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HeatComfort™ Mattress Pad

Item # 398671-AH7

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HeatComfort™ Mattress Pad

Item # 398671-AH7

$159.00 - $219.00



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Protect your mattress and enjoy pre-warmed sheets.

Our water- and stain-resistant HeatComfort™ mattress pad pre-warms the sheets before you get in. Plus, you can save on energy and heating bills*. Simply turn down the thermostat while you sleep. Queen and King allow couples to adjust the comfort level individually on their side of the bed. With 11 warmth settings and a 10-hour automatic shut-off. UL® listed for safety. 100% polyester pockets slide on, stay tucked and fit mattresses up to 18" deep. 230-count, 100% polyester ticking, top is 80% polyester/20% cotton. With 4.5 oz. of 100% polyester fill. Machine wash, gentle cycle. Imported. *Turn on your HeatComfort Mattress Pad and you can save up to 10% a year if you set your thermostat back 10-15% for 8 hours. Twin; one controller
Double; one controller
Queen; two controllers
King; two controllers


  • Water- and stain-resistant ticking
  • 11 warmth settings with pre-warm and a 10-hour automatic shut-off
  • Queen, King have dual controls for adjusting comfort on each side of the bed
  • Save up to 10% a year by turning the thermostat back 10-15%
  • UL-listed for safety
  • Fits mattresses up to 18" deep
  • Compare your options in the Home Buying Guide

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HeatComfort? Mattress Pad 4 5 34 34
Phenomenal! I rarely ever review products... ever. This product, however, is beyond expectations. I'm always cold when I get into bed, even with flannel sheets. To the surprise of many Americans, Atlanta can get frigid in the winter and we've had white Christmases before. My husband likes his "refreshingly cold" sheets since he seems to have an internal furnace that is enviably toasty at night. The dual controls means that I can get it warm on my side when I get in and keep his side "refreshing"... whatever that means. I usually put it on high 30 mins. before and then turn it down to a 2 once I've warmed up and sleep sets in. Whoever gave this product a "Disappointed" rating is off their rocker. The material of the pad is fabric and not at all "papery" and I wouldn't sleep directly on it... I'd put on my own sheets on top of it! Furthermore, the thinness of the pad does mean that the heat permeates quickly through your top sheets instead of seeping slowly in. It wasn't meant to be a cushioned topper. Finally, yes dual controls mean that there are two separate wires to plug into a socket. Most outlets have two plugs and if lamps are utilizing that particular socket, then just put in a multi plug socket that can accept more than two appliances. You can get that at any home improvement store for $2. All in all, this product has made climbing into bed less resentful of my warm-blooded husband and given me a more comfortable slumber. November 14, 2013
Stay away! This did not last one month I created an account just to post this review to warn others that this is not a good product. The heater stopped working on one side after less than a month of use. The pad would not stay on the bed and the corners kept sliding up and popping off the fitted sheet. This is such a disappointment because I figured Land's End would be good quality. February 19, 2015
It was great while it lasted. I really loved this. I have a cool bedroom and being able to climb into a warm bed at night was wonderful. Though I never ran my side all night, just to warm up the bed , my side died almost exactly one year after purchasing. For what I paid for this I really had hoped for more than a year. SO if you buy it know it will be a wonderful experience...for a limited time. January 22, 2015
It was great, until it wasn't. We loved this so much when we got it! I love cool air in the room, but toasty warmth in the bed, and this is exactly what we got. But now, only one side heats up. This was an expensive purchase and we expected it to last... January 16, 2015
Overall very good and comfortable. We have owned this for a year. It is very cushiony and of very good quality materials. It's nice that it has two controls to accommodate different heat preferences for bedmates. :) It also doesn't get uncomfortably hot like some can. We turn ours on before getting into bed but turn them off when we turn off the lights. The wires are embedded well in the cover and you can't feel them through the mattress pad. My only complaints are that the wires attach to the mattress pad and stick out and leave bumps under the sheet. We wound up reversing the cover so the wires attach at the foot of the bed to get around that issue. Update: exactly a year to the date, the one control stopped working. It would turn on for 3 seconds then turn itself off, and not work. I called customer service and they were great. They are shipping me a new one, free of charge with a free return label for the broken pad. I love Lands End customer service! Thank you! December 2, 2014
Great while it lasted but didn't last! Just like another reviewer describes, we are in 2nd season and pad has quit working. It was the best last season - nice padding and perfect preheating. Now - after washing - both sides have quit. Blinks on for a few seconds, then goes off. I am very disappointed. Was expensive - expected longer life. Therefore I do not recommend. November 16, 2014
Awesome while it worked LOVE LOVE LOVED having nice warm sheets every night before bed! We have a pretty cold house in the winter and this mattress pad was what I always called the "perfect finish" to my plush winter bed of flannel and fluffy loveliness. After our first two winters, I finally got brave enough to wash it - following the directions to the letter! Low and behold, I put it on our bed tonight for the first time this season and MY SIDE has stopped working. UGH. I press the "on" button, it stays on for approximately 5 seconds, then shuts off - no warmth. I tried the other transformer and the same thing happens. SO IRRITATED. I get that not everything is built to run like a Honda, but man, this mattress pad was expensive and I really didn't want to buy another one. GRR. Really, really sad. October 5, 2014
High frequency buzzing drives me crazy We purchased this mattress pad cover and really enjoyed the heat and the quality of the fabric was fine. However, we returned it because there is a high pitch buzzing/humming emitted by the transformer. Lands End was kind enough to replace it. The second one does the same thing. We kept the second cover but needed to wrap the transformers in towels. We just brought it out for the first time for the cooler nights and that sound is still there. It is a high pitch sound that drives me crazy. I wouldn't buy this again. October 1, 2014
Does not pre-warm the bed I hate getting into a cold bed. The Land's End description says this heated mattress pad "pre-warms the sheets before you get in." However, there is a sticker on the actual pad that says, "?IMPORTANT NOTICE This warming product has been designed to provide you a gentle relaxing heat. It will NOT feel warm to the touch of your hand, even on HI. You must actually use it to experience the cozy warmth it will generate. If the control lamp is lit, it is working." So it does NOT pre-warm the bed. I turned it on HI for 45 minutes to test it and sure enough, I couldn't feel any heat whatsoever. And of course the bed is going to warm up AFTER I get in, with or without this or any heated mattress pad. I want the bed PRE-WARMED as the description says. False advertising, Land's End! June 13, 2014
Best Gift Ever My daughter gave this to us for Xmas 2 years ago. Every cold night my husband & I climb into bed we say "thank you" to our daughter. We love the dual heat feature for all the obvious reasons. I was nervous about machine washing it but plowed ahead and washed in my front loader on delicate, then hung to dry. It worked out fine. Whew! I would love to buy one as a gift for a relative with a full size bed, but they too need dual controls and only queen and king sizes have this feature. If enough people request this, could the manufacturer be persuaded? January 13, 2014
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