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Men's Comer 608 Slim Fit Chino Pants

Item # 421412-AD1

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Men's Comer 608 Slim Fit Chino Pants

Item # 421412-AD1

$58.00 { NOW $19.99 - $29.99


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For denim lovers in transition.

Design: Designed to echo the fit of your favorite jeans.

Made with a much denser cotton twill you can hear every step of the way. And like your favorite jeans, you’ll need to break them in the old-fashioned way — by wearing them everywhere.

Heads up — to keep this chino from painting your entire wardrobe, lock in the color with a quick, cold wash. Then it won’t rub you the wrong way.

Material: 100% cotton twill. Machine wash. Imported.

Fit & Sizing


  • Sits low on waist
  • Trimmest cut, slim through hip and thigh
  • Slim leg


  • Crisp, dense cotton twill
  • Sits low and slim from top to bottom
  • Waistline watch pocket
  • Reinforced bartack stitching at critical seams
  • Button-close backside welt pockets
  • Garment-dyed color saturation
  • Zipper fly
  • From our Canvas Lands' End collection — designed with a different fit that's inline with today's look and style. Click “Fit & Size” above to know what size to order. 

More Information

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` Fit & Size Information  |  Item Dimensions (.pdf)

Men's Comer 608 Slim Fit Chino Pants 4 5 29 29
Best modern fit at this price by far This used to have a lot more reviews - it seems LE resets them regularly. I have been wearing this model since they first came out and think it deserves more than the 3 1/4 sailboats it currently has. I'm not sure that LE has done the best job communicating what exactly they have on offer here. In a catalog always filled with near-misses, this is the most modern and fashion-forward menswear item they've ever had - a real hit. I've given Canvas plenty of chances over the years and have usually been disappointed - it's the desirable J.Crew type aesthetic with decent quality and lower price, but almost-there styling and, more importantly, poor fit ruins it. Not in this case - it's pretty much perfect. Next they need to figure out a new cut for their shirts, as they've done here for their pants, and things will be great. These pants are better than anything at J.Crew (at least, anything less than 4x the price of these on sale) or any other common mall/high street brand. They don't just fit like jeans, they fit like the best-fitting pair of jeans you've ever worn, after you've broken them in and they've molded to your body a bit and are no longer skin-tight. This is something you'd pay quite a lot of money for from some cool, obscure brand you have to hunt around online to find. A frequent complaint I've seen in the reviews on this regards the wax - as another current review points out, the fabric is like a 1950's waxed canvas tent (though not as thick). This is surely something you'll either love or hate - I think it elevates these above something a Best Buy employee would wear into a casual but cool rugged workwear type thing. It adds some structure like good denim has, and like good denim, it does soften up over time (though not a whole lot). The fabric is not lightweight, but it does well in heat and humidity - they wear reasonably cool and are great for summer when denim jeans are too hot and heavy but you don't want to wear shorts. Because of the wax, though, these probably aren't great as something to wear to an office job - they definitely have a workwear/jeans vibe. Presumably the Elston is better in that regard (haven't tried them). As for sizing, to get a slim fit in other brands (and earlier LE Canvas iterations) I usually need a size 34 waist - because they're vanity sized. In raw denim, I buy a 34 and it's too tight at first (and stretches out) because my actual size is 35 or 36. In these, I wear a 36 - they're not vanity sized (and they probably run slightly small, intentionally) and you don't have to size down to get a slim fit. As with anything that comes as a slim fit, it's going to work for some people and not for others. For me, it's perfect. For you, it may not be - but it may also just not be something you're used to if you normally wear pants that aren't slim-fit. Finally, my one complaint regards the colors. I bought one in "light beige" when they first came out, to try it. I found myself wearing it several times a week because I liked it so much, so I went to get another in a different color. Except all of the other colors were awful. I ordered a second light beige. Now there's a different selection of other colors, and they're still awful. I don't know... navy? white and/or wheat? other shades of khaki? an actually-nice grey? I realize there are other 608 pants available in some of those colors, but they use different fabrics (and appear to either be dressier than I want, or more like garment-dyed jeans than khakis). I have worn my two light beige pairs well beyond the point that lesser pants would have worn out, and they seem almost like new. Barring disastrous stains or tears (they've been abused, had blood rinse right out of them, etc. as it is and held up fine), I expect to have them for a while without needing new ones. If there were better colors, I'd jump on them just to have them, and in any case I hope LE doesn't change too much on this model for when I need more in the future because they're the perfect pants for me. I can't see myself buying anything from any other brand (in this particular category of pants anyway). You've finally come up with something great, LEC - now focus on getting the rest of your stuff up to this level, and don't fool around with these for now (other than the color selection of course). July 5, 2013
Love these pants I rarely have found pants that fit so well Excellent quality and the price on sale was unbeatable.Have two pairs I am 33/30 size and they fit like they were made for me. I like the canvas It softens quite quickly with washing August 22, 2014
shrank alot were perfect before washing, then he couldn't even do a squat! Be aware they are 100% Cotton!! August 21, 2014
Far beyond my expectations I don't need to recap what was perfectly stated in the review below, but these are great pants. I'm a slim guy that has trouble finding that perfect fit. These nailed it. They have a look that fits both casual and dressy. Definitely my new favorite pants. I hope that LE restocks their 31-32s as I will gladly buy a second pair. August 15, 2014
Really good fit Love the way these pants fit. Will buy more when other colors are available. July 30, 2014
Comer vs Elston After getting both the 608 Comer and Elston, I much prefer the Elston. It's exactly what you would expect from a good slim fit chino. The Comer, on the other hand, is rough and waxy and does not iron well. After coming out of the dryer, the pants are terribly wrinkled and the fabric is so stiff that the bigger wrinkles simply don't come out no matter how much you iron them. I've worn them frequently for 2 months now and they have yet to loosen up. The Elston is softer and also more versatile. They can be worn casually and also to the office. The Comer would look very out of place at work. I've seen a lot of people complaining about the pockets for both. While they could be deeper, they're pretty standard for slim fit pants. I've spent most of my adult life wearing slim fit Levi's and the pockets are the same. Overall the fit of both of them is great. It's not skin tight, but also isn't baggy anywhere. The low rise makes keeping a shirt tucked in a bit difficult. If it were slightly higher that would help a lot. July 17, 2014
Don't discontinue! Couldn't get my preferred size in Trail Green. Please reissue because they are the perfect pant. My length is 32 but thinking about length 34 to roll up at the bottom. Wish I could get in a store to see all the colors in person. June 29, 2014
These pants fits Great!!!!! It works for a causal style and fits great. Slim but not tight June 27, 2014
Great fit, but very noisy (due to thick cotton twill material) FIT: To start off, these are probably the best FITTING pants I've ever owned. I prefer a slim-fitting pant, but not skinny jeans so these work well for me. I really enjoy the fit at almost all locations: the seat (rise), hip width and leg openings. I found the "item dimensions" pdf to be very accurate in describing the pants. I normally wear a 30x29, so I had to self-tailor the pants ~1 in. shorter (since 30x29 is not offered). That is no problem as I have to tailor almost every pair of pants I buy. MATERIAL: I only gave 4/5 stars because of the material. They are, as the description (and at least one other commenter) say, very noisy, thick pants. Every step you take can be heard as the cotton twill is much thicker than a normal chino ("khaki") pair of pants. The description makes it sound like the material will soften up after multiple wears similar to a raw denim being broken in over time. I have not owned these long enough to find out yet, but I anticipate this to occur after 4-8 months of fairly regular wear. I would prefer a more traditional chino material, but the fit is good enough that I will deal with it. MY DIMENSIONS: 5ft-8in. tall, 140 lb, usually wear a 30x29 pant, prefer slim-fitting pants (but not skinny jeans) June 20, 2014
frustrated by inconsistent fit and sizing I ordered these pants based on previous Lands' End Canvas chinos I've owned in both the "slim" and "straight" fits, before the fits had names and numbers. I have a big butt and legs but I still prefer a slimmer, tapered fit: The old Canvas slim fit was great for me. I wore a 31x30 in those. I ordered a 32x30 in this newer style for a little more breathing room in hot summer weather... but even sized up, they were so tight I couldn't get them on my legs! In LE's other tailored-fit and Canvas pants, I can easily wear a 31 or 30. The fit and sizing on these is way off compared to other slim-fitting LE products. Additionally, the quality of the material has drastically declined from previous years' models. My old Canvas chinos were soft and supple but not flimsy. These have a stiff, crinkly, almost paper-like quality to them. Even if I could have gotten them on, the material seems like it would be extremely uncomfortable to wear. May 28, 2014
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