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Pendleton Solid Wool Blanket

Item # 423195-A71

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Pendleton Solid Wool Blanket

Item # 423195-A71

$199.00 - $259.00

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Made to the exacting standards of Pendleton.

Pendleton® Mills, the legendary Northwest weaver, creates these blankets for us. With 140 years in the region, the family-owned business has a strong commitment to weaving wool in a way that leaves the smallest possible footprint on the environment. So the Eco-Wise Blanket uses only soft, 100% pure virgin wool certified as Cradle to Cradle™ eco-effective by MBDC (a product and process design firm promoting sustainability; learn more at The blankets are so thoughtfully made, the wool can be recycled or even composted — and will stay warm, supple and colorful wash after wash. Whip­stitched binding. All sizes are 96″ long. Machine wash. Made in USA.


  • Crafted by Pendleton® in the Pacific Northwest
  • Eight feet long for more coverage
  • Warm, washable virgin wool
  • Certified Cradle to Cradle™ eco-effective
  • Finished with a reinforced stitched hem
  • Temperature Rating – WARMER
  • Compare your options in the Home Buying Guide

More Information

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 47 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Nice blanket! I?ve had one of these for over a year. I?ve washed it three or four times. It shrunk a little, which was fine because it was quite large for a queen sized bed. It is not the softest wool from Pendleton, but soft enough, light weight, and adds some warmth. For whatever it?s worth, those super-soft blankets with the pretty traditional patterns that Pendleton makes are beautiful, but the moths love them, too. I wouldn?t ever buy another. I would buy another one of these. Being washable makes all the difference. January 7, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Worth every penny This blanket is worth the full price, so if you can find it on sale-- go for it! Its amazing. December 5, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Blanket is too scratchy I saw that many people commented on the softness of this blanket, so I was expecting a blanket that felt soft like a wool sweater or Pendleton wool fabric. It was disappointing to receive a scratchy feeling wool blanket. I asked several people how it felt and some compared it to burlap. All thought it was very scratchy. Customer Service suggested that I wash it for softness, but it didn't have the quality that I want so I returned it. It might feel fine to some, but it wasn't right for me. October 21, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by This blanket is excellent machine washable and quality. I purchased this blanket a couple of years ago and am so pleased with it, I'm going to buy another one. July 22, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by My New Favorite Blankets The King fits my CalKing bed perfectly! These blankets are very soft (softest wool blanket I've owned), light yet warm and they wash beautifully. I am so glad I bought 2 while on sale! June 1, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fantastic Blanket!!! I grew up with wool blankets on my bed (my Dad was in the Navy). They were heavy, scratchy, but extremely warm. I read a comment here while I was considering purchasing this item that they were great for us women dealing with menopause. Well that certainly gave me "pause", as I have trouble overheating at night. Once it arrived, I put it on the bed for that first night. It does weigh heavier than my polartec that I usually use, but it is not noticeable once you get under the covers. I have LE cotton sheets, LE woven cotton blanket, the Pendleton on my bed, and a polartec throw on top over my lower body. Slept great last night without waking up due to being too hot or cold. This blanket is going to be a heirloom I can pass onto my kids, a fantastic sale price for a quality blanket. April 27, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Machine Washes and Dries Beautifully I'm so happy with how this blanket machine washed and dried. I've had previous Pendleton wool blankets which were machine washable and dryable, but left lots of wool bits in my washer and needed wool "pills" removed from the blanket after drying. This blanket, amazingly, left my washer clean and barely any lint in the lint catcher in the dryer and No pills! I'm really delighted. The blanket came out soft and beautiful. This is a blanket definitely worth the price. April 23, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by DREAM BLANKET! Machine Washable! Woolen blanket "machine washable" Novel: This fine blanket is a STEAL of a deal, in the CREAM / FULL size #80"W X 96"L#. It's labeled "100% Pure Virgin Wool. Made in USA." #Meaning, the Wool is 1st time use / newly sheared, NOT recycled.# At nearly 5 lbs, this is a substantial, tightly knit, mid-weight, year-round blanket- #needs an extra layer during Winter#. I'm privileged to own Wool blankets manufactured in/from the USA, South America, Iceland, Australia, & the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria- So, I have a decent range of comparison. I don't bother w/ "almost good enough" Wool blankets, since I have so many fabulous cozy blankets to choose from! :# A fine Woolen blanket can easily cost upwards of $1K. Pendleton, as well as Faribault #Western USA#, are the ROYALTY of American Wool Blanket producers! BOTH produce incredibly high-calibre, heirloom blankets, which will surely last several generations #with proper care!#. RE: Size- OK, I just have to say this- "Throws" are USELESS! Buy a REAL Bed blanket- Twin size! Even if you want / need a smaller blanket- It works PERFECTLY as a XL throw #Will wrap all the way around shoulders / lap#! AND it's an actual blanket, too! Additionally- Two Twin sized, are a GREAT solution on a Queen / King size bed, for blanket hogs :# Biggest issue in Wool blanket shopping, is do you want "machine washable", or dry-clean only? #Bearing in mind, the option for "machine washable" has only been available during the past 3-4 decades... For centuries prior, civilization enjoyed natural Wool blankets!# Here are the pro's/con's: Untreated, natural Wool contains lanolin #the natural oils from the sheep#, which is what gives Wool it's unique characteristic softness, lustre, pliability, water resistance, & naturally deterrent to stains / spills / soiling, infestation / mold, etc. #The same way that the wool protects the sheep from dirt & bugs!#. Natural Wool fibres, however, are prone to become irreversibly entangled & shrunken, #permanently ruined#, when agitated while wet. The finer the Wool fibre #determined by the microscopic diameter of the strand#, the softer/denser the blanket, but on the flip side, the more likely it is to tangle / pill / shrink / etc. #It's the washing machine agitation that ruins a good wool blanket- The dryer just finishes the job by further shrinking, & "locking" the tangled fibres in place, forever. This is actually a technique, desired by some Wool weavers, called "felting".#. The good news is, that natural Wool is SO incredibly resistant to soil #body oils / fluids, coffee / tea / food stains / pet stains, etc#, that it rarely, IF EVER, requires dry-cleaning. #Most stains will rinse out with plenty of cool water, and a quality Wool blanket should be shaken, thoroughly brushed, & hung outside during sunny/breezy weather, to air it out.# otoh- Some simply can't bear the thought of never #or rarely# dry-cleaning a blanket, &/or don't want the expense- Wool Blankets cost a FORTUNE to dry-clean! So, "machine washable" blankets are a welcome reprieve, for many busy Moms #especially!#. Just realize, that you are giving up a LOT of what makes a Wool blanket incredible to begin with! A "machine washable" Woolen blanket, is inherently, automatically, unavoidably sub-standard in quality, to a "Dry Clean Only" labeled blanket. Here's why: To make a Wool blanket "machine washable", the Wool fibres are coated with a #permanent# polymer #ie, a plastic coating- think "synthetic car wax", 1st requiring the removal of the natural lanolin oil, so that the polymer coating will stick#. This coating effectively prevents the wool fibres from entangling with each other, keeps the fibres smooth & shiny, & adds an additional measure of stain resistance- as well as resistance to absorb odors #smoke, mold, funny smells, etc#. The trade-off has historically been, that "treated" #machine washable# Wool blankets, have been stripped of their lanolin, synthetically coated, & are generally cardboard like #lacking the "hand", or drape, of a natural Wool loomed fabric#. In other words- The BEST thing about Wool, is that it's Wool! From a real Sheep! Often with remaining tiny vegetal matter #burrs from bushes, tiny little pieces of remnant plants/bushes that Sheep graze through, etc#... And, containing the magical Lanolin, which you NEVER want to remove! The process that makes Wool "machine washable", takes away much of what makes Wool what it is, & instead, converts it to a marriage of natural Wool w/ synthetic coating. Futhermore, some treatments even shear off the outer cuticle of the wool fibre #think of shampoo & conditioner commercials#, so that the remaining Wool fibre is nothing but a microscopically slim, shaved, artificially smoothed fibre- #This further prevents entanglement of fibres during washing#. Yes, it's still wool, but reduced to a mere shadow of it's natural state. It will still keep you warm! Just realize, that you are trading off all the goodness of "Natural Wool", for ease of care. However... Hard-core Wool blanket aficionado's, generally swear off "machine washable" blankets as a "waste of good wool". I'm generally among that group- However, since the coating technology is #supposedly# now improved over what it was during it's introduction #70's/80's#, AND, given this incredible price / size / Pendleton name, I thought I'd give this blanket a try. I don't know exactly how Pendleton treats the Wool, but I definitely trust that Pendleton LEADS the industry in this technology, in order to retain as much of the natural Wool desirable characteristics as possible, & still allow for machine washing! Make no mistake- IF you specifically WANT a machine-washable fine Wool blanket, THIS is by far simply *** ONE OF THE BEST $$ CAN BUY !!! *** It is not scratchy. The weave is tight & dense. The whip-stitched edges are beautifully finished. The 96" of toe-covering length is decadently luxurious #standard European blanket sizes are MUCH smaller- Standard lengths are ~ 200 cm - 220 cm #79 - 87"#.# This Cream color is a rich, elegant, bright cream-tone which will match with any décor. #Especially beautiful, when contrasted with stark white, richly textured cotton blankets, imho!# The warmth is instant, enveloping, and MAGNIFICENT! From my perspective, the "drape" is a bit lacking- I can tell that it DOES have *just a bit* of that "cardboard-ish quality", that all "machine washable" Wool blankets suffer from #which, as other reviewers have already noted, definitely improves, with laundering!#. This beautiful heirloom piece is MUCH better #softer, cuddlier, drapey-er#, than ALL other brands of "machine washable" Wool blankets I've experienced #except Faribault- magnificent Wool blankets, too#. 80 X 96" dimension is 100% accurate #I checked.# Although this is machine washable... It's still Wool, & even the blanket label directions state: "Machine wash cold, Gentle or Delicate Cycle Only. Do not Bleach. Line Dry, or Tumble Dry Low. Remove Promptly. Do not Iron." #Agitation, when wet, is what ruins Wool. Thus, the cautionary "Gentle or Delicate Cycle only. Also my personal observation, learned from other Wool experts: NEVER #EVER!# bleach ANY Wool fabric!# I assume that the last precaution- "Do not Iron" #Untreated Wool Blankets can be ironed on low anytime!#- Is precautioned to prevent the plastic coating on the Wool fibres from melting / melding, from the individual fibres, into a flat-plastic surfaced, melted cardboard-ish blanket. Finishing up my novel... I live in a Frigid, snow-belt region, am a slender woman, constantly frozen #to the bone!#, like most Moms I outfit our home with linens, & I've been obsessed with Wool blankets lately :# Since we can't afford to spend $500+ on a Wool blanket, I've had to really educate myself about what to look for, & how to find the best deals. #There currently exists a THRIVING market for used / vintage Wool blankets, because it's very difficult to find quality, untreated Wool blankets at a reasonable cost today- The USA had a thriving Woolen Textile industry from ~ 1800 - 1960, with literally HUNDREDS of Wool Blanket producers! Today there are only a handful.# The bottom line is, DECIDE if you want an untreated #"Dry Clean Only" labeled# Wool blanket, OR if you prefer the ease & convenience of a machine washable Wool blanket. If you prefer the latter, I believe this Pendleton is among THE BEST you can buy! #Allowing that Faribault also produces INREDIBLE top-quality, machine washable Woolen blankets, in similar price range!#. This is a breathtakingly BEAUTIFULLY constructed piece, which will provide a lifetime of use & enjoyment! At $109 for the Full size in neutral Cream color, this is a TOP Quality STEAL of a DEAL! #~ 1/2 price!#. Thanx for reading, if you still are :) Best luck! PS I hate my nickname, idk how to change it- pls ignore :) March 26, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Very nice quality blanket This blanket is a perfect fit for our king sized bed. It is moderately warm & breathable, works well with a cotton top blanket for colder nights. The fabric is high quality and the cream color is a nice neutral. February 23, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by No more sweaty nights! Most of my adult life I thought I was a night-sweater. I'd always wake up drenched with sweat no matter what the temperature of my room. My husband is a big fan of Vellux blankets so that's what we've always bought. When our last one was looking shabby I decided to get something with natural fibers. I chose this Land's End wool blanket in cream (a very lovely color. Not too yellowy. I wish it came in pure white but oh well.) It was a bit scratchy when I took it out of the package but I've washed it a couple of times and it's a lot softer now. Plus we have really soft sheets and that's what our skin mostly comes in contact with. The most amazing thing happened when I slept under this blanket the first night: I didn't sweat at all! Even though it was summer in Texas! And I haven't sweat most nights since I got this blanket. All this time I thought it was just me, but it turns out it was that nasty vellux. This blanket is lightweight and breatheable but still keeps me warm. I thought it might be too hot for our Texas climate but just the opposite is true; it's perfect if you'd like something to keep you warm but not smother you. I'd buy this again in a heartbeat! January 9, 2014
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