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Men's Expedition Coat

Item # 431416-AK3

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Men's Expedition Coat

Item # 431416-AK3

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When cold weather hits, some hibernate. Others throw off the covers and high-five winter. If you’re one who won’t be hitting snooze on the season, the Expedition Coat is what you need to keep that enthusiasm through woodland treks, mountain hikes, or just about any outdoor excursion. The waterproof shell is fully seam-sealed, with 600 fill-power insulation and quilted, downproof lining. There’s a detachable fur hood, fleece-lined neck guard and hand warmer pockets to keep you extra warm. And details like an interior waist adjustment for a better fit and ribbed sleeve cuffs to seal out cold make it a sure bet. 78% cotton/22% nylon shell. 100% polyester lining. Dry clean. Imported.


  • 600 fill-power insulation
  • Waterproof, breathable, fully seam-sealed shell
  • Detachable zip-off hood with bungee rope, cord lock to seal out cold
  • Detachable faux fur trim
  • Two front hand warmer pockets with fleece lining
  • Two roomy 9"-long side vents with covered zipper for freedom of movement
  • Interior rib cuff and adjustable tabs at sleeves keeps out snow, sleet
  • TEMPERATURE RATING – WARMEST: -35° to -5° Fahrenheit. Use this as a comfort range for the type of climate you’ll be wearing this Expedition Coat in with a typical winter wardrobe. Learn more

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Men's Expedition Coat 4.2 5 9 9
An Excellent Cold Weather Commuter Coat In Montreal winters, the temperature gets down to -20C (-4F) regularly during the snowy winters. This coat kept me warm through the worst of the winter. I sized it medium, my regular size. There was enough space underneath for a suit jacket, when I wore one. The fleece collar kept my neck and lower face warm on those days I'd forgotten my scarf. The interior shell is slippery nylon fabric, which is perfect for not catching onto the sweaters you'll be wearing (or pilling them up). My previous coat -- also Lands End, bought in 1990 -- was excellent, but this one is even better! I'd read a review complaining about the large hood. I can understand why, the hood does hang forward over the face - but, with the faux fur trim, the purpose of that construction is to keep bitter cold wind off your face. It's precisely what a cold weather coat should do. And, if you don't like that, you do what I do: pull the hood halfway back, so that your face sticks out and the hood rests over your head. Anyhow: this is the perfect cold weather coat, for trudging about town in the worst of winters. I was always warm inside it. March 30, 2014
very warm coat Good for those frigid, sub-zero Chicago days when you have to dress up and don't want to freeze - it fits over a sportcoat or blazer comfortably. I wouldn't mind if it was just a little longer and went all the way to the knee. The hood has a velcro strap at the back to adjust it for normal humans, who don't have heads the size of a watermelon. Also, it looks a little dressier/more businesslike with the furry trim removed. All in all, I hope I don't have to wear this coat very often. I'm ready for spring. February 18, 2014
Great Coat and warm! I'm 5'8", 175 lbs. The (Large size) coat length reaches my knee (patella). There is sufficient room for my suit jacket, sweater, fleece or sweatshirt. There are plenty of pockets, zipped or flap secured with a snap. There is a drawstring inside the coat around the waist area...slightly or tighten the drawstring to prevent cold air up-draft. Coat material (exterior) is seamless, strong and durable. (non fabric). The hood and synthetic fur can be adjusted or removed. Zipper....the full length zipper is no big deal. Because of the length of the coat, it requires a little patience to slightly lift up the bottom of the coat to be able to reach and manage the zipper. Lift up the coat, gently pull the zipper down to the end will hear a slight click...line up the zipper with the teeth and gently join the two and slowly glide the zipper upward. One cannot be discouraged or be a brute with zippers. Once the zipper is pulled up, fasten the flap of the coat with velcro....the flap will cover the length of the zipper and prevent cold air from entering the coat. i wore this coat during the polar vortex and three snow storms in the past week and kept me snug and warm each time. Great for commuters waiting for a bus or train. The Expedition Coat was ideal, practical, durable and served its purpose / function to keep me warm to my knees. In the seated position, bus, train or car...takes some getting us too because of its length and bulk, nevertheless warmth and comfort is important. Additionally, I ordered a commuter coat from the other competitor for $300, the length reached mid-calf and heavy. I decided to return it because this coat met all my needs, size, length, durability, material, warmth and practical for cold and commuting purposes. Great price...can't go wrong even if you don't like it. Any suggestions on a warm, waterproof pair of gloves? I hope the review helps! Take care, be careful and stay warm! (BRONX, NEW YORK) February 7, 2014
Nice coat! Just unboxed it... tried it on. Can't keep it. Why? Ordered a large but this makes me feel good by being so large that I feel i am wearing an XL or larger around my belly. I am not a Medium otherwise - borderline Large so I ordered L. But this is too big widthwise to keep. Otherwise it has 80% down and 20% feathers. Dry Clean vs the other down parka that's machine wash. I ordered than one too. That's ones super duper ginormous too and i am sending it back. This one's fabric looks nice and clean. Insides are well built. Looks tough and seems nice quality. Fleece lined deep pockets. Would have made me happy. Long without looking ridiculous. And the faux fur is just what they are wearing these days without the guilt of wrapping an animal on your head. Well worth this price on sale or higher. But... there is no Medium in stock. My luck! January 31, 2014
Excellent coat for extreme winter conditions! I am not sure why but while women's winter down coats often have longer lengths, it's rare to find a men's down parka/coat that has a longer length. When I saw this coat online, I noted that it's longer than a typical men's down parka, so I ordered it for our severe winter here in Canada. However, I was concerned about some of the issues that were noted by the previous reviewers, including the oversized hood and the zipper. Once I received the coat, I must say that I was very happy that I ordered it and I did not share these specific concerns at all. Regarding the hood, it is certainly large, but it is of comparable size to other brands' similar down parkas that I have, and the larger size allows the hood to have more coverage of the face, making it more desirable for our severe winter. So I have no complaint about that. As for the zipper, I really don't have much of a problem with it at all. It does require some getting used to, but once you have got used to the zipper, it really does work quite well. As for what I like the most about the coat, obviously I love its longer length as it keeps me nice and warm in both legs. I must say that I was very pleased that it's a slimmer cut, so it works well for the more modern wardrobe - this is particularly great as many down parkas are cut rather generously and look too bulky. Then the other positive thing is that, this coat is not too puffy at all! Surprisingly, without the puffiness, it still keeps you extremely warm. I wore it during the -20C weather outside with just a shirt and a thin sweater, and it kept me warm and toasty. I also really like the numerous pockets that it has. The overall quality is very high. The only thing is, its weight is a bit on the heavier side, which I guess comes with the longer length and the very nice and durable cotton/nylon mix material that the exterior shell uses. I am very happy with this purchase and I think that the price is absolutely wonderful for a quality product like this! There is nothing fancy about it but it's just a very practical and warm coat for those of us who live in extreme winter conditions. If there's one thing that I would suggest, I just wished that it would come in more colours than just black and blue. January 5, 2014
Blizzard tested on Jan. 2nd & 3rd of 2014 in NYC So warm and very well made and almost perfect, you'll notice it right out of the box. Velcro closures is the only thing I do not like about the coat, I wish snaps were used instead. The coat kept me warm while temps dipped well in the single digits and in the negative teens with the wind chill. January 3, 2014
Zipper and Hood Ruin a Good Thing The fact that the zipper takes some time and coordination to work (you won't get this jacket zipped up if you are in a will have to fall back on the velcro patches down the front over the zipper. I prefer a strong, large, easily zipped zipper. But the zipper is the least of one's worries with this parka. The HOOD IS ENORMOUS ! I have a big head and this hood is so large (the jacket is a medium) that if comes way down over my face and comes to a point at the top. It looks ridiculous and does not function as a source of protection from the cold. It has a drawstring that does little or nothing to pull in this huge hood. If you leave the fur on the hood it makes it much worse. Why would LI go to such trouble to make such a great jacket and then put this outlandishly large hood on it. It's a parka for goodness sake. You need a good hood. I had to send the jacket back and hated to do that, but need a good hood ! December 8, 2013
Good coat for a good value—disappointing hood. The coat is fits well, it very warm, and good for outdoors and commuting. At this price I would easily give it 4 stars out of five, but the hood is so oversized that if I keep it I'll likely just remove the hood. But having a winter jacket like this without a good hood doesn't make much sense if you are going to be out and about in Minnesotan winders. I'm considering returning the jacket. The hood is cavernous and completely drops over my face making it impractical to walk around with the hood up unless you have one hand constantly holding it up. The cinches at the edge only make the opening smaller and do nothing about the overhang. There is a Velcro strap on the back that looks like it may be for making the hood a bit less big but I can figure out how. I really don't get what that strap is for or how to use it. The coat doesn't come with a manual and I'm unfamiliar with this design. A hood shouldn't be so complicated. Either I'm too dumb to figure out a coat hood, or my head is exceptionally small in comparison to those who usually buy this size coat (not an issue with any other brand I've ever had, but who knows, Land's End customers may have really big heads). I'll call Land's End and see if someone can't point out something I may be missing to make the hood a better fit, otherwise I'm sending it back. Too bad, other than the hood of the unseen and unseeing, this is a great jacket. December 2, 2013
Good quality coat For now I only had the chance to wear it once, but for sure will wear it often as soon as snow will reach the city or the Swiss mountains with temperature falling significantly. The coat feels very comfortable and seems warm as well (tested so far with outside temperature of 5 degres celsius). The material´s haptic compares with much more expensive coats, which is a great Plus. Also the styling is suited to outdoor walks as well as city commuting. The fit is very good for me as a rather slim person. November 24, 2013
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