Lands’ End provides clothing you can count on and service that’s second to none, not to mention the benefit
of our School Rewards program. But don’t take it from us. Here’s why schools across the country have chosen Lands’ End over the rest.


Westminster Chimes in

When Westminster Christian Academy, an independent college preparatory school in St. Louis, Missouri, moved to its new campus in 2011, Head of School Jim Marsh realized it was time to make another change.

“Dress had become a distraction,” says Marsh. Enforcing the dress code for a school serving nearly 1000 students in grades 7-12 was proving a tall order. “The fact that we were moving to a new campus gave us a perfect opportunity to make some culture changes,” adds Marsh. “We were looking for something distinctive…so that our students both here at school but also in the community would be recognized as students from Westminster Christian Academy.”

Marsh explains that the school kept several objectives in mind while searching for a uniform supplier. “We wanted it to be simple, easily enforced, easily facilitated through a website,” he says.

“The Lands’ End reps gave us all the information we needed, they were always there whenever we needed them,” says Executive Assistant Becky Van Valkenburg. “They also gave us a dedicated phone number” Because parents order directly from Lands’ End via the school’s custom website, “we have not had to manage sizing or keep quantities of clothing for the kids,” she adds.

The school also took affordability and durability into consideration.

“We landed on Lands’ End pretty quickly,” says Marsh, “a lot of that had to do with the Lands’ End brand, the quality of the clothing. There’s a significant confidence level regarding the help and support we receive from Lands’ End.”

If the school administration is pleased with the uniform program, so are students and their parents. “The quality of the clothing is better than they’re going to find anywhere else,” notes Van Valkenburg.

“It washes well, it lasts a long time and I love the Lands’ End guarantee,” says Michelle Burke, Public Relations Strategist and also a Westminster parent.

Carson, a sophomore, admits he was a little apprehensive about the introduction of uniforms. However, he now prefers them. “They’re comfortable and they look nice,” he says.

According to Katie Weinberg, Receptionist and also a mom of three students, “most of the parents have enjoyed the simplicity of having uniforms that they know are appropriate for school.”

“It’s so easy to wake up in the morning, know what you’re going to wear, know what you’re supposed to put on,” says Megan, another tenth-grader.

Westminster has approved a broad selection of clothing, so students have flexibility in their wardrobe and can add their own individual touches while adhering to the uniform guidelines. From button-down shirts to polos, and from shorts to plaid skirts, both boys and girls at Westminster have plenty of options, and proudly sport the school’s blue-and-white colors.

As Haley, a freshman, explains, “you can mix and match. You always have something to wear.”

Van Valkenburg notes that uniforms have relieved some of the peer pressure students feel to conform to changing fashions and have made the school more inclusive of students from all socioeconomic levels. “They all feel like they’re on a level playing field,” she says.

As a Lands’ End Preferred School, Westminster Christian Academy earns a percentage back on every piece of uniform clothing sold. Marsh explains that the school has reinvested these funds in families needing financial assistance, providing each with a $50 gift card to help with uniform purchases.

Both staff and students agree that uniforms have changed Westminster for the better. As Marsh affirms, “we just have a culture now that’s more reflective of a school serious about learning.”

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NEST+m: a formula for success

What’s in a name? For one school in New York City, its name and educational mission are one. NEST+m is an acronym for “New Explorations Into Science, Technology and Math.” And before you ask, it is officially pronounced “NEST plus M.”

“We are the only K through 12 gifted and talented school in the New York City public school system,” explains principal Olga Livanis.

Although the school is subdivided into a Lower School (K-5), a Middle School (6-8) and an Upper School (9-12), all grade levels occupy a single building in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The NEST+m curriculum progresses seamlessly from kindergarten to graduation.

While the school is focused on the sciences, world languages, the humanities and music are also key components of the challenging curriculum – the airy modernist building contains an art gallery and dance studio as well as science labs. Students are also required to perform a minimum of 60 hours of community service to graduate.

Although a relatively young school – NEST+m opened its doors in 2001 – the school has garnered plenty of recognition for its academic accomplishments. Over the years, The Washington Post has named NEST+m one of the nation’s top schools and US News & World Report ranked it among the top 100 “Gold Medal” schools. Since opening, 100% of the school’s graduating seniors have gone on to college.

NEST+m is also one of over 6,000 schools worldwide which have chosen Lands’ End as a uniform supplier. Livanis is very satisfied with the school’s uniform program. “[Lands’ End] has been very cooperative,” she says. “We’ve had great service.”

In addition to quality clothing and attentive customer service, NEST+m has also benefited from Lands’ End School Rewards, earning a percentage on every uniform purchase.

Livanis explains that these rewards contribute to NEST+m’s general school fund and are used exclusively for student activities and travel. “Our students compete in chess championships and math competitions,” she says, adding that the school’s debate club visits the UN headquarters.

It is no surprise that NEST+m’s vision statement affirms a commitment to nurturing students’ growth “as scholars, artists, and citizens of the world.” At Lands’ End, we feel privileged to serve one of the country’s leading public schools.

To learn more about NEST+m, please visit

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Mullen High School and Lands’ End: a rewarding relationship.

Named after John Kernan Mullen, a Denver businessman and philanthropist, Mullen High School started out in 1931 as an orphanage, where boys received education in agriculture and mechanics as well as traditional subjects. Today, Mullen is a co-educational, Catholic high school with strong academics and athletics – and one of our more than 6,000 school partners.

As a preferred school, Mullen benefits from the Lands’ End School Rewards program, earning a percentage back on all uniform purchases. That money can help fund everything from science programs to music education. Mullen’s administration have told us how the school utilizes its rewards:

“Part of our mission is to serve under-resourced kids. Mindful of the diverse economic backgrounds of our students, we keep our base level of school outfitting to a minimum. Even so, it’s a stretch for some families. Lands’ End School Rewards helps us purchase "starter kits" of dress-code essentials for those kids in need.”

For Mullen High School, Lands’ End School Rewards are a Win! Win! – and they can be for your school, too. To learn more, click here.

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