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When It Starts to Get Cold, It’s Time to Get Comfy!

Whether you’re headed back to school, breaking out the fall decorations in the workplace, or starting your Christmas shopping a couple of months early, you’re going to need clothes that can keep you warm and cozy all day long. Though tucking your favorite women’s swimsuits away until next summer can be a sad occasion, breaking out the fall wardrobe is an exciting time that comes once a year! With a few basic pieces, you’ll be ready for anything winter might bring your way. Lands’ End’s wide selection of warm clothes in all styles, colors, and sizes, everyone in the family is sure to find something that they’ll love.

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Pile on the Layers

Bringing your favorite summer styles is easy if you know how to layer up against the cold. Wearing a flannel shirt unbuttoned over a graphic tee or tank top will give you a classic casual look that can be buttoned up for extra warmth if needed. You can also try adding some style to a comfy t-shirt by pairing it with a cardigan sweater or dressing to impress with a button-up shirt and sweater combo. The more layers you have, the more outfit combinations you can make, so don’t be afraid to throw some pieces together and see how it looks!

Stay Active No Matter the Weather

Feel free to layer up to your heart’s content with a wide variety of warm options that won’t weigh you down while you’re out and about. Mobility is key when it comes to outdoor activities, so make sure that your winter wardrobe is full of clothes that will work just as hard as you do without any restriction. With a variety of jackets and plus size winter coats to choose from, everyone in the family will stay warm throughout all your winter adventures. Fleece jackets are light enough to keep up with you as you stay active through all sorts of weather. You can pair these with a warm set of knit leggings that fit under your snow pants with ease. Once you come in from the cold, your stylish legging sweater combo will be perfect for lounging around the house, going out to eat, chasing the kids around the house, or whatever your busy life throws at you next.

Keep it Professional This Holiday Season

Comfy sweaters are perfect for both conquering the chilly commute to work and looking your best while there! Pair your favorite men’s sweaters with a sleek pair of men’s corduroy pants for a look that will keep you warm in the workplace while also looking as professional as ever. Cashmere sweaters are great items to layer over a regular work shirt for a little extra comfort as you rush through your busy day. Sweaters for women are also great for the workplace because they can be styled so many different ways! Not only do they look good and feel even better by themselves, they can turn a simple blouse or dress into an outfit you can wear with pride. Throw a women’s winter coat over top and you’ve completed your winter professional look.

Getting Ready for Christmas Couldn’t be Easier

The holiday season isn’t complete without snow, so make sure that all your loved ones are bundled up and comfy when it comes time to celebrate this year. Don’t let your favorite Christmas sweaters have all the fun; show your holiday spirit as a family with a matching set of family Christmas pajamas that the kids will love wearing. Not only that, but it’s a fun look for the Christmas card! Bring your holiday spirit into your home as well with unique needlepoint Christmas stockings and other festive touches like personalized ornaments. Adding some red and green throw pillows and warm monogrammed blankets will add to the room by giving the space a warm and comfy feel that your guests will appreciate after coming in from the cold.

When it comes to the company holiday party, Lands’ End has you covered. Choose from a wide variety of festive Christmas sweaters that you and your coworkers will love. Want to get a bit fancier for the corporate celebration? Strut a long sleeve dress that keeps you warm and makes you shine at the same time.