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Regular Bean Bag Cover

Item # 396742-AF3

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Regular Bean Bag Cover

Item # 396742-AF3


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Machine-washable covers and better-built inserts make their room friend-ready.

Built-to-last twill covers have reinforced seams to prevent rip-outs. And they're machine washable, so there's no need to worry about spills and smudges. Durably chainstitched full-length back zipper allows easy removal of the insert for cleaning. 100% cotton. Imported.

The new insert shell is 100% polypropylene. This allows the shell to be much thinner and lighter than the former cotton shell. (Yes, it’s thin enough to be translucent, but that’s the beauty of this fabric: it doesn’t need to be heavy to be dependably tough.) When it comes to innovation we didn’t stop there; the fill is recycled polyester beads in a rectangular shell; and unlike previous inserts that shared the shape of the cover, this shape doesn’t allow the beads to crush down with use. Instead, they move and readjust each time the chair's used, to maintain lofty, cushioning support.


  • Machine-washable covers make their room kid-friendly
  • Inserts designed to fill the cover more completely for longer-lasting support
  • Covers and inserts sold separately
  • Junior is recommended for kids up to 50" tall
  • Regular is recommended for kids up to 65" tall
  • Make it Your Own by adding a monogram or embroidered icon
  • Delivery by standard UPS to 48 contiguous states only; shipping upgrades not available

More Information

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Regular Bean Bag Cover or Insert 2.7 5 43 43
Exactly as described. I purchased it for my granddaughter who is enjoying her own "bag." Her two siblings and four cousins have similar Lands End bags so I knew that this latest beanbag would be appreciated as the others are. August 26, 2014
Comfortable and durable We bought two junior bean bag covers in blue and pink along with the inserts years ago. The covers have held up fine, but after 8 years one insert sprang a leak, in a couple places and tiny beans were constantly coming out. (As a note, my kids did jump on the bean bags sometimes, though they aren't overly rough with things in general). Recently I ordered a replacement insert for the junior cover and a regular insert with a green cover. The regular cover appears to be as nice as the junior covers we have. The regular insert is very bulky and fills the bag entirely, so that when you sit on the bag it is almost a chair rather than a bean bag. There is not a lot of room for squishing it down or shaping it, but my kids LOVE it that way and think it is the best thing ever. It is also nice for me as an adult because I can sit in it to read to the kids and it doesn't feel like I am on the floor. But if you prefer a more squishy bag with the tiny beans (as the old inserts had) then you might not be happy with these newer ones. I think it is a matter of personal preference. The replacement junior insert, by the way, appears to have the bigger type of beans inside as well, but it did not fill the old junior cover entirely, and therefore it is more shapeable, like the previous inserts were. February 25, 2014
Bean Bag Insert Purchased as a Christmas present, and used occasionally, this insert popped today when my 9 year old 81 lb son sat in his bean bag. This insert is made for children and should last more than 4 months with occasional use. April 22, 2013
styrofoam????? I am amazed at the poor quality insert I received today. This is my third bean bag purchase from Land's End and this one is laughable. The old inserts didn't last a long time but they were at least comfortable. This new one is like really cheap and squeeky styrofoam pieces in a stiff paper cover. The covers are on backorder so need to cancel that and return these. I am so disppointed that they would send me something like this. March 3, 2013
Need Help! We've had these bean bag chairs for a few years and they are fine - cover very durable. Now they need some refill beans and I bought a couple of bags of refills and I just want to open the zipper of the insert and fill them, but the zipper won't open. We have two and the zipper won't budge on either one. Is there a trick to get it to unlock? It looks like you just need to insert a paperclip or bobby pin and pull, but the zippers will not move. Need help!!!! January 12, 2013
Difficulty with inserts We were sent two of these as gifts. The covers are fine, but the inserts were strange. Rectangular shaped, not shaped anything like the seat covers. And both inserts were different sizes, due to there being significantly more fill in one than the other. So one chair was fairly squashy and comfortable, the other not so much. Twice now we have removed some of the styrofoam fill from the larger bag, and this creates a huge mess, let me tell you. The larger chair could still have some of the fill removed, but I'm dreading the task, because those little beads stick to everything, and roll all over the place. The kids like them to sit on though. January 9, 2013
Great Gift I bought this as a gift for my nephew and he is thrilled with his Bean Bag Chair!!! The insert looked like what I expected and I like the little handle on the cover, which makes the thing much easier to carry or move around. We've purchased from other stores before (primarily PBK) for things like this but I think that this purchase was a better buy and will last longer. Even the monogramming looks better -- no loose threads, etc., which has been a problem in the past with the other stores. The cover looks well-made and sturdy. And we all like how the cover is designed/sewn to make it a little chair-like. I am very happy with this purchase!!! December 27, 2012
packing peanuts?!? The bean bag cover is fine, but the insert is downright ridiculous. It is filled with what feels like styrofoam packing peanuts. When you sit on it, it feels lumpy and uncomfortable. I love Lands' End for many reasons; however, this bean bag insert is a joke. Save yourself some money and just dump packing peanuts in a trash bag. December 13, 2012
DON'T BUY THIS BEAN BAG I previously purchased three Lands End bean bags for our play room and they were great - they've just been heavily used and the inserts needed to be replaced. Of course I ordered the replacements from Lands End expecting the same level of quality. I assumed the issues in the older negative reviews had been resolved since they explain much of the perceived design issues in the product overview. I was so disappointed! The material for the insert resembles like paper. Maybe it's durable, but it definitely won't move as smoothly as the previous inserts. Even more bothersome is insert material - it resembles Styrofoam packing peanuts. Really. Sure, there are some smaller Styrofoam beans in the insert, but the majority of it, and what you feel when you sit on the bag, are pieces of Styrofoam approximately the size of penny. To top it all off, the zipper on the insert (why does it even have a zipper?) was broken and the filling spilled all over the floor when I removed it from the box. A comparable bean bag insert would be a trash bag filled with recycled packing peanuts from your local mail store. November 28, 2012
My kids love them. I ordered one for each of my sons and they love them. Unfortunately, one bag insert seems to be a little less full than the other and I thought both would be more full. My niece had one several years ago that definitely filled out better. My youngest has aspergers and the bean bag provides him with great proprioceptive feedback (takes away the wiggles and calms him.) November 27, 2012
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