choice, go for a slouchy beanie. You don’t have to stick to traditional dark colors such as gray or black for your beanie. If you want your hat to act as a statement piece, get a beanie in a bold color.

6 - Felt Fedoras

Fedoras have a funny reputation. You might associate them with gangsters during the Prohibition era, but fedoras have taken center stage as a great fall accessory. They look great on just about anyone. Try a wide-brimmed felt fedora this fall.

7 - Fuzzy Scrunchies

Put your hair up with a fuzzy scrunchie. The scrunchie was one of the most popular hair accessories in the '90s, and we’ve seen the scrunchie make a return that’s here to stay. Just like leggings from the '80s have made a lasting comeback, the cute and practical scrunchie isn’t going anyway. Get a fuzzy scrunchie in jewel-toned hues such as emerald and sapphire to give it that autumn touch.

8 - Layer Up With Tights

You don’t have to put away your skirts or dresses once the fall arrives. Instead, you just need to layer with tights or stockings. Wear a long-sleeved top or sweater with a mini skirt along with a pair of tights. Wear that pretty, flowy midi dress that you rocked this summer, and add tights so you can wear it through the fall season. If you prefer a cozier look that doesn’t involve tights this fall, try flannel pajamas. If you’re looking for a festive fall party idea, throw a flannel pajama party so everyone can get dressed up in them.

9 - Get Cozy with Scarves

Layer up with scarves this fall. Not only will scarves keep your neck nice and warm through the chilly weather, but you’ll also have a chic accessory. If you need some inspiration for the fall, try cashmere scarves or pashmina scarves. Cashmere scarves go great with a cashmere top or sweater. Pashmina scarves are great for extra warmth and for layering when you want to add a fun element to your fall ensemble.

10 - Add on the Gloves

Keep your hands warm with gloves. If you’re the kind of person that needs to look at their phone when they’re outside walking or running errands, get gloves that you’re able to use with your smartphone. Not all gloves are compatible with your smartphone screen, so look for that feature specifically when shopping for a pair. Try a variety of women’s gloves styles to see what works best for you.

Once you have these ten accessories, your fall outfit will have people turning heads. You can mix and match with different accessories depending on the occasion. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident this season, and you’ll fall in love with your style in no time.


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